Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (Final Images)


This is my first challenge entry. Thank you all, it has been fun.


Hey Guys

This is my 1st challenge and I had little time to complete it because of work :frowning: Great challenge, was a blast doing it.
Any comments would be amazing.







This is first time i’m attending any online competition and the Lighting Challenge is my first attemp.
Here is my Final Presentation… :):):):):slight_smile:

[left]Even Large Image


This is my final image for lighting challenge(The Carnival)


My final entries -


If I understand well the rules, I can put more than one picture if they differ, but I have not clear whether they can be several versions of the same. In my case I have different lighting conditions. If there is any problem, could leave just one.

I opted for abandoned scene, but with different wether conditions.

I’m also doing an animation, but for different reasons I could not do much in recent weeks. This is thevideo of the latest version so far.

Edited: I want to thank all who have helped improve the scene and all participants who have inspired me. It is the first time I have participated and have not had all the time that it wished to dedicate to the forum. Special thanks to Dan Koniezka for everything.


This is the first time that I’m participating in the lighting challenge, it was really amazing experience working on it. I had great time and i enjoyed working on the scene. All the entries are really good some of them are really inspirational. Dan Konieczka have done an amazing job of creating such an beautiful model.

A hearty thanks to all who commented on my post they were really helpful.

My Final Entries :-

High Res

High Res


Here’s my version of “Bright Night”



Maya, mentalray, Photoshop


Maya, mentalray, Photoshop


Here is my final image. This is my first time competing in one of these challenges.

High Res


Hello Everyone,

Finally the contest ends…:slight_smile:
everybody’s done a gr8 job ,truely. Here’s my Final entry…!


my entry - coming of the storm


Great challenge and great images everyone! Here is my entry. Thank you to Dan for the great model and thanks to everyone that gave me feedback and helped me on the way.

Please click the link for the high resolution

The Carnival Final Entry



Maya, mentalray (though I’m not impressed with mentalray’s Depth of Field results)


Great work everyone!

I have just looked through at all of these, and at Dan’s request, I have sent him some feedback on which he might put into the gallery.



Great work all around!

Thanks to Jeremy for his judging on this contest. I’ll try to get the gallery put together as soon as I can. I look forward to revealing the next challenge!