Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


many images here are just scanline rendering.i saw many nice maya mental ray images


this challenge is so cool, can’t stop updating, here is another one :
As an architect, I’m evaluating a brand new software for modeling and rendering, it would be nice and useful for comparaison if everybody precise its rendering time :beer:


congratulations. nice render, missing only eddy in person.
just a detail:
the liquid in the bottle fall is wrong…


Hi folks,
I am late but I hope this challenge will last until the New Year!
Great renderings from all of you so far!
Here is a first Test. I will tweak it and add some missing textures!
I have recognized some Dream Theater fans here! Greetings!!


hi guys!
this is my second update
retextured the floor and the bed
textured chair, desk and cupboard.
in compositing I’ve changed lil bit the color correction and increased the glow from window.
what do you think?



Merry Chrismas everyone!
I had seen I havn’t been the only one to work on it over xmas vacation.

EVH5150: You image look good, but maybe I would decrase the volume fog a little bit.

Thank for the comment abnout my last render. For Osky, the normal of the sheld was inversed, but I still put some shadow over with a negative light. And I tryed for the bottle, to put it transparent, but as soon I put some IR, it’s go black, I have to sort it out. And thank to herbertagudera, I didn’t done it for the DoF, but I will do on the next render!

Then this is my newest render, feel free to tell if ever you got some idea. I will comeback after Xmas to continue.


hi everyone this is my last post to cg-talk lighting challenge i made some correction to some images and wishing all of you a merry Christmas and happy new year enjoy…


Hi everyone
This is my first challenge work here, rendering by mentalray (in 3DSMax)



Ok guys!
here is my very final render for this challenge. :buttrock:
sorry for the last render i’ve posted, wrong image…

Maya 2008
Mental Ray
No Final Gather / No Global Illumination
Vue 7 for the background
Photoshop and Fusion for postwork

Enjoy !


Hi guys,
This is my first challenge since a half-completed one waaay back when they first started…I really enjoyed working on this, and want to say thanks especially to Jeremy and also everyone else who help make this happen.

I’m going for the Winter Mood on this one. I tried to build in a more desaturated, wintery feel to the right side with the lamp bringing warmth into the image. I think it’s still missing something, but as I’ve got a week in the challenge left I’m going to let it sit a few days and come back to it. Suggestions and critiques are more than welcome! Rendered with Mental Ray in Maya in about 30 minutes on a fairly slow laptop; FG on, one Area Light, a couple points and about 10 spot lights.

Thanks for looking!


Every one is doing a great job.My latest Update…

Glorious morning (Retro)

Afraid of the dark (Film Noir - Sincity)

Comments and Suggestions Welcome


here’s a luxrender version out of blender. My first luxrender so please be kind…

and a moonlit version sort of scary


Here is my final image. Cheers


hi guys.
This is my final image for the theme “glorious morning”.
I used 3ds max and v ray.

This is the first time i participating jermy’s lighing challenge.
so I would like to hear some feedback from jeremy. thanks.


Heres my update wit hlittle more colorized plant … And with a little post work.


@ Louis-Philippe
thnx 4 comment
I think your image need DOF, and I don’t understand what’s the noise on backgroud?
texture or render engine setting?

as start are very nice render, try to decrease noise, I’m sorry but I nevere used luxrender and I don’t know how to help u.
is it a progressive render engine?like Fprime or Maxwell?
perhaps, it’s simply necessary leave to work the engine.
a little question:
is luxrender fast? how many time has work to render your image?

hey! your “Afraid of the dark” image is very cool!
I like too much the camera!
I appreciate the Sin City style!



Tools:Autodesk maya,mentlalray(Have used AO,no FG,GI)



I think these are the last I’ll be able to do before the challenge ends. It was fun and I’m still getting ideas I want to try later. Great challenge to give us an every day setting to explore. So much you can do with it once you slow down and really look.

Glorious Morning

Afraid of the Dark


Hi Neel,

I really like the last one with the malevolent toys. A great idea and you executed it well. The tipped over lamp on the floor is a fine touch.