Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (WIP)


I am a new member here… Am I too late to participate in this challenge…?? :hmm:


you still have time until April 30, 2010, so start rolling your mouse now and goodluck




@FrankIsKing: The distortion on the ferris wheel isn’t quite working. I like the broken and rusty part though. The merry-go-round seems to be floating a bit. The way you position the ground plane and merry-go-round gives an odd perspective.

Congratulations to everyone. Thanks for all of your sharing. Going through every work and reading the critiques help a lot. :beer:

Here’s another update. I took out some lights on the left of the merry-go-round, and blurred the reflections a bit. This is probably my final submission unless you think of anything I can improve till the deadline…I’m sure there’s always something.

see original size here.


hey finally got back to the fix up my image. i added some shops and changed my composition. I’m not very happy with the ground hope to change it a bit by adding some paint effect grass. once i sorted that out i will add some dof and mountains in the background. happy to get some feedback :slight_smile:


never too late :wink: I guess this is my final !
Just one week and I will post it in final gallery :wink: crits are wellcome


Hi all…!!
you ppl are doing wonders…amazing work…!!
This is my first post in the challenge…
I am a student… n I love lighting n texturing… though i dont know much about it…this is my first try…work is still in progress…
pls give me suggestions to make it better…


@ Telefonie, try to get some softer shadowsthat can help a lot the image


Hello everyone!
I’ve done some tweaks to the image. Kanooshka recommended me to do the Orange Rim for the balloon and bench. I think it works out well. It does give an added sense of colour interaction in the scene. Thanks again Kanooshka. I’ve also bleached the ferris wheel and roller coaster a bit with the fog for some extra tonal depth and tweaked a bit of the composition. Hope these work.

I know I’m not as good as many of the people here so please guide me along with critiques and comments! Thank you in advance.


hi everyone!

heres my final rendering of my scene.

thanks to everyone who helped me by giving comments and suggestions.

goodluck to all!

here’s my WIP blog post for this challenge


Hello Everyone,

everyone’s done a gr8 job.
Here’s an update…I’ve tried following the advise i had received…hope this one aint that bad.

please lemme know what suggestions you all have for this one…

as before…i have maintained default Maya software for rendering.


Hi all,

This is my first try at one of these, I was aiming for an abandoned theme.

Maya 2010 with mental ray. Cleaned up a little in Photoshop.


I really like the lighting of the images submitted! Keep up the great work guys!


Nice job! I especially like the background image you used.


Close to being finished so I wanted to post one last rough draft. I don’t know of much I am going to change, just going to fine tune some things. If there’s anything you see that you think could use some adjustment, let me know. I feel like I should clarify that I was going for a “Childlike Wonder” feel where the balloons are the focus and the rides and everything else are secondary.


Here…update version of my carnival scene so far. Just add some shadow and key light on it. Feel free for feedbacks and comments. I’ll make more progress soon.


the light coming off the light bulbs seems good, but i think you kind of forgot how overwhelming the lighting of these bulbs is: together with the reflectivity of the color and the material of the horses the entire caroussel should be about equally lighted :stuck_out_tongue:
also, you should really consider working longer on materials: the bump map and the diffuse map on the ground plane is a bit… off :stuck_out_tongue:


good work every1! so many nice updates! been away for awhile, real busy with school atm.

Pendragonz: great feeling of depth. very creative with the tents!

herbertagudera: great job!!! amazing improvement. definitely worth the entry.

clairekearton: love the simple color palette.

nan1203: gj. nice to see your render passes

ill comment more 2morrow. need to wake in 4 hrs.

here is an update. still long way from home. all quality settings here at a maximum low for the sake of speed - will render out better version and take it to post tomorrow. oh and yes the same goes for the hair pass. all the best to every1.


Hey guys,

I apologize for not being around to critique (especially so close to the end of the challenge!), been very busy lately. I’ll try to get some feedback up tomorrow on the recent images. Quickly looking, there’s been some great material! :thumbsup:

As a reminder to everyone, this challenge will be ending soon on April 30th so when you’re calling your work done, make sure that you post the image(s) in the Final Images Thread so they are entered to be chosen for the final gallery where this challenge will be judged by Jeremy Birn!


Here is a high res image… I couldn’t upload it that time sorry…
Software used: Maya 2010…Software Render…
Waiting for your valuable C & C…
Thanks in advance…