Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (WIP)


@ Gomes 21 ! I love it, the DOF make it seems a miniature (I dont’ know if it is your choice or not) but it’s really colorful and the baloons really add something to that.

So here my (hopefully and also fro other works) WIP. So, added dispance, changed materials, made occlusion pass, added texture to carousel, made a small matte in background, change some lights (7 area lights in the scene + HDR), composed in PSD + DOF and vignette.

Feedback is very wellcome. I tried something different, I wanted a joyful, alice in wonderland look to the whole scene. I will gather all feedback and post final entry next week.
@ kanooshka, so I cas start modelling seriously :wink:


Hi All,

I just stumbled upon this list yesterday, and I’m definitely interested in adding a submission if I can free-up some time in the next few weeks. Wow, there’s been some great work already!

I’d attach an image of my initial layout, but I’m not sure how to attach a link to this message (there doesn’t seem to be an ‘attach image/link’ option…)

My first thoughts were to do an abandoned theme, though this might change the more I get into this. Either way, it looks like it’ll be fun!



kanooshka thank you very much for your feedback. i made the corrections that u point out.

Here is my update, rendered with maya software rendering, composted in photoshop


Hi all … This is a Great challenge,really intresting for Lighting.there are lot of nice images . Could some one tell me how do i upload my image. Try to upload as early as possible.


anshad06: Good job! With the carousel being the brightest part of the image I’m surprised to not see any strong reflections especially on the balloons. The light sources on the Ferris wheel in the back are very blurry compared to the lights on the buildings on the back plate and on the opposite end the lights in the foreground don’t seem to have any glow. Try to balance this out.

jojo1975: Nice atmosphere, very dreamy. I took a look at your images histogram and it seems to be lacking some dark values. For example, where the carousel meets the ground is fairly bright. On the other hand, some areas look to be a little to bright. As an example, even though the horses are covered by a roof some of them are still blown-out. Try taking a look at the dark values in on the castle in the backplate and incorporate that contrast into your image.

livuxman: Good update! Nice work, since the image is still cloudy, as I know you’re planning on changing =), the lighting isn’t quite as interesting as it could be. I’m looking forward to your next update! As for your animation it looks pretty nice. One thing I did notice is that you may need to turn up your bokeh sampling when the balloons go out of focus.

gomes21: Nice! My main critique would be to adjust the DOF. With such a shallow DOF of a distant object it makes the image look like a miniature. Try to make the DOF much deeper where the middle ground will have a much larger depth that’s in focus.

okcannon: Nice start. As a silhouette the image looks good but could be a little more interesting in the concern of lighting. Perhaps some reflections of the sky?

rpadc2002: Looks like some intriguing studies. Interested to see some more.

fredduck: I really like this image, great job!

coolayan: Great image! As you said the motion blur on the Ferris wheel could be a little more subtle, especially for the time of day. Maybe some blur on the carousel as well? The shading on the balloons looks a little flat and even, I’d like to see a little more shaping on them.

tanmoycgartist: Nice update! I’d still like to see some brightre values to break up the the midtones in the image. For example the bench looks fairly evenly lit on every side. Try to differentiate each side of the bench with different values. It’s also a little hard to see everything in the image, next time you may want to put up a bigger image.


Hi all
Thanks Inky99 and Kanooshka for the feedbacks.
I’ve tweak around a bit.
Any suggestions to improve this image?


awesome work man. i love it.


i see lot of good images in here. Here is my try,pls…give your Feedbacks to improve.



hi! i made a small update on my scene. implemented some of the suggestions.

i’m still having some problems on my renders. i am incorporating the linear workflow on my rendering. when i disconnect mia_exposure_photographic on my camera and render it. i get those white spots that you can see on the ground and on the trash can.

in my render settings …
data type: RGBA float 4x32 bit
image format: OpenEXR

what am i doing wrong? :slight_smile: thanks!

great works guys!


Lovely fantasy image!

Even though it is night time, the sky/atmosphere doesn’t need to be black. I think you could have some nice color in the sky and fog, maybe a gradient of purple that gets brighter at the bottom?

I like the bokeh effects on the DOF, too.



Hi all,

     Here is my small update, i tried to correct the mistakes suggested.

Thank u Kanooshka for your valuable suggestions


hi everyone, :bounce:

               dis s my update............pls comment..........


jojo1975: Thank you! Miniature model of the effect is indeed my choice. I like your style, there are small suggestions to you, you need to add real DOF, rather than simply vague, the effect will be better.

kanooshka: Thank you for your valuable suggestions! I tried to adjust the DOF, and reduced motion blur.

tuffmutt1: I’m glad you like it! Thank you!

jeremybirn: Thank you for your valuable suggestions! I have changed the background of the sky, add the fireworks and the atmosphere. Make it look more festive! By the way, you write the book to me a lot! Thanks again!
Welcome to the recommendations!


I’m trying to do a night scene too for this challenge but something just seems off about this and I can’t put my finger on it. I mean it could be the lack of textures on my surfaces but I think it’s more than that. Comments/Crits are more than welcome. :shrug:



I think your image communicates a child’s viewpoint very well, both the literal viewpoint (camera angle) and the excitement - bright colors and motion - that is the way most children view the world.


Hello everyone ! This is my new update! I have worked on specular, highlights and exposure.


@preetamsaha: nice lighting. I think the balloons need some specularity, and just to kick it up you can have some rim light on the tree.
@VinVang69: The balloons are too transparent. Maybe the self-illumination/incandescence on the wheel and merry-go-round are too strong which kill the shadows.
@gomes21: nice!!! I love your fantasy carnival. The horse is beautiful.
@avik3d13: nice motion blur on the wheel. I think the shadows of the people need to be darker. Some of them look a bit floaty.
@anshad06: good job.
@herbertagudera: I like the mood you created. Nice DOF.

Here’s another update. C&C are welcome. I’m using 3ds max and after effects.


hello everyone ,

Thank you so much xelestic and kanooshka. I am working on the advise given…

Here’s a another version I’ve tried. …nothing special … definitely not at at the level of other renders here…its more of a doodle… :slight_smile:


Just a quick untextured doodle based on the Bright Night theme. I’m probably going to ditch this and pick another theme.


just played around today …inspired by the underwater sequence from Steven Spielberg’s movie A.I.
could be abandoned or child’s fantasy…full version.