Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (WIP)


Hello and sorry for my so long absence. Work…work… work… uc!

           I reconstructed the whole set as I had some problems with shading groups and rendering.
        So here is the photo:

   Any comment is more than welcome!


i did for this challenge. :slight_smile:


@Herbert: oops…sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

so…ya…@eduroam: I really like the underwater bedroom you did in last challenge.


hehe… thanks nan1203.

Eduardo R.


Hi everybody,
Some very nice works posted lately,I could not be here quite frequently becouse of busy work schedule.
well, congratulations to all for such a great challange and here is my work and as challange is closing soon that goes in final work post as well


I love this! Great composition, great use of color.


Thank you Inky99…!

I need to make some changes in the DOF effect as it looks a bit weird
(instead of blurry it looks transparent… :hmm: )


OK I added some highlights on the high-striker and fixed the problem with the DOF.

I think this is gonna be my final entry...

[left]Any feedback is welcome…


Oh dear, I have just run out of time. Will still finish this challenge as I love it. Love some of the entries. Ciao L


I think I will be sliding in with my entry at the last minute. So when is that exactly – 11:59pm on the 30th? (and in which time zone!)


NikGeo: Gj! really like the feel of it.

I am also curious about the time zone issue. My render crashed a couple of times and wont be able to start post before this afternoon. Any info on that?


Thank you xeltestic for your comment! :wink:

I wasn’t sure about the time zone issue and that’s why I applied my entry one day before. Just to be sure…! lol…


ya aim also curios when this challenge will complete i am waiting for a long time


Don’t worry I’ll be closing the WIP thread but I’ll keep the Final Images thread open for a day or 2 after the 30th for those who need the extra time / have different time zones.


Thanks kanooshka for giving the valuable comments.:slight_smile: I have tried to correct it.
This is my updated image…

And this is another view…


Nice look abhiinlight. As a composition I prefer the first cause in the second the sky covers too much space and the whole set looks out of balance (but that’s just a personal point of view). :wink:

You might need to add a bit more DOF on the wheel as it looks as sharp as the horse which is very closer to us.



My update went unnoticed last time…I just wanted few comments /critics before I could post the entry. Here’'s the update…

I’ve used Default Maya Software for rendering …!!!


I’ve always enjoyed seeing the bright lights of a carnival so “Bright Nights” is the one for me. My reference image was shot I took a number of years ago at the Los Angeles County Fair, which has a huge carnival.

I went for the glowy neon (with Mental Ray glare shader) and this is my WIP (for a few more hours anyway). I plan to get the glow a lot tighter, and put in a good sky with some trees on the background hill. And more neon an other lights on the rides as I have time for.


Oki. Still some minor fixes and I think i’m done =) At this stage its still open for crit so if any1 finds anything pls let me know and i can fix it. Im missing DOF at this point as well. You guys think i should add it? If i do then with the tree in front slightly blured and the rest in focus?
I still need to go in and fix stuff by painting in…


Hey xeltestic! The idea of blurring the tree, sounds good. Try to focus in the middle so add also some DOF to the background. Also think of slightly reducing the glow of the wheel lights.

  The final result looks much better...!

[b]JN01[/b]: Everything you ve suggested sounds right. Try to do also something with the tent cause it looks too plastic (apply a texture or a low bump map so you can have variations). And I loved the idea of spiral lights on the pillars of the roller coaster.

(just saw it, make the horses a bit more visible, add light)

lilnamz: Add some DOF (you might think I am maniac with that… lol…)on the background and some highlights on the balloons. Also there is something weird going on with the strings of the balloons and their shadow. I would think a problem with light linking.

At the end of the day, for Maya Software rendering, it looks very nice.