Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


I hope I made it on time.

Edited with Cinema4D R11
Render with Maxwell 1.71

God Bless


Many great final renders! Hope I’m not too late!

Thanks for your comments, Jeremy! Tried to realize your suggestions.


Happy new year!


My final version

3DS MAX 2009 + Vray

Happy New YEAR :applause:


This is my final version… I had much difficulty trying to get the floor texture of wood right so I had left it as is… you can barely see it anyway.

The rest of this - aside from the posters of course - as all RSL shaders.
Again lighting done in Blender, exported via Mosaic and rendered in Aqsis 1.6.0


Great. Another Cinema work here. Other than light from window it´s nice.
Some overexposure there.


dpendzich, it looks good. For the textures, could you try a brighter wall paper? One that has a simpler design?

psulli, the curtains look much better now. I guess with dof and motion blur it’ll look good.

bobbyrtaylor, I can’t really say anything about it. It is really good. And where did you get the picture on the first poster from the left? It looks really good. Like a classic.



I used Maya 2009 / Mentalray / Photoshop Thank you for Jeremy Birn for this Challenge

Happy new year…


Great images folks ! Lots of nice moods going on:)

  Final image for me (only had time for 1 this time around).

Rendered in Mental Ray, touch-ups done in photoshop.

By agahnim32 at 2009-12-31

  Happy new year to everyone!


This scene was modeled by David Vacek and lighting was done by Nicholas Zamot.

I used Maya and Mental Ray total time spent was about 6-8 hours including Render time.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get it uploaded Here are my two submits.


Here is my entry for the challnege. :slight_smile:
Link to high res: 1920x1080


[/b]Hey Jeremy, Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Lighting Challenge! :smiley:


hi jeremy,
thx for a nice lighting challenge.
here is my entry for the same…I’ve used low render settings as my current system does not allow me to use nice render settings, so here is the image. waiting for the comments from your side.


winter shot final!


Hello ahven

Thanks for the comment. I didn’t do any post work on this I wanted to but I was afraid that I would run out of time for posting my work here.

Thanks again and God Bless


Hello halfPintMike

Thank you also for your comment. Those paintings I found on the internet back in 2006 I don’t remember where.

It could have came from the link below I don’t remember.

Thanks again and God Bless


Hey Everyone,
Here is my final image, thank you all for the quick feedback, everyone did an awesome job!

Artist: Daniel Pendzich
Software: Maya 2008, Eyeon Fusion
Renderer: Mental Ray (volume light effects, ambient occlusion), Maya Software (everything else)
Lights Used: 3 volume lights for interior bounce light, 2 spots for direct sunlight from windows, 1 ambient light for a little bit of fill light
Render Time: 16m:27s


Hi everyone!
Thank for the comment about my picture, it was very usefull I change the ligth to be more winter mood. I aslo turned off the fog, it was making the shadow flat. This is my final render. I had like to upgrade it a bit, then the comment are welcome. I wish you a happy new year. And thank for the nice chalenge!


hi all

I’m new at this but the fact that jobs are are great
greetings to all forum


hi all

I’m new at this but the fact that jobs are are great
greetings to all forum


Okay, I had time to do one more. This one is IBL only, there are no lights in the scene.

Maya 2009, Mental Ray, FG and GI, Image Based Lighting only.

I hope it looks good here on the website, it looks nice on my monitor, but it seems things look darker on the website for some reason. Maybe it’s the JPG’ing?

Thanks for this, I had a really fun time doing these.


Yeah, thanks for the comment, Waters. I really like your image, BTW, very realistic-looking lighting.

Now that I look at my night image again, I think you’re right. If I had time, I’d soften up the background buildings in the street a little bit. The streetlight coming in I wanted to keep very minimal because my idea for the picture was to have almost all the light coming from the computer monitors. But yeah I can see what you’re saying. I thought about having more “moonlight” coming in just to give a little less contrast in the room itself, but I was going for pretty heavy contrast. As always with these things, if I had time, I’d keep tweaking forever and ever. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.