Lighting Challenge #23: (Final Images) Mad Science


Here is my final image, thanks.

Full Resolution


Hi, this is my final Image



Didnt realize today was the deadline. Finished with what I had…






Here’s my final image, didn’t had time to finish it like I wanted to. I will finish it though! But for now this is what I came up with:

Full Resolution


Here is my final.


My final, cool challenge!

Thank you! :cool:


Here is my final piece, hope you all enjoy. Can’t wait till the next one. Some awesome images here!



So when’s the next challenge then?


Hi everybody! Wow, there are some outstanding images in this thread!

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to work on my image any further, so here is my final render for this challenge:


Whew! I managed to finish, finally! FredSoub, I swear I didn’t copy your idea with the rampant plant growth – and yours looks great, by the way.


Hi guys,

Kanooshka I know it’s kinda late to post the final image. But I want to anyway, I’m sorry for this. Hope it still counts, it has been a fun one to do… :beer:

Here is my final :

full link would be :

Mad Science Hi-Res

Cheers… by the way nice entries and images from you guys…you’re all aces!!


Hello guys,

I am late for posting the final image here, but just wanted to post it anyways for tasting water.
I am sorry if I am not supposed to though.



hey guys,
here’s my final image -


Great work everyone. Hope to see you at the next challenge. I’ll let you know when the gallery is up!