Lighting Challenge #23: Mad Science (WIP)


Hello everybody,

This is a new render, I hope you like it. All comments are welcome.

And jojo1975 thanks for your opinion.



Here is my update…Comments and Critics Welcome.


Hi everybody. One more version.


I decided to start with a kinda new scene (though it looks pretty much like the other one I made)

I added a couple of things as you can see. I will finish my other scene and work on this one so I post both in the final renders thread.

Please comment :slight_smile:


Hello, everybody.
Here is my second entry which is the daylight version.
Comments & Criticisms are welcomed.
Hires can be viewed here:


Thank jojo1975 give me feedback :love:


jeonado - Nice image. Make the brightest part of the candle flame white (not orange or yellow), as if it were over-exposed and had lost all saturation, and then let the saturation creep into the glow around the flame. Some of these exposure levels are good reference for getting the saturation into the glow around the flame, not the flame itself:

Pendragonz - Nice textures! The idea behind the lighting (using glowing liquids to illuminate the scene) is a nice idea, but if that’s the point then I think you could take the contrast further to clarify the idea. Maybe get rid of the extra fill light(s), and let parts of the scene go black, so that the liquids become the only really bright spots in the image, more like these?

Miliciano - Nice scene, the goggles in the foreground are great. If you’re going to blur the background, you should also blur what you see refracted through the green bottle. And if you’re adding fog to the air around the bottle, there should be fog visible in the refraction, so you don’t get a clearer view of the papers in the refraction than seen directly behind the bottle.

rajavijayaraman - nice scene! Extend the fire up further, so it doesn’t look like the fire stops at the edge of the frame. I think the light from the fire would put parts of the cage interior into shadow, especially around the water bottle and right side of the back wall.

pmcb - Nice scene! You could light the rats better if you put bounce on the faces instead of the butt, and added a little rim light on the back and highlights in the eyes.

jeonado - That’s a terrific background! I like the out-of-focus light. I think you should put something interesting into the foreground, so there’s a main center of interest there. Maybe use a rat’s cage, the brain jar, or something else, but if you fill in the area below the red and blue lenses with something well focused and lit to look at, the scene will seem more complete and engaging.

fred520 - Great scene! The tile wall texture on the back wall looks too big, maybe you could scale it down. Actually all the scales seem a bit strange to me, including the human skull that looks smaller than the brain. I think the lighting could have a little more contrast: there could be sharper reflections on the glass, some objects could be lit more from the side, and maybe there could be some darker shadows on the left.



These two may be my final, I’ve post them in the final thread but all C&C are still welcom.

I know maybe it needs more texture, but I found it hard to adjust this for the high contrast of the light. I’ve got the books textured, but only one can be seen in the image.



Lots of great work… Everyone is doing great. :applause:

This is the first time that I’m participating in this challenge.
I know it’s little late for first look or my wip work. But, I want to give it a try. :thumbsup:

Still I’m working on some area like DOF and environment elements.



This is my concept map.

This is my first version, I hope you give me feedback.


Hi … this is a new version of my old post, comments are welcome… Thanks


gomes21, I like your work very much. If possible, i would like to learn from you.
fred520, I like your texture works, good stuff!

Your points have been taken, Mr. Jeremy.
I have done some subtle changes on positioning the objects and also re-lit the scene to make those area below the red and blue lenses more focus.

Here’s the highres image: View Image


this is new update…


This challenge has been a really interesting one. i had fun and learnt a lot. i wish i could light a scene like some of my fellow participators. Some mind blowing renders have been posted. thanks everyone.

@ jeonado - i love your render at #512. love the “old Photgraphic” feel to the whole image.

This is my image.Rendered using Mental ray - no indirect lighting. Comments and critics are most welcome.


I think you’re almost there, I would suggest playing with your Glass and Liquid Textures for I feel that they take away from your scene. (All the Beakers and the Orb.)


Hi guys,

A disaster strike my older files and I have to start all over again…sigh. This competition has been really getting hotter and hotter as the deadline approaches.

@udayavel : really love your image :thumbsup:

@jeonado : what can I say :bowdown:

@gomes21 : that’s really interesting. how ever the eyes on the rat looks matte. maybe a bit of reflection will add it more to life. great image!!

@wzienrgo : :bowdown:

And here is my WIP. Hopefully with only 2 days left I can finish up my final image. Crits and Suggest are needed.



hi all, please comment on my new posts (tried adding a more dynamic camera angle to see how it works)


nice memo. I LIKE


Hi everyone
My thanks to all the people who gave me the critiques.
I think the main problem with the image is the liquids are not blending in enough to the environment so I’ve changed the liquid shader from a more blockish glow to a more gradual one. I’ve darken the fills for the added contrast and punch.
Please give me more critiques, thank you very much
I hope this version is better!


Hi sofad,

I really love your latest image, it looks magical! I think there is something wrong with the refraction of the bottles: the glowing parts of the back wall should be also glowing in the refraction of the bottle. For everything else it’s perfect! looking forward to your next step.:slight_smile: