Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


This challenge is really coolest so far, every entry I see is mind blowing. I know that I don’t stand a chance in this one but I really enjoyed playing with this scene and composite it. Here is another go at it


hi guys…this is my first post fr this challenge and WIP…modeled by David vacek …textured by me…wanted to go for Afternoon look…will soon be posting all moods n looks required…this is a scanline render, took 13 lights, render time 31 seconds, software used 3ds Max 2009…Texturing is little bit random here…please post comments…


Here is my last image for this challenge

Rendered with mental ray in maya

color correction and compostting in photoshop

pls click this link for full size image

Good luck to everyone
thanks jeremy for this challenge


Hi everyone heres my final entry for teenage angst
rendered in 3d max&vray, postwork in photoshop
your comments and critics are welcome

Goodluck Everyone and Happy Holidays :slight_smile:


Afraid of the dark

glorious morning

Both textured and rendered with Modo401 …

C&C welcum…

Nikhil D


And a second shot:


Hi, friends I am keep on trying to improve my lighting in this challenge in addition to that what I have posted previously I updated some of the image I really learnt a lot from this challenge all the artist who Participated in this challenge done a great job I mean each
and every Image is really different form each Other so each image make us learn some
thing new so its great experience gained here thanks.


hi thr…great Renders out here…model by david vacek…heres my update…made some changes…like composition in photoshop…n big change from previous image of chair,box, thrash, etc not touching d ground…came to no only after occlusion pass…my bad …as was in hurry to complete in deadline … coments r welcome…thanku


pls guide…wats d best method to get an occlusion pass for a room …as ambient light does nt get in n leaves d room in dark…for this current image i had to delete the side walls n ceiling bt not d ground to get d occlusion passs …i am using 3d max 2009…thanku in advance


It’s been a busy last couple weeks for me at the studio but I’ve been keeping an eye on everyone’s progress! You’re all doing great! Keep it up!

I restarted this piece this morning and limited myself to light this shot in 2-3 hrs. The focus was speed since I will be lighting over 100 shots for my short film.

The render time without GI and FG is 1 minute and 28 seconds. With it on, it takes about 9 minutes to render a frame. I’m doing my best to control the render times since there will be thousands of frames to render on a short.

Any advice on improving the lighting in this scene would be appreciated :slight_smile:

PS. Does anyone know how to make it look like god rays coming through the window in Maya?


EVH5150 - thanks for the comments. I worked on reducing noise in my latest version.
Luxrender is relatively new and I am relatively new at using it so I am not the best person for info on how fast it is. My impression is that it is very slow using bidirectional unbiased settings, but for other render models it is relatively fast. I would recommend using distributed path in the future.
Luxrender is really a very configurable unbiased renderer and as such it is difficult to configure for optimal performance time wise and doubly so since documentation is scarce at best.
Testing different render settings is required for every render and type of light and understanding the different render types without adequate documentation is a time consuming effort even with several forums available.
I used several portals, area lights, and point lights for fill. The mirror created excessive fireflies which I thought were due to noise but a lot of this was because of high reflective settings for material properties. under 0.8 is best I’ve found; defaults are too high.
Volumetric lighting wasn’t working for bidirectional renders…


Another try to this amazing challenge

thanks Jeremy :thumbsup:

Software : 3ds max and vray


Hi guys, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. :buttrock:

This challenge has been stunning. What a challenge to wrap up 2009.

Hope I can squeezed in one more theme for this challenge. It’s a winter mood theme. Hope you guys like it. C&C are definitely welcome…



Here’s mine. Not done yet.

@Donny. I like your piece. nice mood!


Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile:


brookselliot: Much oblige :wink:

Trying to squeeze in a “glorious morning” as well:


Alll C&C Well come.
Still working on it.may be I’ll look forward to put some realistic hair.



i am working on image ; but m unable upload the big image , so can any one help me

to “how to upload Big image” and on more thing is how to generate light fog in maya mental ray

                   thanks in advanced

                                                                                       ALL THE BEST !


very nice texturing! i think more contact shadows would help especially under the computer table. aside from that it looks great!