Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


rendered with modo 401 .. with GI  

Comments and critics are welcome…
waiting… :slight_smile:

Nikhil D


Hey DanAvery thanks;)


This is my last picture for the theme “glorious morning”.
I used InteriCAD.
comments and critics are welcome ! Greetings from France and Merry XMas :beer:




This is my final entry…


Finally, I get around to do my first lighting challenge. Here’s my entry for Glorious Morning. Maya, mental ray and after effects are used. I’m still fairly new to lighting and rendering. Any critique will help and is welcome! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


hello all… alot of great renders on this challenge congratulations everyone… heres my late entry thx to jeremy for pointing me to use the fbx file it work great… my first intention was a winter mood with a 3500K color temp on the lights im using gi and colorbleeding on this and all maya lights except spotlights, one each and 3 area lights … got some problem that i could not fix yet like edges here and thre like near the closet wall red sign could be related to occ or gi i render out some passes for final update maybe and i fix some textures that are not holding in full hd…


i am new to this challenge…and new to this forum…i will try to post my image before d dead line ie 31dec2009…thanks Mr.Jeremy Brin for this great challenge and all those people here who r helpin everyone…thanks again


@ leotril check the samples the area near the heater looks a bit noisy (if you are using vray add the subdivision) and also the material of the cup give some thickness or add refraction index. Very good work
this is one of the best challenge so far… why are we not getting plugged ???


Here is my new update of ‘Teenage Angst’ with some corrections !




Hi,I had been lighting this scene in Maya 8.5. My lights were finely showing up in renders. But after introducing some more lights in the scene, I noticed my spotlight refussed to follow the light linking command on the wall.

As soon as I click ‘on’ the ‘illuminate by default’ for this spotlight, my spotlight starts throwing light in the scene.

But as soon as I click ‘illuminate by default’ ‘off’,and link my spot light to the wall
(Rendering>Lighting/shading>Make lights link), my spotlight doesnt illuminate the wall.

I even tried to link a new point light to the wall by 'illuminate by default off ’ and my wall didnt get illuminated. The UVs for the wall have been laid down properly.

If somebody could help me with my light linking problem, I would be very thankful.:slight_smile:


sumeetkaur vbmenu_register(“postmenu_6269102”, true);-Hey I have run into that problem before… my example was: have lights in groups linked to geometry groups. If u have anything like that, then i try removing the lights from the groups and redoing the light linking, also i ended up having to ungroup all of my geometry and lights to fix the problem. Also once the groups are gone, delete history on items that u can.vbmenu_register(“postmenu_6269102”, true);


Thanks a lot psulli, I did as you have said and my light got linked to the wall. It was the grouping problem.:slight_smile:


@jojo… thanks for the info … i think the noise on the heater its cause by the raytrace shadows samples ill increase that and also try to add refraction into that cup… im using renderman by the way ur right wer not getting plug since forever…


Still in progress.
Modeled by David Tousek


@BrunoT: I love your color scheme for the room, I definitely wouldn’t mind living there! The computer/monitor texture is coming out strange on the front side. Also, the area under the desk seems too bright, and I think the guitar and objects under the bed could use some more occlusion to keep them from “floating” so much.

@rajavijayaraman: nice job on the Film Noir one! Nice angle and I really like the highlights on the ceiling light. I’m not too sure about the specular highlights on the bed though, they’re making the sheets look more like plastic. Some large areas of the room really disappear into the dark as well; I wonder what a little more fill light would look like?

@Vlada3d: real nice winter mood going on in yours. It does seem a bit on the dark side to me; I might try adding some more fill lights where light might be bouncing around…not everywhere, but some strategic places like the wall space between the top of the desk and the window, and the floor area around the heater under the far window. Just places that might be getting some more nice soft bounced light. The chair needs some sort of occlusion to keep it grounded, too.

Good job everyone, there are some cool entries here!


Hi guys,
Nice works everybody there is a lot of variety in Everyones work this time.Great work everyone This time my color scheme and look I wanted to achieve were a bit different and I am working on the composition that came to my mind when I saw this challenge and BG still not happy with the look but I don’t know how long will it take to finish as busy with my work as well so this is my entry before deadline I will keep posting the progress,Done in maya tried using some FG algorithms for the first time in lighting challenge(I don’t usually prefer to use such algorithms much love to create lighting manually).


sorry, Forgot to mention this that the human model I have used is not modeled or rigged by me I had it ready made May be downloaded from net so,pls if someone recognize it tell me I would want to give his name in credits.


These are my favorites so far but I like everyone’s take on this challenge…
In no particular order…

ipranawake - up
Probably the best artistic lighting and use of color so far

shordy - bear bottles
Best creative idea and excellent realistic lighting and textures.

annkos - puppy sketch
Nice bright winter mood with excellent use of poster graphics and lighting setup.

visua - winter windows
Very nice winter mood and excellent use of appropriate exterior background and lighting match.

Fex - realistic
Very realistic version.

ArthurStaschyk - indigo render
I think the most realistic lighting setup and great use of poster color and contrast combinations.


This is my final render. Maya, mental ray with Area Lights and PS for color correction.
Grate jobs everybody.
Thank you