Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


another render with a warmer atmosphere :


Hello guys


Hi everyone this is my second update for glorious morning, done almost every texture expect the book in the table will do it later… plz give ur valuable comment and help me to make it better… :wip:


OOOOps forgot the image … here it is


Hello everyone !! I was thinking about that theme ‘Teenage Angst’ for quite some days, and nothing was coming in my mind. But still I have attempted it.
So here is my latest render ‘Teenage Angst’ with my previous renders ‘Romantic Sunset’, ‘Winter Mood’ & ‘Afraid in Dark’ :-

Guys ! Plzz give your suggestions and opinions on my images, I really need some help !!


“Winter Mood”
this is my final piece for this challenge, though i want to add more details to it


Software 3DS Max, Mental Ray, Photoshop


Thanks a lot Visua! Yes it has some issues but no time for more! By the way you make the greatest images in the challenge!!Congrats!


@ visua
which renderer did you use, can you give some hint about how you obtained the flashphoto “effect”.
Thanks in advance


great images guys! heres an update on my teenage angst scene. with the christmas holidays i’m calling this update my final image for this version. together with the update is my sunset winter version. happy holidays everyone! :beer:

view on black background

view on black background


Thanx guys!

@annkos: What can I say, I’m honored :wink:
“By the way you make the greatest images in the challenge!!Congrats!”

Regarding the setup for the flashphoto-effect, it’s pretty much identical to
this one:

Tools of the trade: Maya/Mental ray.



hi everyone here i tried afraid of the dark i hope you would like it thanks.


Hey Guys, this is my final entry. Tried to work a bit further on it based on the critics so i put more stuff on the right side of the image (skateboard,stickers,aso) thanks goes @visua for pointing me in this direction. Overall im pretty happy with it now hope you like it too. Btw i used max2009, vray 1.5 and nuke 5.1 + sapphire plugins. Thanks again for this fun challenge and all your comments and help. Greetz


Hi here !
It is my final update, with chrismas i have no time to work on it…
I have partially completed my objective : No Final Gather and No Global Illumination… Only direct Lighting :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve used Maya 2008, Mental Ray, Photoshop, Fusion.
Thanks all for greats advice ! i’ve learn so much here :wink:

C&C Welcome!


This is my first challenge work in CGS, lighting in maya ,rendering by mentalray
Hope you like it


I was going for late at night term paper meltdown. Textured and rendered in Modo 4.0. I used four lights. One direct set to daylight at 22:00 12/18/2009 on the west coast. Two spots and one polnt fill.

This is my second challenge and all comments will be appreciated. Thanks.


there are some really awesome renders here. Im sorry i havent posted in ages. I hit a problem with severe artifacts in my renders. I was trying everything. i was able to narrow it down to the point lights for the candles. Realized then that points light when to close to geometry and that geo is glass, artifacts in the shadows.

As u can see i still have a few bad spots, I fix one spot causes problems in another. Hopefully ill have it solved and finish texturing soon… i hope.


hey everyone! I’ve been a little busy lately, but I wanted to at least get something together to post up here. Here is what I came up with…

lit and rendered in Max using Mental Ray. Mostly lit without GI added, but in the end decided to enable GI to get a bit of bounce light added in. Did a little in the way of touch-ups in photoshop. and that is about it.

Happy Holidays to all! :smiley:


New update

Maya 2009 + Mental ray ( without GI and FG )
with a little compositing in Ps


Hello Jeremy,

I pretty much started over. These are my old versions.

Here, I am working with Raytrace Shadows and FinalGather.


i love the feeling of the image.nice rendering.