Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


Thank Jeremy
Thank you for the scene

Thema teenage angst
the first WIP … Cinema 4D + Vray


Inky99 - Thanks very much for the feedback, I added some warmth to the light, my logic had been as you had said: that the lamp would seem cool compared to the relative warmth of an early morning sun. But, I’ve gone warmer.

keep going, but will run out of time with Christmas coming.


Hi , I dont know whats exactly happening in my scene. I am using Maya 8.5.
But whenever I texture some of my objects by assigning jpg. files to their shaders they turn something like in the above image.
Usually I fece this problem with bevelled models and I go to
Create UVs- Automatic mapping
and hit W+ Enter.

But in this scene this is also not working for me.

And to my limited knowledge of MAYA , I am ignorant about the above options in Channel box which are appearing for each model in the scene. Has it something to do with my texturing problem.
If somebody could help me with this I would be very thankful.:slight_smile:


the textures problem is only a mapCHannel, try to set for example on uv textures editor a map1 and reaasign a automatic map o somthing like that.

The parameters on shape extra are only a override and dynamic attribute. Never problem to don’t set or manipulate it if you don’t know how works.




good render, I like it, but there are 2 things that I am not convinced:
first, the red sheet has too diffuse, it seem emit light
second, the lamp, is too strong relative the sunlight
are just my opinions.



thank you.
Yes the sheet emit light :slight_smile: i’m a additional color little up and i don’t know how to, i’m not set it. I’m adjust it.
For the lamp yes, i’m tweaking the ligh intensity.



Hi ,

this one is my first attempt  , while working on this
I have theme ' glorious morning " in my mind ,so is this really going towards it ?

i used following
Software : Maya
Renderer : Mental Ray

  this is  not the final scene  ; because still i am working on it !
    Thanks Jeremy , David vacek & David Tousek for providing the scene:thumbsup:

  open for all types of comments , critiques  and HAVE A G:):)D LUCK  TO ALL !


Here is the next update :slight_smile:


@MODOX. wowwww :slight_smile:


Hi Jeremy,

Here’s my WIP :slight_smile:


hi everybody and thanks to jeremy sir her is my img pls give ur comments on it so that i can develop myself

mental ray no fg and for fog i used photoshop

render time around 3 min

actually i am in a hurry so i left some objects with default shader and i left the background empty (it looks good if there is a bg there out at the window)


This scene is so cool. I can play with this forever.
Played around in photoshop




Hi every one, and thanks prasun, I really think about that


Hi, forum, this is my first entry. Rendered with Maya, Mental Ray using portal and area lights.
Excellent jobs all of you guys.:cool:

Thank you


Thank you so much ytsejam1976, I did as you suggested and my texturing problem got solved.:slight_smile:




SahaneNik - good start! i think your scene needs more contrast. add more gradation on your fill lights. like those farthest from the window should be darker?

texere - beautiful image! solid rendering! one thing tho, the inside of the cabinet should be darker? same things goes to the chair and underneath the table. good job!

dhaposh - great update! i think you should put another light to lighten those shadow under the bed. also your poster in the middle looks kindov flat. i think its because its too black…maybe adding specular should help. :slight_smile:

djprasun - that lomo effect is awesome…

stranger9 - good start! now try turning on shadows. :slight_smile:

MODOX - nice!


another one.


THere’s some mofo under the bed MAN!!! I had a laff.


Hi Jeremy and everyone. I post my first trial for the concours. I was looking for it before, but I got soo much homework to do. I choose a different point of view and there is still some texture I didn’t decide what to do with it, like the windows and the desk at the first plan. I need to fine a lots of texture and the ligthing, but I wanted to show something before Xmas. Then feel free to give feed back.

Have a good day!