Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (WIP)


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge. You can continue working on the scene and post here for feedback but your images will not be considered for entry into a gallery

          This challenge features a carnival scene. The deadline for this challenge was [b]April 30th, 2010[/b]. 

Your objective is to create one or more images from these themes:

              • Bright Night
          • Child's Fantasy    
         • Abandoned
              • Tale of Horror
          The scene was modeled by Dan Konieczka so please credit them if you post renderings on your website or place any work on your reel. Here's a quick render of the scene:
         The scene is available here, if anyone has more file formats they've converted, please PM me:



      Posting your work earlier as a reply in this thread is suggested so you can get feedback. Feel free to share any info about you software and/or techniques.
          As always any changes to the scene are allowed as well as any lighting and rendering techniques. If loading the FBX or OBJ you will most likely need to adjust you camera's far clip plane.
    Happy lighting!


Welp I know what I am doing today!

This looks real fun!


Agreed! Looks like a great time, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be at it for more than just today. :wink:


I guess I’m in… difficult one and good choice


:eek: omg! omg! So exciting! :bounce:. Awesome models. Thank you kanooshka


Will Give it a Shot… :thumbsup:


i’m on it!! :buttrock:


cant open the scene in max … guess its to heavy on my system… :shrug: really wanted to try…


Its pure white but already looking fun. This will be a good way to learn mental ray


Looks like a great scene, looking forward lighting it!


but I’m pretty sure I’ll be at it for more than just today.

ahahhaha for sure!


hey kanooshka…congrats. just found out jeremy is leaving …been insanely busy for a while.
saw this in my email. hope i can play again…glad you are in…i think we still need to get together and have a beer with JB. happy new year to everyone…


Anyone else having the same issue? The scene isn’t too intensive, only 267,000 polygons.


Nice to hear from you. Definitely need to get together, who knows when I’ll be on the west coast.


cannot miss this one!


Here’s some helpful refs for everyone…

enjoy lighting…


just downloaded the fbx file…looks fine …few normals are inverted. nothing major…definetly not a memory issue.


This looks like it’ll be a great challenge!

I love the look of fairs at night:



Great choice of scene, I’m excited. Count me in!


wow! this is huge! will definetly join this one! thanks kanooshka for taking over the challenge!

@jeremy thank you for your inputs/suggestions over the challenges it has been very helpful to me.
goodluck to you and your family! hope hear more from you soon!