Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (WIP)


ooh! looks promising :slight_smile: its a shame i can see only the upper part of the image. Any1 else havin that problem?


@xeltestic: I can see the image fine here.:slight_smile:
@tuffmutt1: wow…that’s really cool! :bowdown:I totally thought about AI before I read your words. It’d really stand out if you kick up the contrast a bit more…like half of the merry-go-round can be in shadow, and count on the rim lights to show the shape…kind of like this:
@theleast: I just want to point out that your light color on the horses is not matching the color of the bulbs…just in case you decide not to ditch this one.
@lilnamz: Something in your scene reminds me of “The Little Prince”. Try to think of a tone/mood you are trying for and look for images that express what you have in mind. From there you can start thinking where the main light source is and what color of the light is. And what color of the atmosphere/ambient is. Here are a couple images that are related to “The Little Prince”.


I tried changing browser and now i see it. WOW i love it! GJ tuffmutt1! i love the composition and mood! Maybe slightly blurring the carousel would help with depth.

ive been working some on that little girl i wanted to include for the focal point. Don’t wanna go too much off topic here and lighting will be my primary focus. She’s gona take up little space in the end composition so i wont waste much time on her.



I would very much like to compete in this challenge, but i do have a question: (yes I have read the FAQ sticky and NO the answer is not there)

this is a lighting challenge, but I noticed almost everyone (well, everyone i’ve seen so far), uses materials, textures and other things outside the pure adding of lights to the scene and rendering the outcome, so I was wondering, is the eventual winner chosen by the pure setup of his lights, or also by the usage of textures and procedural materials in combination with the lights?


As I understood additional models and extravagance textures won’t help in this challenge. After all it is a lighting challenge. So focus on creating one of the themes and how you can use your lighting set up to best compliment that theme. As the FAQ stated eg. texturing skills won’t be taken into account. Though I can see how shaders could have an impact because of the way light will behave in your scene.
This is how i understood it, but Kanooshka would definately be the best person to answer that. Good luck with the challenge :slight_smile:


Hi DeMatti,

That’s a good question, I know a lot of people feel the same way. To start, no 1 image will be considered a winner, at least for this challenge. The images will be judged on their lighting not on textures. However, materials and lighting go hand in hand. Material attributes like color, specular size, specular color, reflectivity, translucency etc… all reference the lighting in the scene and therefore are also important in the judging. I hope this makes things a little clearer to you.


yes, it does actually :slight_smile:
so basically that means I have a lot more work XD
ok, I guess I’ll get started then :wink:


@kanooshka, thank you very much. The video was rendered in poor quality, because it is not yet complete and are previews, and still represents many hours. I’ve changed the lighting to have some sun, what do you think?

@fredduck, very good job. With the abandoned theme, we have all the balloons kept in perfect condition, but in your case to continue to operate the carousel bulbs :-).
@coolayan, I love your composition. The only thing that strikes me is the part of grass to the left of the image, which is dark compared with the central, but maybe this will light comes from somewhere that does not identify. I am not criticizing, just as good that is all surprises me.
@tuffmutt1, I love your choice. May exchange the floor of the carousel, to make it look less clean, not a reflection so soft (to be under water).

Everyone else, good job, I can not think of anything to bring you.

Here I put a new version and the new animation that you can see when vimeo finish the conversion (in about 3 hours)


I’m taking a set of courses at Austin Community College geared towards Video Game Art, and in my 3D Lighting/Surfacing class, our instructor has decided that this challenge should be our final, so that we can learn to integrate our art into a public and semi-competitive environment.

Here is what I have so far, I’m pretty much done with the 3DS Max part (except the tent), going to be compiling the layers into Photoshop and cleaning it up there.

I’m excited to be competing here, and I welcome any tips or criticism.
Thank You.


@livuxman: The lights are still on because the merry go round has been abandonned since 5 minutes only. :wink:


Hi i think everyone’s stuff is lookin real nice im gonna post mine in a little bit.


great stuff guys (or girls).


Hello there. Been a bit busy lately. Boy, after seeing the quality of outputs here makes me poop my pants:p. Well I have been working on the beach scene lately. Please comment and also my other renders.


Hey Guys!
livuxman - Love the look. I like the contrast of the place being run down and the balloons still bright and floating
tuffmutt1 - I like the image distortion and composition. The colour choice makes it look very quiet and submerged. Definitely a refreshing idea.
nan1203 - I like the composition and the contrast between the details of the carousel and the out of focused background.

I’m still new to CG Lighting, so please guide me along. Critiques and comments all welcome.


I love this one, great render !


i have a problem:

i downloaded the OBJ file, because i work with 3ds max 2010 (student edition), but when I open up the obj in max, i get an error message saying “not enough memory for 300001 polygon textures” or something like that… anyone care to explain?
my laptop should be able to handle it: my teachers work with a lighter one and they can handle scenes much larger then this one… so mine should defenitely be able to handle it


Thank you very much.

I like the approach you’ve choose joining night lightning and abandoned, good job. Ambient light and stars gives a touch of night very interesting. It occurs to me that a firefly in the bench would make a nice dimly lit.


Hey all,

Love some of the entries so far! Here’s my contribution…

Rendered at really low quality, and quickly comp’d in AfterEffects. I haven’t textured the horses yet, but that’s next on the list!

Hi resolution version here

I would really appreciate some crit!



m already very late … coz of my projects …
but i ll try my best now… :slight_smile: will post my screenshot soon


This is my first port ever…I have to make more progress though. So please give me if you have any feedbacks or comments.
Thanks a lot.