Lighting Challenge #23: (Final Images) Mad Science


Well here is my final image. Couldn´t do it in a higher resolution because it would take forever to render :stuck_out_tongue:

Done in 3DS Max 2009 and Photoshop

High res

High res

High res

Good luck to everyone

Edit: I added two new images :smiley:

Thanks a lot kanooshka for posponing the deadline


softimage/3delight (for softimage)/nuke/ps



Hey everybody, really awesome pieces!

Here is my entry. I saw this challenge a bit late and I can’t spend more time on it unfortunally :frowning:

large image: here


Full Resolution




Here’s my entry. Some great work here guys.


well its my first Participation in lighting challenges :slight_smile:

high res here high res 2 here


Here is my entry…


just registered and starting with a simple one lol
sure shot
i wouldnt try that at home 8 )



My final render… please comment…


Full Resolution

p.s Every one has done a good job.


congratulation boys every one has done good job… :applause:
i also like this challenge because i learn lots from this…
here i update my final entry hope u like this. :slight_smile:


Maya and Mental Ray, comped in Photoshop


I really wish I had finished the image but alas I got caught up with other work. A lot of really fantastic images during this challenge, good job!

Cinema4D & Vray4C4D

Hi-Res (10MB)


here’s mine entry…



This is my final render, I hope you like it.
And thank Jeremy Birn for your recommendation, I served a lot.


Its been fun doing my first challenge and I look forward to the next one so I can step up my game even more. Great work everyone.


Hi I wish I would have had some more time to spend with this.