Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


really nice image texere,
only other comment i would have to add to hebertagudera’s comments is that that i would like to see a little contact shadow where the edge of the window and wall meet. Also the fanta bottle on the floor either make it empty by hiding the liquid or actually make liquid that fits with the contour of the bottle which would be the side of the bottle when tipped over.


This could be my final update for this shot:


hi everyone
heheh a lot of archviz going on here :slight_smile:

here is my first attempt:


Nice Render visua


RazorJack - good start! keep going!

visua - awesome render! im not nit-picking or anything, the mouse looks like its floating… maybe a little more shadow/occlusion would help. other than that, your image is golden! :slight_smile:

Louis-Philippe - keep going! it would be really cool in your final render if you turn on DOF. :slight_smile:

ytsejam1976 - cool render! i like how you made that text function as a light source. but it draws too much attention that its kind of making the whole scene looks like just a background. :slight_smile: just a thought.


My first post. Winter Mood.



Hi all, great renders so far.

@xvariant : nice start. you already hit the mood well. just make direct shadow from the sun more softer and make shadings more variant to the objects like blurry reflections, translucency and highlights and it will be great.

@visua : :thumbsup:…cant say anything more…

@texere : great start. more shading improvement on the guitar, dumbells, bedsheets, pillows and the laptop would make your image better.

great job averyone…this been a great challenge!


Photoshop is so cool man. Really loving this compositing thing.
romantic sunset






Please give you view and criticise :bounce:


Thx for this great challenge, I’m kind of newbie here, some renders are so great :thumbsup:
here is mine, not finished, so comments are most welcomed :buttrock:


Still not fully textured up yet, still W.I.P. Been playing around with a few different angles. Any comments on preferred angles and any other comments would be good too.


here’s an update from me


I like the green wall very much =)
The renders are also great, but on your last pic, the rays aren´t that realistic :wink:
Anyway great renders ! :open_mouth:


@RazorJack- Nice, man, really cool. I suppose you are making the afraid of the dark theme because of the cat’s eye peeping under the bed and the closet. If that is so then I may suggest you to make the scene more dark or decrease the light coming from the door.
@jforrester- Really vibrant colours you have picked. Decrease the reflectivity of the monitor screen. I don’t really know a lot about fog’s natural behavior but I think they gradually die out. I may be wrong but the fog is looking way too uniform. I would suggest you to do some research.


Hey there, djprasun, I’ve been following your updates and they all look really good. And these are what I wanted to tell you. The floor boards near the bed seem to have a light source under it; The cracks are illuminated by a light source that I can’t fathom. And near the poster that has this hand thingy(I never knew what they were called), there is this streak of illumination. Are they reflective caustics? Then isn’t the light falling on the poster kind of weak to produce them? And for this, I’m not sure at all but it does not seem so to me. The bottle, it a bit too bright. Maybe it’s just my eyes though. But the overall effect is good. Well maybe I’m just picking nits when I say all this or perhaps, plain wrong!


@halfPintMike- Thanks man, I never noticed that. It may be because of photon that I didn’t calculate right or something like that, but thanks man, I really appreciate it.


This is my final.
Is not great render of ever, but is a render. :slight_smile:
Thank at all user get feedback
Thank to visua for the first and all others mans at work. :wink:
Have a good fantastic holidays and great new year.



here it is my final image!!I wish i have time for more!! It was a great challenge!!

By annkos



annkos: Nice clean rendering! A bit much abberation for my taste, and the obvious tiling of the clothingcabinet bugs me, it’s a nice image nevertheless!


Visua, you killing me… :buttrock:
Very good jobs all, i hope update my shot soon … :surprised