Lighting Challenge #23: Mad Science (WIP)


Hey greyother,

Thanks for the comments…
for liquid i have kept the IOR to 1.33 only… try to play with the refraction values and colors. and for the bubbles i have used Particle Flow…




Hey guys, here is my text.please give me some advice.THX


Looks good, the low-key lighting works well. The liquid looks a bit flat, try to add some reflections.


Hello everyone.

A few days ago I put some pictures directly as final in the other thread, because I thought I could not spend more time, but it is possible that in the end to spend some more time.
Also I have other video this time, I hope you enjoy it.
The video


Waiting for comments and critcs…



Here is another update from my side…
Please have a look and comment as you feel…



Wow! awesome, beautiful. Only problem is maybe to reduce the colour bleed of that blue ball. All in all I love it.


Hey djprasun… Thanks a lot man… will sure consider your comment and get back with the changed image asap… All the best and Thanks again…


Every mad scientist lab should probably have a mad scientist at some point.


Still playing around with camera angles and lighting. Not sure if I will keep the character.

nitz3D: Thanks for the comments. I agree with djprasun about the blue ball.


Hi everyone,

this is my first time joining the Lighting challenge. Wanted to participate for a long time but couldn’t manage. So thanks to all of you who make this going on. I think it’s a great way of learning from experienced people. And here is my first attempt. I just assigned a few shaders and textures and did some basic compositing. I wanted to create a medieval mood. So my scientist is more of an alchemist. So before I go on I hope to get some feedback. I’m using Maya and Rfm.


Here’s my scene with some texture and lighting progress! Im still working on the giant’s rat and scientist’s shadow. All kind of comments accepted!:thumbsup:


@Coolibu try tu put a fill light in the low right corner of your scene keep going
@elimiguel try to put a bit of fill light in the cage tio enahance the fur and also the gtrass efecct. Also boost a bit the material in the bottle (some kick light + trasparency)
@greyother Great start, I’m really curious to see what will come out. I like the way you used the glass :slight_smile: try to variate a bit the camera angle to increase drama in the scene (for example to put it oblique)
@nitz 3d
Really lovely the effect on the bottle. I will low a bit GI since there is not a clear distinction of the light in the scene. I will also lower the noise texture effect in the radio
@ fred520 I will increase just a bit the light near the glasses with a fill light, and also add fur toi the mouse (and of course glass to the ball). It’s very dirty as it shoud be. If you have enoyught power I will add a caustic pass to the whole scene
@Fredsoub Great scenes. I love the second one. Can you give us some close up ? (the brain + book should be great) I will just change a bit the texture of the front panel of the radio
@SharinSri Increase the contrast between front and the back of the scene and add some small fill light (near some object like te brain of the book). Great textures !
@Voigg Lovely palette and idea :slight_smile: you should incease a bit more the glowing effect in the “ooze” :slight_smile:
@Kadanguyen I will increase the refraaction of the glass amteria overall and a add a bit of noise in the book texture
@Blackpanther101 try to add displace or fur on the mouse and also a biyt of dirt/faloff in the teeth (or to texture them) Very funny and scaring idea
@jn9999 try to change a bit the angle of the image, now it crops the glasses (beakers) in both bottom and top of the image, give some glow to the neon to increase photorealism. very cool shader for ceramic (and if you really want photoreralism you should add translucency to the paper)
@kkamm very interesting angle. Try to choose if you want the red glass of the glasses to glow and emitt light or just to be a red glass, in this way it look a bit fake. Also I will add a bit of fill light to the cage
@monci great idea, try to increase contrast in the whoole scene (via post for example)
@djprasun waiting for fur for the mouses :wink:
@touvni Keep going , really waiting to see the textured scene

I guess it’s all :slight_smile: waiting for Dan and Jeremy for feedback before posting my final :slight_smile:


Hello, everybody! I’m late, fortunately, still enough time. Today I will join this challenge.
This is a 2D concept map below, I was drawn on the basis of AO layers to complete.
I expect your feedback!
By the way,I’ve been making 3D parts.


Hey everyone,

Been a little while but here is my latest WIP. As usual I took it in a different direction than I had originally intended cause originally I was trying to accomplish too much with the mad scientist etc.

Hope everyone likes it!


Love your image!


Another WIP. Different angle here. Is it better?

gomes21: I really really like the idea of painting over the AO. Great job!


This is my 5th update. Comments and critics are most welcome.


@nitz3d - the latest update of yours is looking great. but like others pointed out maybe the blue ball shouldnt emit so much light. The radio looks a bit weird. very comical. i love the wooden planks. all said and done its a great render

@gomes21 - wow. that looks awsome, The beaker looks a bit out of shape. but otherwise i really love the colours and composition.


hey ya thanks for the comments…
Here I hv added latest work with a defocus added…
Also I hv changed sm colors for balancing the image…

waiting for the comments…


hello thr…
every one has a nice output

heres a render…

pls comment…


hi friend ,

here is the 3rd update from me .working on…:arteest:
without any post production . your comments ,critiques all welcome!:thumbsup: Thanks!


Im a slow worker… Still doing textures and lighting… Right now Im using mental ray with draft quality FG. Please comments and sugerences! :buttrock: Bloody Sabbath!