Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


Finally, for anyone using maya for archviz be sure to give this
kickass-shader a try, made my issues flew out the window, literally! :wink:


I posted my entry in a rush and didn’t get to thank Jeremy, David and David! Thanks Jeremy for hosting the challenges. I’m overwhelmed by all the entries and still trying to read through every post…can’t imagine how Jeremy does this. Thanks to David and David for the great model. I love the character’s shader in the original film…can’t wait to see the final piece. :thumbsup:

I’m only at page 12 of this challenge and have already learned a lot from every single post. Thanks to everyone who entered their work. I’d like to do more work on my entry but it won’t be before the deadline. And I will definitely start my next challenge earlier to participate in the wip and critiques more.


preetamsaha - your glorious morning image was nicely done!

jaimevives - thanks man! i like your image too! those godrays are amazing! one thing tho, on the lower right corner of the image kindov weirds me out… is it because of the missing UV maps?

dpendzich - good work! the reflection o the floor could use a little blurring tho. :slight_smile:

ipranawake - great looking image!

psulli - intresting version of the room. i like the concept. i think your scene needs more contact shadows, perhaps an occlusion pass? another thing that diagonal thing on the bed, is that shadow coming from the curtain?

JesseNelson - nice and clean lighting! love the teture on the floor!

MODOX - i dunno about teenage angst but that is some scary picture! :slight_smile:

Osky - my pleasure! :slight_smile:

Inky99 - very nice image… very romantic sunset indeed!

Louis-Philippe - nice update. give your image a little more contrast. maybe some occlusion too.

genaf1 - amazing lighting!


@NAYAK33: Nice floor texture and I like the green colors you have in the scene. One thing I feel a bit off is the composition. The left top corner is very heavy for the strong contrast and the bright sun light while the right bottom of the image is pretty much a dead space. Having some specular highlight on the blind would be nice. I probably need to add that in mine, too.

@dpendzich: I love your lighting. the glowy beams and the bright spots are beautiful. The drink bottle is standing out a bit since its pretty opaque. I think the checked pattern on the blanket is kind of distracting. There are a lot of strong patterns in the scene like the wall paper, the shadows of the blinds, the pillow, the bed sheet and the blanket. The textures make it a bit too busy.


Great last minute final entries showing up.
Here’s my glorious mid-morning and a moonlit afraid-of-the-dark versions to go with the recent Blue Moon occurrence.

I was thinking that a glorious morning version should include some volumetric lighting, sun rays but I could not get this to work in Luxrender in the current version.
And I think an afraid of the dark version should include some incandescent lighting but I thought a moonlit version seemed a bit more scary to me especially considering the double full blue moon recently.


Hey Everyone,
Thanks for your feedback, I agree with everything that has been said and it’s helped me out a bunch.

Here is my updated image.

halfpintmike, I took your advice and gave my floor a bit more rougher appearance with less reflection, and also separated the cabinet with the poster on it from the wall so that the occlusion would come out more. You were right, the geometry of the cabinet was intersecting through the wall haha.

nan1203, I agree that the textures are a bit busy, I simplified the pillow and the bed sheet textures. Do you think I should toss out the wallpaper as well? I’ll see what I can do about that water bottle in a bit.

Artist: Daniel Pendzich
Software: Maya 2008, Eyeon Fusion
Renderer: Mental Ray (volume light effects, ambient occlusion), Maya Software (everything else)
Lights Used: 3 volume lights for interior bounce light, 2 spots for direct sunlight from windows, 1 ambient light for a little bit of fill light
Render Time: 16m:27s


here are my finals…

some extra shot… without postwork this is the raw render image

and the links to the full hd version:

thx for the challenge
thx for the comments


I like the way it is now. I don’t think you need to change the wallpaper. You got to keep your style in there, too. I actually think my textures are too plain after seeing yours. :wink:

Not sure if you know this but I’ll throw it out there anyways. If you put a ramp map on the transparency and drive it using the facing ratio of sampler info node you can get a pretty decent transparent shader for the bottle.


I think your light bulb on the ceiling needs to be very bright to make the entire room this bright.
The walls and floor looks uniformly bright which shouldn’t be the case. The brightest spot should be right under the lamp and the brightness should fade away as it goes up to the walls. This will help the second light(desk lamp) to stand out more.
The ceiling should get some indirect light bouncing from the floor and walls.
I can see “afraid of the dark” from the textures but not much from the lighting. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, here is my final, let me know what you think.


I rendered this using Maya, Mental Ray, Render Man for the Occulsion pass. I spent about 8 hours total on the shading. The lighting was a different story. I spent countless hours playing around with warm and cool lighting ideas. I decided to go this route. Enjoy!

Micah Brown


@herbertagudera- Thanks man for ur comment !

@Shordy- Why did u removed that character from ur scene ?? It was looking cool ! But still ur scene is looking very nice !


Here I am posting somewhat fine tuned and most probably my last version as I think today is the last day It’s been a great challenge so far.

                                                                                     Keep Lighting


Well this is my final image
Rendered with mental ray ,3ds max
post work in photoshop
Hope u like it


Hi, does any body know why I am not able to link my lights to the circled object above in the image.I am using Maya 8.5.
My lights were getting linked to this object before I didnt ungroup this object from its group from the outliner, because I wanted to link my light only to this particular(circled) object and not all the objects in the group.
I have deleted history in the scene and introduced new lights in the scene and tried to link them to this object ,but did not not succed.I am going insane trying to figure out the reason.
Can somebody help me?



Here is my 4th pass! :slight_smile: I did a few more changes to this by adding an extra ambient pass that goes from magenta to purple to give the room a warmer feel, and tweaked the other lights, and layers.


I have used Maya 2009,Mental ray and photoshop …


I Rendered this Image in Maya --> Software Render
and in this i have used 9 lights


hi all
this is my final post for bedroom challenge
I Have made this image with MAYA 2009 / Mentalray / Photoshop cs4,
Ambient Occlusion with Maya Shaders (Lambert,Blinn, Phong…); no FG and GI

Thank u Jeremy Birn for this interestic and fun opportunities.
I hope u enjoy it

bye bye


hi all
this is my final post for bedroom challenge
thank u Jeremy Birn for this interestic and fun opportunities.
thanks all have helped me for this challenge.
I hope u enjoy it

render: Maya 2009 Mental Ray
render time: about 12 min on intel i7 2,6 GHz, ram 6GB ddr3, resolution HD720
compositing: Fusion 5.2

I’ve used a phisical sun and sky lighting.
mia portal light for each window
an additional area ligh back of POV to increase the light
a separate light fog pass
glow added in comp

bye bye