Lighting Challenge #22: The Carnival (Final Images)


Edit: this is an old challenge now and this thread has been archived. If you would like to download the models please go to the vault thread
This thread is for final image submission for Challenge #22 The Carnival. The deadline for this challenge is April 30th, 2010

            Since this thread is what the judge will pick from I'd like to keep this thread very clean, so here are some rules I'd like to set:

[li]Please post final images only, if you make changes you can edit your post.[/li][li]Try not to fill this thread with too much feedback, that’s what the WIP thread is for.[/li][li]You can post more than one image, but please don’t post the same image more than once.[/li][li]Post final images by replying to this thread.[/li][/ul]Enjoy!



heres my first challenge post
Critics and Comments are most welcome…



This is my first image. Still working on it.


Full size image


#22 The Carnival …


this thread is for FINAL image i guess :wink: as it is WRITTEN ! comments, crits and WIP on the other thread I guess


CG Talk Lighting Challenge#22


Final image


This is my first time that I participate in a challenge, And is my 2nd post


This are my entries.


Thank you for suggestions, hope you like


hi everyone!

heres my final rendering of my scene.

thanks to everyone who helped me by giving comments and suggestions.

goodluck to all!

here’s my WIP blog post for this challenge


My Entry for cgchallenge.

Maya + Fusion


This looks really nice. I like the whole look and feel to it. The lighting matches it really well.


This is a really cool image. I like the whole blur of the lights. It makes this image look believable. Nice.


Well, here’s my first official submission for any of the lighting challenges, and with any luck it won’t be my last. I really doubt it’ll do all that good, but I’ll never get out there if I don’t toss my work in with the big boys.

Textured and Lighted in 3D Studio Max, Depth of Field in photoshop.


This is my entry. :smiley:
I’ve done some touching up. Even after this challenge is over, if there are any critiques please tell me so I can improve further. Thank you all for the guidance.


I don’t think this is the place for giving critique!


great job gomes21


my favorite for the day light ver.