Lighting Challenge #23: Mad Science (WIP)


giant and crazy rat


Hi everyone!
This is my render. Please give me some critiques and comments.
Thank you very much.


Hey, good work with the rat and the divice, I think you need more work with the gless. I’m suffering with the same.

Your image is incredible and nice idea, but I think is everything mixed, you have to pay attention to distingue what is in back and what is in front.

I like your image, specialy the bubbles in the red liquid.


Hey tuovni… Thanks…


I am not sure how to improve this image. Any comment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Here it is! My second draft with more geometry


Been busy for sometime now. Got some time to work on it yesterday ( mainly because there were no soccer match yesterday! ), Please suggest how to improve my work.


softimage/3delight (for si)
to continue: textures, shaders, lights, fur…


Hi,everyone! :bounce:

This is Monci Hu Wei from Xi’an,China. And this is my first entry for this great community and still missing a lot of work.It’s just a Mentalray rendering result and not be composited in PS.

I’m not satisfied but I don’t know how to fix it to make it better.
So,comments and critics are most welcome!
Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone!
Here’s another version from my side.
Critics and comments are most welcome.


Here is an update of my image, I moved the objects around a little. Any comments are welcome. Thanks.

High Res


It has been a long while since I participated in one of these challenges.

Here is my current WIP.  Please ignore the rat as I haven't attempted fur yet.  Still not happy with the glass + liquids.  Any advice on this?  Making the A&D glow work with the liquids seems impossible due to the transparency.

Made with Max 2010 + Mray
Comments and criticism appreciated!


Uploaded with [](

udayavel: I would say your goggle’s materials look too much the same. The spec on the metal and the strap looks the same and the texture color is very muted or just not there. Actually - now that I reread your post I see that you are missing textures. Looks like you are missing materials too.

nitz3D: I really like your bubbles!! How did you do that? How are you getting your liquid + glass to look so good? I changed the IOR for the liquid (.8) and the liquid top (1.3) but it still looks to dark to me.


Very good, really love that ‘star wars’ style levitating brain concept. The Bunsen burner don’t look ok to me. Google some images of bunsen burner. It’s normally have gas pipe attached to it and the flame is normally blue. If you are trying to show medieval age kind of chemical equipment where they uses candles then I would say that it don’t go well with the futuristic levitating brain concept. But I really like where you are going with this. Carry on, ‘May the force be with you’:smiley:


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Well thanks again kanooshka for your help.

I changed the illumination and changed the scene arrangement a lil bit.

Also tried to make it a little more photorealistic and added a DoF effect (it’s my first time using it :P)

Comments and critiques are fully apreciated :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone and keep up the good work :buttrock:


Hey guys,
This my first ever attempt at lighting a scene, it’s super fun…
Still a WIP, but im real busy with my studies, so might no be able to work on it anymore, if that’s the case it will be my final I guess.
Either way I love to hear ur comments…



My new update for the challenge - Comments are always appreciate!!!


Hey guys, here is my first working render. Let me know what you think.



Hey Thanks for the suggestions…
Here is my latest update…

waiting for comments and critcs…



Thank you for your comments and your encouragements!
Regrettably I have not my computer before August so I can’t edit my picture in 3dsmax :s
I tried to take into account all your critics (dof in the background, etc.) to give a better image.
Thank you very much for your help and I hope goodbye for the next challenges. Good luck to all! =)

Normally my last update :confused: and my first idea