Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


Domenick - I really like your render, the lighting and shading is great, wish you had more time to finish it off.

Here’s mine. I did a combination of the themes of teen angst, glorious morning and winter. I ran out of time because I was going for Christmas, so I got about 3-4 days to work on this. I’d like to add a camera shader, play with the camera angle and focal length a bit more, texture everything, fix up some shading issues, and play more with the sun angle. But, here is what I have for now.

Thanks guys.


I went into a romantic evening mood in this image, using mental ray in maya.


And this is the same shot with a night mood. Using mental ray in maya.


hola a todos

soy nuevo en esto pero espero sus consejos y su ayuda gracias…


hi all

I’m new to this but I hope his advice and help


Hi everyone!

I’d just like to say you have all done a great job, so well done everyone.

I haven’t done any post work so this image is straight out of Maya.

Here is my “final” image (wish I had more time over Christmas to do more on it):

Large 1080P version can be found here:

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the challenge Jeremy,
Domenick Simpson


Thanks for the the C&C Jeremy :slight_smile: lol I’m a little late, I got sidetracked but started fiddling with it again, if the thread isn’t archived in the next few days I’ll post something or maybe just make some blog entries or something.

I think everybody did a pretty bang up job on this one, I see a lot of really nice images here, grats to the lucky 20 :thumbsup:



I’m working my way through this huge thread viewing and reviewing entries. We should have this gallery on-line this weekend.



A shame I coudn’t do anything more for this challange, health problems :x, and I was just loving this challenge.

Great entries :slight_smile:



Great challenge indeed, can’t wait to see final choice.
Happy new year to all of you guys.


yess great challenge :thumbsup:


Sorry for being late, been really busy with work and family get togethers. Technically this is my first challenge where I turned in something. Made some color changes and am getting ready to Re-render. Hope its not too late.


hello all i notice some compression jpeg artifacts on my image on page 41 so i uploaded again same image without artifacts no more work done since then heres the link


[QUOTE] [QUOTE]hello ,everybody i upload my final render.(lighting and rendering by subhendu nayak)


Coming soon???:bounce:


I cant wait for the Final Choice. Good Luck All.


I know that its too late but i wanted to show it & hear your comments .
rendered with Maya & mental ray


Ya- great work KIDI

Here’s another version rendered with blender 2.5 alpha with a seafoam green Fender guitar.


Hello, nice to meet you !

I am new on CGtalk ad I am a french CG artist… so, sory for my bad english :slight_smile: I do my best :slight_smile:

Usualy I use Maya and Mental Ray for my job, but recently, I’be decided to try 3dsmax and Vray. For that, I’m training on ligntning challenge scenes, and this is my first challenge and my first picture with 3dsmax/vray…

This image is wip

thank you for your future comment :wink:

and happy new year !


Here’s another update of my Blender 2.5 alpha Render
Added a few more bounce lights and changed lighting mood