Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (WIP)


NikGeo : Thanks for comments i will correct it … :slight_smile:


This is my last update!:bounce:


Even larger Image

My Showreel



telefonie - I sure like your 374 post a lot better than your final entry.

It really is a better composition in my opinion and shows off your excellent work on the carousel…
I really liked the “carnival in a desert feel”…
Just my opinion and it was one of my favorites. Your final entry is nice but it just doesn’t have the same impact. Of course you can have more than one entry… hint, hint

My personal favs so far for this challenge are coolayan for the night scene and fredduck for the days scene…


this is my updated versions, thank you for commenting on my post and a wonderful contest,


abhiinlight now I like the second one… lol…

Good job!


NikGeo : Thanks for liking my images ! :slight_smile:


Here’s mine for “Bright Night”

Comments welcome, even though it’s the last day!


I do love saving things to the last moment!

Here is my rendering with a few changes. A bit more to do tonight - especially the sky.


@ NikGeo : thank u for ur suggestion…I have tried adding DOF…and submitted my entry.

All The Best everybody! :slight_smile:


Great challenge everyone! Awesome images all around.

Since this time we’re trying things a little differently, I’m giving a little extra time for those who haven’t posted their images in the final images thread. So get your images in there before the end of this weekend!

On the other hand this thread is going to stay open for the time being for those of you who want to continue working or want to start now. There will still be feedback, but the images will not be considered for the gallery.


Hey Kanooshka,
I have two same images in final images thread… that was a pure mistake due to internet connection…
Pls take that entry in consideration…



I know it’s too late for the final judging, but I still wanted to share my revamp of my Nightmare image. I really like what happened after I turned in my “Final” render.


Hello there, I’m working of the material of my key scene objects. At the moment I’m working on the carousel horses and would like to have another persons opinion on what I’ve done so far. Does it look the way it should? Wooden, oldish but with the paint intact? That’s what I’m trying to achieve. Haven’t added any scratches yet.

Here it is:

Thanking you,


Hi Timothy.

To me it looks more like metal atm. Im not sure what kind of setup you have now but maybe an HDRI environment map would help to give it sth to reflect. Maybe you could add a bump map that isn’t quite as fine. Make in a composite map with the one you have now and the scratches as well. The diffuse map doesn’t convince me to look like the horse has been painted or airbrushed on. Best way to go is to study more references.
Here is sth I quickly found


halfPintMike: The material you have right now looks more like metal than painted wood. A few things to keep in mind is paint, unless it’s metallic paint, will have white specular reflections, the ones you have now seem tinted. Old paint will mostly be reflective as it bends away from the viewer so make sure to apply the fresnel effect to your material’s specularity. Finally old paint may have bright specularity but would have very very dim reflection, it looks more like wet paint at the moment.


I started getting a bit more photo-realistic with this, but decided I liked the earlier look better (less realistic lighting but intense neon lights.) So, I backtracked and added more neon and pumped it up.


Thank you kanooshka and xeltestic, for your insight. Yes, it does look like metal to me now. How can I forget that only metals have tinted reflection! I guess it’s the fine bump that’s making it look like metal. I’ll try to put some weak fresnel reflection and should I keep the specular refln as it is?
And xeltestic, I tried to use hdri earlier but even at the lowest settings it was too reflective so I turned it off. Maybe that’s how it is in the real world or maybe it’s yafarays limitation. I’ll try it again with the new settings.
I’ll put up some updates as soon as it is possible.

Thanking you,


After a couple of days I decided to spend one more day on this even though my final is already submitted. I would be glad to get some feedback. What is better and what not compared to my final entry. Thx guys! :slight_smile:

High resolution
Final entry


@xeltestic- Love your colours. Very cartoony and suspense filled. The charecter don’t seem to gel with scene. I don’t know actually what to do, maybe decreasing the ambiance of the shader or toning down the fill light to match the dark environment. Hey I’am no expert here, follow my advise at your own risk :hmm:. love your atmosphere though. very unique.:bowdown:


xeltestic : your render is gr8. Its ambiance is really different than other outputs here in this challenge. But the Character looks as if its been composited later on to the image…probably coz there’s this thin outline (specular like) around the balloon.

Anyway, I am yet to learn lot of things about lighting and rendering. Thank u for all the suggestions u had given me to improve my render…Its really helped me.

Haven’t been able to come up with extra ordinary work…but I have really enjoyed working on this challenge… thanks to Kanooshka,looking forward for more exciting challenges. :slight_smile: