Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


hi rajavijayaraman,

i love the style of your image “afraid of the dark” as I’m a fan of sin city.
its pretty cool man.nice cam angle.anyway i don’t like the first one bro.
keep up.


“afraid of the dark”
rendered by maya


heres my two lighting setup




This is my final version of render.

big size


Hello there, this is my next shot. I won’t be able to work with cg for a few weeks so I guess this is my final render. Not a very good one by my standards but I should say that I’ve learnt a lot with this challenge. Really thankful for it.

Here’s it. Critiques and comments are most welcome.

Wishing you all a happy new year,


[color=DarkRed][font=Century Gothic]Hi,jeremy after fixing all problem i upload my final image.I hope you and everyone like it. Now i am working another scene,this one i try to make something different…[/font]Lighting and texturing by subhendu nayak.[/color]


Hi everyone

 this is my updated image ; may me the final but still i m unable to give some fog effect ,can any body help me with : How to give fog from light in Maya mental ray ?
 waiting for your comments and critiques ![img][/img]

 Software : Maya 2009
 Renderer : Mental ray



Hi everyone.
I post a render with the dept of field, I hope you will have comment on it.

         I just saw they was a lots of image posting and there isn't a lots of comment on other image. It could be nice to pratice our eyes and to help each other to leave comment at each posting made. Even if some are not professionnal, we pass a lots of time on the image, then we forgot some evidence. Anyway, I will start with the last 3 post.

Destinylight I really like the painting texture at the corner and the crapy ambiance, but maybe your floor look too clean.

Nayak33 your soft ambiance is quite nice. At the bottom of the image, there is a line of light alone. I beleive it’s from the second window, but it’s a bit strange. Out of that, it’s a lovely render.

halfPintMike it’s a nice render, good job. Personnaly, I would had put the glossiness less rough but it’s only a small detail.

Then this is my image, you are welcome to comment on it.


So here’s my 2nd version, the “Romantic Sunset”. Maya 2009, Mental Ray, G.I., F.G. 3 spotlights, 2 MR area lights, three other Maya area lights. Comped in Photoshop.

Hope you like it, looking forward to any comments. Thanks.


“herbertagudera” thanks for showing some of your workflow, its nice to see how you went about the lighting.


Hi everyone heres my final entry for teenage angst

Programm Cinema 4D
Render VrayforC4d


Below is my final render with a bit of levels tweaked. First, though, some comments on a couple other recent images!

@Destinylight: you can use regular maya fog while rendering with mental ray; just select your light, go under “Light Effects” in the attribute editor, and hit the checker button next to the “light fog” box. You’ll have different settings to play with depending on which light you’re using. Hope that helps!

@Inky99: Nice mood! I feel like some of your colors are off, though, such as on the closet by the back window. The side illuminated by sunlight is more blue, while the side getting the bounced light is the warm yellow. It could just be your materials, but I’m not sure it fits with the image of a sunset you have outside the windows.

@Louis-Philippe: Nice DOF render! I’m not sure which mood you’re going for, but I feel like the light coming from the window could be a little brighter. The overall light levels in the room are pretty low. There aren’t really any areas too dark, there’s just not as much contrast between the darker and lighter.

@NAYAK33: I like the rays streaking across the posters and hitting the guitar. I think it really helps to direct your attention there (and of course the bright red material on the guitar helps as well). I think your composition could be improved a little though if the guitar is the focus. Maybe try cutting off some of the empty space on the floor and shifting the camera a little more to the left to put the guitar in a better position?

@Visua: I love your ultra-realistic render! One thing that’s throwing it off is the floor texture. It just feels too artificial, and I’m not quite sure if it’s the saturation of the texture compared to the rest of the room or that it’s too “cut off” where it meets the wall. Also, you seem to have an unmotivated hard shadow, at least in your last image, which is apparent under the bucket and green chair leg. Great stuff overall though!

My final render (UPDATED 12/30):

“Winter Mood”
Model: David Vacek
Lighting and Textures: Jesse Nelson


Hey all, here is an update. c&c please.


The plant was too green … so heres a one with less green plant … This is my final entry.


Hey Everyone,
I’m kind of jumping in on this one late, so I regret not being able to receive as much feedback as I had hoped for. Any critique is welcome, although this may be my final submission for the due date. Thanks

Artist: Daniel Pendzich
Software: Maya 2008, Eyeon Fusion
Renderer: Mental Ray (volume light effects, ambient occlusion), Maya Software (everything else)
Lights Used: 3 volume lights for interior bounce light, 2 spots for direct sunlight from windows, 1 ambient light for a little bit of fill light
Render Time: 16m:27s


Hi All:

 I'm new here, both to the forums and the challenges... in fact, I'm not at all in the same world as most of you, as I'm not a graphic artist nor want to be one (I'm not talented enough). But as a POV-Ray user, I somewhat feel challenged by the inclusion of the POV format on the challenge download page... ;) 
 First, thanks to Jeremy for this inspiring challenge: there are some terrific entries in this round. In general, the level here is very high, but I specially like the entries from visua, ipranawake, Herbert Agudera, texere, BrooksElliott, Timo Leucht and many others... there is a lot of creativity around here: keep up the great work you all!
 Second, I have to complain about the POV format offered: it is almost useless to any POV-Ray user. This kind of export is good when you are exporting the finished scene, with all the textures and lights in place, but it is really useless if you have to add them afterwards... so, just to show that with the right export format it could be done, I downloaded the OBJ format and exported it to POV-Ray with Poseray, wich creates a much more typing-friendly format for the typical POV-Ray user.
 As this was a lighting challenge, and I didn't want to use a modeller but just POV-Ray, I didn't touch any objects (not even created the missing UV mapping on some objects). 
 For the lighting, I used a sunlight, a bit of POV-Ray radiosity, and the classic "area-light-on-the-window-hole" trick. The textures aren't much worked, and the lack of UV mapping shows here and there.
 Let's see if I can still make some enhancements... if not, consider this my final entry in the "glorious morning" category (the rendering time is about 12 hours, so it will be difficult...).

P.S.: I’m sorry for not giving some feedback to others, but I was very busy this month, and I discovered the challenge a bit late, so I had just the time to create something for it. Also, I feel most of my comments or suggestions would be too general to be useful, as I don’t know much about anything 3D-related besides POV-Ray.


Hello everyone! Wanted to give these comments.
Louis-Philippe, thank you. But are you referring to the floors glossiness? And I really like the fore ground of your render. The texture on the table looks very real to me. But the edges of the book seems too sharp? I’ve never seen books with that sharp an edge. Maybe a little rounding up and some beating up? Even the new books that I buy have edges that are a bit beat up. And I think you need some more contrast for the rest of the scene and the same level of detail as that of the table.

psulli, yours is very good. Very unconventional. The curtain is sort of a put off though. They seem to be blown about in an unnatural way. And the mirror on the wall could perhaps do with a glint. And the grey bed sheet looks as if it were painted on the yellow mattress. Hope this helps.

JesseNelson, it looks very good. I like the way the light falls around and mingles with the sky light. But the light on the right next to the window looks too bright. Maybe, you can lower it’s intensity.

dpendzich, a pretty neat render. The colors are very good. Though I should say that the floor boards are very reflective. Could you make the reflection more rough? And the bright specs in your bedsheet are a bit distracting. Maybe it’s just my eyes. And could you add some occlusion on the strip of wall to the left of the diablo poster? It might tie the cabinet together with the wall.

Yours sincerely,


halfPintMike vbmenu_register(“postmenu_6272834”, true);-Thank you. I actually don’t have the mirror glass part turned on, that is why it seems so dull, I probably will still have to add something. The blanket for sure needs to be roughed up just a little bit. For the curtains im just gonna add motion blur and with dof they may look better.


Thanx man! Yeah I’m aware of the harsh shadows, that’s because of mayas lack of
soft shadows in combination with ies-profiles, I’ll try to remedy that if I can find the time.

Your image has a nice soft feel to it, I very much like the balance between warm and cold lights, try to lower the burn around that window and you’re all set!


Here is my brand new latest render ‘Glorious Morning’ ! & I am also uploading my previous render ‘Teenage Angst’ with some minor changes done in compositing.
I’m using Maya mental ray for rendering and photoshop for compositing !