Lighting Challenge #23: Mad Science (WIP)


This is where I’m starting from, I’m a bit stuck on where to take it from here. I thought perhaps my fellow CG Cinematographers could lend a hand. Thanks all!


Leland Russell

Lighting TD


@ lenand. It’rs really a great image, the texture of the ball sems perfect, which method did you use m ca you share some tips ?. I will add a bit of fill light in the cage


Hello everybody,This isn´t my last render.


I finally had a chance to get back to this project this evening. I’ve thrown together a few textures, also managed to troubleshoot some smoothing issues. However, for some inexplicable reason, despite not changing any lighting settings, my lighting setup has somehow changed slightly and I am missing some reflections along the lower half of the image. I’ve also lost some realism, due I think to some of the new colour and saturation in the image, some problematic shaders and one of two other factors. I’ll hopefully have a bit of time soon to troubleshoot these. The anisotropic shader on the goggles, in particular, is really bothering me but due to my lack of familiarity with the software I am using, I’m still trying to figure out what’s going wrong in the shader. I’m still not entirely happy with the fluorescent lights either, and am considering remodelling them entirely.

Click on the image for the full version.


nice render leigh. There are some nice details in there.

The empty darkness in the upper part makes it look a bit weird though… maybe its better if you just crop that out.

I agree that the light sources look a bit too ‘heavy’. They are filling the image a bit too much with white solids… a bit too ‘tron-ish’. Maybe you could try to make their glass a bit dirty also? That should help with the uniform/cg look they have now i think.

Also, maybe the glow is a bit to strong on the lightsources themself.


this is my new update…


Hi. my first time posting in this section…lighting is one of the things i enjoy more inside the 3d world, and imo also one of the more, if not the most…important aspect. But, i have a lot to learn on this area, so this challenge i´m shure, will help a lot.

Here is what i did in the past 2 hours, any suggestions?..i´m not going for realistic, but more in a cartoon, or narrative focused way. not GI or FG, just experimenting with different maya lights…14 in total. almos all casting shadows.



Thanks a lot for the crit! You’re right, haha, it is rather Tron-ish. That’s a very appropriate description. Yesterday evening I changed the lights a bit to be narrower and therefore less dominant in the image. Great idea to add some dirt, I’ve been trying to think of a good way to break up the light and that’s probably the best approach. And yes, you’re right about the glow. I’ve been a little unhappy with it as well, so hearing someone else say so as well means that it definitely needs to be changed. I’ll sort out the dark top corner too. Thanks again!


Hello everybody here is my render

please give me some comments or advice:)


a larger one


很好的玻璃很好的金属。 I like


Hi everyone,

Here is my work on this scene. I try to create something ‘quiet’ , like a warm afternoon when the mad scientist left his work for a long time. I only use an HDR image to light up the scene. And I will use a lens shader to add more details. Comments and critiques are most welcome.:wink: I think I really need some advice to improve my scene.

[view 1]

[view 2]


Almost finishing… just need to a put parti volume effect and a z depth too… comments plz


an advance…


[color=white][font=Arial][font=Verdana]Here is my first attempt at the challenge. There is no IBL, just 2 area lights and a bunch of spots. Comments and critiques are well appreciated.[/font]



hi all

         Nice challenge is going on ... this is my 2ND type of lighting in this challenge. Please

give your valuable comments and critics :beer: .


This is my update.

A lens bokeh shader is used.

Waiting for comments and advice:p


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one of my test renders


nice render. But the cheese should be more soft I think.:slight_smile:


Here is my post.Critics and comments welcome…