Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


this is my second post to 3d render lighting challenge i have tried to create Afraid of the Dark i hope you people will like it thanks.


thx, i havent enough experince to let him look realistic and i think if the character isnt as good as possible the rest of the scene switch to a bad position because a bad shaded character is a good eye catcher and the viewer will first notice the bad character.


Hi every one this is my final update


Here are all my final five renders. I have attempted all the five moods which were given by Mr.Birn. I dnt know how much I have succeeded in matching the moods, but still I have tried my level best ! Plzz leave your thoughts and comments !
I have used Maya mental ray for rendering and photoshop for compositing for all these five images.

Getting very excited for the final results ! :bounce:


Happy New Year Guys,

It’s been a great seasons for lighting challenge. Great job from everyone. Cant wait to see what’s next for new chapter of 2010.

@preetamsaha : Great job, that you able to nail all themes. I like the glorious morning the most.

@dhaposh : It’s great to see that it’s coming out very nice result with your theme.

@sumeetkaur : Have you checked the Maya’s Light Linking editor and make sure not just object that you linked? But also materials. Make sure your light is only link to one particular object and the material that corresponding with it. If the light still associates with all materials then it surely will illuminates the whole objects. Hope it helps

And here are my final updates for the deadline. Only able to score 2 themes. Enjoy. C and C are always welcome.



And here´s my final =)

For all of you, who don´t like the posters :smiley:
I´m still a Teenager (16), and i´d like to have Emma Watson hang over my bed :drool:
Reel Big Fish is also a “Must Have”, cause it´s my favourite band, and i also like Bob Marley and his poster =)
The Harry Potter poster… mmmmmhhh OK maybe not the best, but it´s enough for me :stuck_out_tongue:
So 3 of my 4 Posters would (/ are) hanging in my room, and i still like them :slight_smile:
And please say NOTHING ´bout the bed Cover, cause that´s my favourite Soccer Team ! :smiley:

Have a nice start in the new Year, and good luck to all ! :slight_smile:

PS.: Sorry 4 my English :slight_smile:


Great renders everyone. This is my final for now. More to come for my reel.

-Maya 2008, Mental Ray
-only lights, no fg or gi
-composited in shake


Winter mood


I had some time to play around with my night scene. A lot of the nuance in the previous version of this was lost by the time it goes to a JPG and then ends up on a website, so I went a bit farther with this one.

I added street geometry out the windows and lit it. Then I “turned on” the laptop and let its glow illuminate things as well. Then just did some other things to make the image “pop” more.

Still not sure if I should add a little more light to see more stuff on the floor. I like it really contrasty, but not sure (at this moment) how that will look on the internet. :slight_smile:

Any feedback appreciated.

I didn’t do any GI or FG in this one, I didn’t want any fill light. Also there’s no compositing of any kind, this is straight out of Mental Ray. Just wanted to add that. Oh yeah, also Maya 2009, Mental Ray.


Hi Jeremy
Thanks a stack for a great challenge, this has been my first time doing it and I have learnt a ton. This is my final render, I have tried to do all suggestions given by you and others. Was trying to render with fog light effect but it hasnt seemed to work, not too sure what I am doing wrong?
Thanks again and here is to a happy New Year for all!


This is the first time I participate in this forum.
Here is my final render. I make this room to look like a bedroom from a rock lover at night.
-Mental Ray

Hope to get lot of critiques and learn more form all of you.
Thank you!


This is my final image for “Glorious Morning”. Thank you to David Vacek for the model.


LiliJoburg - I like your image, I think the reflections on the poster could be less sharp, and I think a second light source wouldn’t hurt.

Inky99 - hey, your image looks great, very “alone in the dark.” I think the light coming in from the street could be softer. Also, the outside image looks to sharp to me, it would look nice if it was slightly out of focus. It also might look nice to have some of that street light spill into the room and light the furniture a bit, just to define some more shape.

dhaposh - I like your render, but I think it’s tough to have such a nice photograph sit in contrast with your foreground, it brings your work down I think.

here’s mine, nothing special:


I didn’t get to work on this project as much as I had wanted but I got a “Glorious Morning” render done.

Looking at everyone else’s work I see I am going to have to work hard to keep up :slight_smile: Everyone’s pictures are looking great.


Here is my finals job.

  1. Glorius Sunset

Link High Res.

Maya 2009
Mental Ray just direct lighting.

  1. UnderWater

Link High Res.

Maya 2009
Main Render: Renderman - Just Direct Lighting
Volumetric Effects (Fog and bubbles): Mental Ray

Thanks for everybody, and really thanks Jeremy Birn for all the advices that you share with us this year.

:buttrock: Happy New years for everybody and I hope too see everybody in the future challenge.

Great Jobs for everyone, I think that Jeremy has a difficult job to select the gallery images.

Eduardo R.


These are going to be my final shots for this challenge, some minor tweaks, it’s been
a good one.

Happy new year!


Hi! First time entering any of the lighting challenges, but I’m excited to get to post work with you guys. There is some amazing work posted here, and I’m glad to be a part of this. Here are my two renders for the bedroom scene using the “Morning Glory”.

Rendered in Maya with FG, with about a 4:30 minute render time, with AE being the program I used to composite with using an AO pass, and in theory a DoF pass. (although I think I broke it)

Thanks to David Vecek to modeling this scene, and I hope to get more than two days to work on the next one! Happy new year everyone!


Didn’t get to start on time due to the holidays and all :slight_smile:

But today I got to work on it and wanted to post a quick WIP of my light setup before the thread closes. I will have to finish on my own time as a personal piece but I would still love to get some feedback/crits.

Thank you.


Nice work everyone! This will be my final version of the shot. Been a pleasure to participate in this challenge.

Teen Angst:


Unfortunately being the holidays I was away for a little over a week. Here is quite possibly my final shot although I wish I had more time to work on it :frowning: