Lighting Challenge #23: Mad Science (WIP)


Good work man, your lighting has been improving with every update. The main critique i would have is the composition of your shot. I don’t think you’re composing the shot and the items in the piece as effectively as you could. If you take a look at this pic, you’ll see that all of the interesting points in your scene are huddled in the bottom right of the frame, whereas the majority of the space is taken up by your out of focus background. I think your points of interest (the items on the desk) should take up more of the frame and be brought to the forefront of your piece with the blurry background serving its purpose in the back of the frame instead of being the majority of the composition.


Great work everyone, keep posting those updates and new WIP’s they’re coming along great!

bips03: Nice improvements! I feel like the lighting is very inconsistent. The cage and rat are lit very brightly lit from a white light source but nothing else seems to be. The flashlight source is a very warm source but there’s white light coming out of it. The small beaker with the red liquid in it looks like it has a brighter refraction than the environment it’s refracting. Make sure sure the shadow trace depth is high enough. I’d like to see some color difference between the background and the foreground. Maybe the sky light could be a cooler color.

ashes2bones: Good start! The DOF in the image is working very well. The body and antenna of the radio are getting lost against the background. I’d like to see some rims on the antenna and maybe a kick on the radio’s body. In the cage the water bottle, bowl and back of the rat are getting lost in the darkness. One solution may be to add a light in the cage at least to motivate some rims and kicks on the objects in the cage.

Shordy: Nice start! So far I’d just say that maybe the light is a bit to symmetrical.

Zithrous: Good work! The first thing that pops out to me is the dark vertical line up the right side of the image. Try to soften this as well as possibly add some curvature in it to focus the eye into the image as opposed to guiding it right off the page. The glass is also getting very dark in some areas. Make sure it has something to reflect/refract. Though the brushed metal works very well and breaks up the reflections on the table, I think the table could use a wavy bump map just to break the reflections up some more. The top of the brain looks to be going completely dark. If this is in liquid, the liquid would scatter the light which would then be transmitted to all the exposed parts of the brain. A fill on top or a filter over the entire brain should improve it.

zbuja: Nice job. It looks like you have a nice color palette so far, the image is just extremely dark. There’s nothing wrong with having dark diffuse light but if you’re going with that you’ll really need to push your specular highlights and reflections to make objects discernible.

Destinylight: Welcome! Interesting idea. Overall the image is very dark. Try to get some strong highlights and reflections so that each object can be easily identified.

jn9999: Good update. The wall is lit very flatly, try to create a gradient across the wall. This will create both interest and focus. Some parts of the glass and liquids are resolving to black. Make sure there is either an environment or image to reflect and that the trace depth is high enough. The light under the desk is very burnt out. Try bringing the light’s intensity down a little. Overall the lighting is pretty flat. One instance of this is the rat. A kick on the top would help make it’s shape pop a little more. The paper hanging off the desk is also a little flat. Once again some light on the top of the paper should help show the shape a little more.

ChrisFast: Good improvements! The shadow on the end of the syringe is looking very dark, especially for a transparent object. This could be due to using depth mapped shadows. I’d like to see some of the green light from the goggles getting diffused through the red liquid on the right.

ollie83: Nice concept. Good work with the body of the radio, it has a nicely placed highlight. The inside of the cage seems to be lacking shadows. I feel the lighting could use a little more focus. Perhaps a play with the green light in the background used as rims and kicks for the foreground and then in the foreground a more subtle and focused diffuse light.


Guess I’m pretty much there at what I wanted.

Times an issue with me, will try and spend to finish this.

Thanks for the models.It was fun lighting this up.

Have fun all :wavey:


I like lighting challenges, :wavey:


Me too:arteest:


Hello, everybody.
This is my second time participate in lighting challenge.
Started up late, now busy applying texture, shader and cleaning up model.
Hopefully I can complete the scene before end of this month.

Here’s the brain render. Thanks jojo1975 for the awesome brain texture.


There’s noting visible to be commented


This is my second update for this challenge. trying to focus on the ‘mood’ more then anything else right not. C & C most welcome



Here is my post to the challenge its still WIP…
comments and critics r most welcome…


grey scale:

wip color:


Hey Guys Heres My render for the mad science lab scene. First time trying needs more work but will like feedback to make it better. (Lighting i know sucks but im still learning…sorry :frowning: )
Hey guys heres my render for the mad science lab scene. First true render needs alot more work but will like feedback to make it better. (Lighting i know sucks but im still learning how to make them work properly =[
Coments are welcome !


here is my update with textures and i changed the light a bit. I dont like the Measuring Device…


hey hii Shordy

nice scene…i thing u r liquid shader is pending rite??
but lighting 1st stage is cool … w8ing for more update…wish u luck,

r u using photometric lighting for this scene???



thank you

first my liquids were green slime but it dont fit to the colors around the scene so i turned it white like milk. I think it needs some work the sss shader isnt good.

i use one HDRI for diffuse light and reflection and 3 area light around this table.


@ WeezTheJuice & kanooshka : Sir, Thanx a lot for pointing out my mistakes:bowdown:. After ur comments i firmly dropped the idea of posting that image in the final image forum:drool:. Now I will work on those area which u two pointed out and hopefully dis time i will be able to meet your expectation:)… will be back very soon with new updates…:applause:


thanks for the C&C everyone. Here’s a small update. still loads to do.


@ Shordy your image is really “realistic” and clean, I will just change a bit the material look like milk so I will change a bit it (more “strange”)

@tufftmutt. I really love your approach, I just will change a bit the material of the glasses. really on of the greatest entry


Your measuring device looks pretty decent in my opinion. Maybe do something more interesting with the buttons, but the body itself looks good. Just watch out for that depth of field effect - it’s miniaturising your scene. You wouldn’t get DOF like that, at that scale and distance.


Turn down the reflectivity on the brain itself. In reality, an object floating in liquid wouldn’t have specular hits on it like that, because the whole thing would be wet :wink:


I decided to join in the fun.

First challenge I participate in. i’m using Maya and MR.
No postproduction done on the image.



here is a small update from myside…
i change lighting which i did in my previous renderd.
c&c are most welcome… thanks