Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (WIP)


Thank you, djprasun. I really appreciate your help. But I don’t use photoshop but gimp! I poked around gimp and found this filter called depth merge and it’s tool tip was something like you’d suggested. Will look into that.


Hi Thanks Kanooshka for your feedback. I’ve tried to create some differences in the contrast for the objects in the image. Hope it’s better.


Hi all,

     This is my first attempt to this great carnival challenge,

It is rendered with maya software rendering, and used plenty of point lights,
please post your valuable comments and suggestions.


Wow, awesome job everyone. I haven’t gotten a chance to look through every page of this challenge yet but I really love tuffmut’s lighting. It looks superb. I’m still relatively new to lighting with mental ray but I’ve been meaning to work on it. This sounds like the perfect chance to experiment. If anyone has suggestions or good tutorials for using mental ray lights and render passes that would be great. I hope to post my results soon. I look forward to seeing more of everyone’s renders. Thanks for a great scene model and a great challenge.


Hello everybody, this is the first version I started to do. Give me more suggestions! Thank you


Here’s a new version that I’m working on.


I really like this image. The choice of colors, the sky, and the choice of having just the carousel lit up, the rest of it in the “dark” (moonlight or whatever).

Nice work.


i will post render soon :bounce:


Ink99: Nice work so far. There’s a line on the tent that goes from lit to black, try to make the transition a little more gradual. The balloons are lit very flatly, especially in the foreground. Try to get some more shaping on them as well as some reflection of the sky. Keep going.

gomes21: Good start! The specular reflections on the horse are brighter than the light sources themselves. Try to brighten the light sources so that they are the same or brighter. On the balloons try to match the roughness of the reflection to the roughness of the specularity. You could accomplish this by either blurring the reflection to match or sharpening the specularity. The red balloon on the bottom is very similar in color to the carousel. Perhaps changing the color of the balloon would help differentiate it.

anshad06: Good start. Try to keep the specularity consistent. If you look at the balloons right next to the trash can, the difference in their specular intensities is vast. With such a bright red base to the carousel, try creating some nice red bounce light onto the underside of the horses.

Pendragonz: Very nice. The rim light on the balloon is a good touch. I still feel like the balloon could have a little more diffuse lighting to separate it from the background. This may be possible by giving it some translucency, adding its own light or just increasing its diffuse value.

technicolorgirl: Nice start! I feel your image could use some more dark values. Your best bet may be to use an AO pass on your indirect lighting. Try to get a little more shaping with your indirect lighting. As an example look at the trash can. Though the key light is acting as a rim light, the rest of the trash can is fairly evenly lit. Try to create a gradient with light across the round objects.

Voigg: Overall you have a nice image. I find it a little confusing that the light bulbs are darker than the light being cast on the horses and bench. But, if this is your final image, don’t forget to post it in the final images thread.


Hiiiiiiiiii all
Here’s my update:):):):):):):):slight_smile:


hi everyone! i see lot of good images in here.
and heres my atttempt for bright night.
the wheel is not physically correct (motion blur). my animation skills are pretty basic.
i still have to spend more time on the wheel.
done in max,vray,AE,CS3


@coolayan- awesome!:buttrock: one thing I feel that the man could have been a little bigger. this is justa small thing an i’am sure that you can take care of it. Top notch stuff. You can try to add a little specularity to the road, just a though.


Hi everyone,
here’s an update for the yellow balloons at the center of the image which seems to be the last point that I had to correct. The last one until the next comments I presume but well…we do have until the end of the month. So any C&C are welcome.

Photobucket resize


@ fredduck - you have a nice entry here… like the composiiton


ok got some times to participate
heres the camera angle studies

lights.atmosphere studies


/first post
//the Gordon Willis approach…


Thank kanooshka give me feedback! I have made changes, this is what I do the second version, adds motion blur and depth of field. Welcome to the recommendations.


[font=Arial]Seriously awsome pics in here!
I know some photography and I’m just like :drool:
[/font] [font=Arial]I’m not even gonna try this.[/font]


Oh my god… amazing works!


Thank you very much for all the comments. Lately I have little time to review the forum and it takes too long to write the messages, but next week I’ll have more time and I would like to discuss things about the fantastic work you have exhibited here.

This is the current state of the scene. I am still in process of adding a little sun between the clouds as kanooshka recommended me because I have dedicated all the time to texturing and shaping. The truth is that the environment has changed considerably and may be lost part of the atmosphere it had before.

You can also view the latest version of my animation