Lighting Challenge #23: Mad Science (WIP)


Maxmit: Nice Update. I’d expect to see some specular highlights from the warm light in the upper left but I don’t seem to be seeing any. The specular highlights coming from behind the camera are very bright compared to the diffuse light they’re emitting, try to find a balance between the two.

Jos: Welcome! The green liquid in the beaker on the right is getting very dark. What I’d expect to see is light being diffused from the upper right all the way through to the lower left. As well as a focused area of light on the opposite side of the vase as the light. The specular highlights in the scene don’t have to be burned out to completely white. Try to keep some color information in if possible. Also, the handle of the pliers really pop out because of their saturation and diffuse intensity. Try to tone those down a little.

tuffmutt1: Great! I love how the rat turned out maybe finishing it off with a little cool blue rim from the background on the right of the stomach and head. I’m having a hard time telling what material the bowl in the cage is made out of. Maybe some reflection and/or specular highlights? A yellow kick from the background on the left side of the bowl and a rim on water bottle would help make the foreground and background a little more cohesive.

Shordy: Good update! The DOF is a bit too strong and is miniaturizing the scene. At this distance from the table any DOF would be very subtle. Nice work with the brick, the texture and material work really well. I agree that the measuring device could use a little work, it looks very waxy right now. I think this is due to the fact that all 3 visible sides are lit equally and since it’s angled the light is falling off and giving the illusion of SSS on the front face. Try to shape the device with light a little so each side has a different value. This may involve adding a specular highlight to one side or just moving the lights illuminating the device around a little. Also, the square highlights are extremely harsh and whether you’re mimicking softboxes or a window there would most likely be some falloff around the edges.

heyitsjebus: Welcome! Nice start, you have a good idea working with some back lighting on the upper objects. Where is the light illuminating the liquids coming from? I ask this because they’re lit very evenly and appear flat. Try to achieve a gradient across them so that the shape is visible and there’s a clear source of illumination. The same seems to be occurring with the buttons on the device. If you’re trying to make it look like the buttons are lit, think of how they are lit. Is there a light bulb or LED inside of the button? If so their would be a bright spot where the light is and then the illumination would fall off as the light gets further away from the source.

SharinSri: Good work so far. Not too much to say so far. With the cone of light being the key light, the walls may look a little more convincing if they were darker towards the top of the image. Keep going with this.

udayavel: Nice job. Looks very dreamy. Looking forward to seeing some work with the materials so we can see some more specular highlights.


Hi friends,

thanks for your valuable inputs , here i updated image , actually
image is in WIP mode , still i expecting every comments ,critiques from you .
waiting on … thanks , Good luck everybody !!!




dude ,this was a nice test ,the brain texture looks awesome ; but present it like this ,that it is dip in some different colour liquid .coz the liquid and bottle looks same so it’s making it kind of flat.
all the best!!!


[left]No comments on my first image :frowning:

But I update with a new idea (no post-prod or ambient occlusion, just fryrender for the moment) and I have to make dirty textures (glass, metal…)
(Sorry for my approximate English ^^)


this is my 3rd update. shadow rays are kept at minimum to reduce rendering time. still some texturing to do. Comments and critics most welcome.



I got an off from my work for one day…could not stop myself from doing this version. If the experts here think it is good enuf then i am going to post it in the final thread.



@gagan0177 really nice atmosphere even if it’s not quite clear what’s the source of the light. I will also kick a bit the contrast

so there’s my new image. I guess everything is almost don I will wait a few weeks before posting in final… waiting for feedback from all :slight_smile: Used 5 lights, + material lights just a bit of GI (not too much I prefer to have contrast withoug GI), Color correction in post (added a bit of glow in the light pass) time of rendering 1 hour and half for each image


Hi All…

Here is my final Update for this Challenge.

Hope its u all like it…

Thanks for all your comments and critics.

Hi Res


Ok I Am In :d


This is my WIP of new lighting challenges ! Comments are welcome !


hey hii FredSoub
great !!! :slight_smile: doing somthing different…keep going…

hey but wer is rat gone?? lolzzz


Wow that looks great! I would make the reflection on the round bottle on the right not so frontal, it makes the bottle too “static”. The light in the radio could have a more gradual falloff, but it’s good you made it less uniform. Some fill lights on the right will be beneficial, but just not to break the organization of the picture, so the corners stay relatively dark.


your concept is nice and different ; but one thing i thought is place the objects some what random way like test tube glass is broken , books lying around etc etc ,good luck and is this your final camera ?


Hi, I´m new here, my first lighting challenge, thanks kanooshka for the theme which is pretty cool and Dan Konieczka and Giorgio Luciano for the model.

I´ve seen amazing stuff from all…hope I can do something interesting too.

This is my first picture, just the basic light and the texture from the back walls. The texture is simple maped on the objets, so there are boxes with texture.


Hi, this is my first try. The first image is the mental ray output, the second one is composited.
Only direct lighting.
Thank you.


Thanks leigh and Destinylight for comments.
Your comments have been noted.

Here’s the WIP render. Still texturing and will switch the objects around for better composition.
I planned to do a candle light scene.


Hi All,

Here’s another version from my side…
Critics and comments are most welcome.




my guess is thats no dof but radial blur (possibly to emulate a greasy/dirty lens).
But yes its a bit overdone

I think this is going to look really nice once its finished and you add some extra color toning in post.

I would suggest to use some dof also, because there are a lot of details in the background that are distracting. If you add dof those will get blurred and thus be less distracting.


Hello, My name is Brian Obrejan. This is my first Lighting/Texturing challenge. I am actually using this for a grade in my Texture Mapping class at Westwood College.

Feedback much appreciated.

I will try to participate in more challenges, this was not only fun for me but it is a great way to get some work into my portfolio.


as per konieczka suggestion i made a changes… :slight_smile: …my measuring device is still pending:(
c&c are welcome…