Lighting Challenge #23: (Final Images) Mad Science


My first lighting work.
Using Max, Vray

If you can’t see image,
Link here :slight_smile:


here are my final entries.the challenge was real interesting and a lot of fun.
used maya and mentalray.

Link for Hi-Res image here: 1 2
Thank you.


Hope you like it!
I used 3DS Max, Mental Ray and Photoshop.

High (800 x 600)


Here’s my 1# final entry.
HighRes can be viewed here: View Image

Here’s my 2# final entry.
HighRes can be viewed here: View Image


Here are my final images. Using Maya and Mental ray for rendering and Photoshop for compositing.

High resolution here:image1 image2








lighting challenge #23 - Mad Science

Modeled by Dan Konieczka and Giorgio Luciano



This is my final.


Hi, here is my final image.

I Used 3D Max, Mental Ray and Photoshop.

High resolution image:


[left][b]3DS-MAX // Fryrender // Photoshop

Image 1

Image 2



Maya, Vray, & Photoshop.

High Res Link:


Here is my entry. I used Blender, LuxRender, and GIMP.


My final entries for this challenge

Maya, Mental ray (no FG and GI), Photoshop


In Candle light


Hi, i used Maya and Mental Ray :slight_smile:


My final entry for this competitino, thanks jeremy and dan for hosting !


Here is my final image. Done with Maya and Mental Ray, Some minor colour adjustments in Photoshop. :slight_smile:


Software: MAYA2009, Mental ray, Shave, RealFlow4, NUKE, PS
Hope you like it, welcome feedback!


Here is my final entry… some how i managed to complete…
I used Maya software and a bit Photoshop…:slight_smile:
For higher resolution click here


Hello my name is Brian Obrejan and this is my final render for this challenge. I had fun and I hope to be able to participate in future challenges.


Here are my final images for this challenge. I didn’t want to go overboard with it, wanted to give it a “gone to lunch be back in 30 minutes” feel. Everything is shut off, nothing is steaming, and all the lights are off, leaving the open windows as a source of light. Also, I realized I misspelled Dan’s name in the first render, I apologize for that :smiley:

Maya 2011, mental ray, Photoshop CS4