Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (WIP)


Hey, I tihnk it’s looking good. Make a progress^^


@Onkamon: welcome! 2 things you should try:
turn the shadows of your lights ON so objects in your scene cast some.
Your sky is orange, the main light should match that color.


This is a very early rendition of this challenge. There’s still much to add in the way of textures and additional lighting but I would still appreciate any comments, tips, or general advice that could guide me towards completing this fun but challenging piece. Thank you in advance.


[font=Arial]Wow I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated by such crazy skilled entrants as you guys but I humbly submit my work in progress so far. I’m still a pup with all this so please any feedback is appreciated!

btw I feel like I know some of you guys :stuck_out_tongue: It’s kinda weird.[/font]…


Another version. Although I have not clear whether to continue in this direction. ¿What do think?


I am currently at ACC, like a few others on here, and this is one of our assignments. I would greatly appreciate any comments or helpful hints! Thank you ~


hello. this is my attempt at the challenge–it’s still an early work in progress. any feedback is greatly appreciated.


nice balloons dude


Hopefully this won’t post twice…
Any comments or suggestions would be great - Thanks!


i think you’ve done a great job. but here’s my 2 cent’s for what its worth. the carousal is amazing with all the flora growing on it. but the rest seems quite undamaged. maybe some grassy stuff and weeds in the muddy looking soil might so the trick. secondly i think the front DOF is unnecessary and toning the DOF for the background could help. also the balloons wont be so taunt and in the air for a neglected scene. they simply look to fresh. the paper thrash would be disintegrated by now…so I’d get rid of it. i’d say continue and finish it. it’s almost there. these are just few of my pointer’s.
Hope that helps.


This is my first challenge!
I’m going with abandoned. Critique me, please.


smmiley: Nice start! With such a bright portion of the sky I’d be expecting a lot of warm sunlight to be lighting the scene. Keep in mind that natural light is much brighter than the average incandescent light!

livuxman: Good work. I like the ivy it makes the amusement park look like it’s been abandoned for a very long time. If it has been abandoned for so long I wouldn’t expect the balloons to be inflated. The ivy also doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the image that is very clean of growth. As for the lighting, it’s coming along nicely. I’d like to see a stronger reflection of the sky on the balloon so they match the ground a little more.

nanokow: Welcome! Your main light source coming from the background appears to have perspective to it, since this light is coming from the sun which is a distant light source the shadows should be parallel. I’m not sure what software package you’re rendering with but there should be a directional or infinite light source you can use. Keep going.

Strucoolius: Welcome! Keep going!

Onkamon: Welcome! Make sure you enable shadows on your lights. Also, try to decide on what your main light source will be and start with that light being the strongest.

Sinew: Good start! Since you have the horses in the foreground you may want to smooth their geometry a little since there are hard angles. Interested to see where you take this.

Pendragonz: Very nice! My biggest critique would be specular highlights. Try to get some nice warm highlights from the carousel onto the balloon and also onto the tops of the bench/bench pieces


Thanks Dan (kanooshka), working on the horses is the next step, unwrapping them is proving a challenge!!

A small niggle I have with some of the decaying scenes is that the baloons wouldnt be there after 2 days, never mind after many years. Maybe if the baloons were made of fibre glass, and string was made from metal poles, like a takky disney land feature, in which case they would rust and decay differently.


If I am not wrong the horse was already unwrapped.


ahh right! I’ll check that tonight!!


This is my first challenge!


Thanks kanooshka. I reduce the motion blur of the wheel, to reduce de impact of the wheel in the image. I’m not create blur in the carrusel, because render time increase a lot, and I need the computer in day to work. I add some depth of field, created in after effects. I know that is a little bit simple. But i will try to post another style. I hope be on time and show it before 30 April.

Software: Maya 2009
Render: Mental ray.
Correction: After Effects.
Direct Lighting.

Link 1500x843

But if somebody have some comments, please tell me, and excelent jobs i see in this challenge.



heres is another wips - “Coming of the Storm”


As for the difference between the Ivy and the rest, I must say that I tested to put vegetation throughout and did not like the result, not what I wanted.
In my scene I represent the struggle between humanity and nature, each struggling to impose itself on the other. I think that is more visually striking (not realistic) if I keep a clear difference between the part of the left (full of vegetation) and right (away from vegetation).
Same with the balloons, which for me are the representation of childhood innocence, while it lasts, we will have hope.

As for the balloons, I've adjusted, are better now?

Thank you very much, and if it has served to me as aid.

About the first thing you comment, I say the same thing to kanooshka. You’re right from a realistic point of view, but as I said before, is not what I wanted, but not sure if I have achieved my goal. Maybe if I have time to do two versions and a vegetation also put on the right.
I have changed the DOF, better now?




SOme feedback here

rpadc2002 vbmenu_register(“postmenu_6466953”, true); very simple but stylized lighting and excellent composition(cam angle and object placement), I think you can still make top part a bit brighter and bottom a little darker as you’v done just will enhance the contrast.

livuxman vbmenu_register(“postmenu_6467794”, true); : Your vegetation is quite good, but depth of field is not coming quite right I mean there is blur exactly after sharp line you can let those tent and all object and ride surround ing it go a slightly blurred more than vegetateion and lesser than bg (that is blurrred right nowI think you can decrease bg blur a bit.)

eduroam vbmenu_register(“postmenu_6466556”, true); : NIce colors I loved the reflection on the road. the bench and nearby objects looks floating.The tent is not merging with ground, I think you have used too many light sources control your sources but diffine their bounces in detail(ie the bg bench has a light around it but the source is not decidable.)

There is a spotlight facing upwards throwing light on the wheel, the volume of that light is shown but it’s not throwing up on wheel neither on tent…

Hey nice stylized work , It reminds me of some movie poster may beeeeeeeeeee 2012.
One point to make the environment that you have choosen like so cloudy , It should never have such sharpness in shadows it will be way tooooooo blurred (I would prefer not to render shadow and just enhance my ground occlusion…)

Keep Lighting.