Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


So i went for the romantic evening or moody sunset or however one wants to call it. You might find a tribute to “one letter off” if you watch closely :wink:
Just found some time after work to do it, there are as usual a lot of things i would like to improve, but to find the time… Comments / crits are very welcome, dunno if i will find the time to improve it further though. I would like to try some other moods too, so i hope to get back again to the scene as it is really nice to play with.


Best regards,


sushidelic - Beautiful! It’s great to see such as strong start already! For a really glorious morning look, you’d want a lot more color, and a lot more fill light from the sky. The sunlight would be warm (yellow, orange?), but there should also be soft fill light from the sky spilling in from all other angles, and the morning sky could be blue, pink, purple, nice colors contrasting with the sun. The poster paper and plant leaves should be translucent, not casting completely opaque shadows.

xX_eXiGe_Xx - Welcome! I think you need to focus on shaping in your fill light. If you didn’t have the sunbeams there, the area outside of the sunbeams looks very uniform to me, as if there were almost constant levels of ambient light through the room. Maybe the right side of the wall could be a nice gradient, getting dark in the corner and brighter towards the sunbeam? More saturated colors could help your fill light, too.

preetamsaha - What does Teenage Angst look like? You might just make it look like something from MTV, or maybe use lots of bold colors and black and attitude and show the mess and the guitar. Searching youtube, google images, and for teenage angst might help too, but only a little. You could start with a simpler emotion and make the scene dark and scary, or happy and sunny.



hi long time no see. I download this and have a try with teenage angst or afraif of the dark.

I was a angsty teen so no problem to understand. Playing drums, skateboarding inside the house all the fun…

Or both :slight_smile:


Nice challenge!
Hope I find the time to do more than one mood.
Good work to all!


@sushidelic- wow, :eek: , The textures is looking awesome.


Here’s my first attempt. Going for the glorious morning one. Am using blender with yafaray. This scene has only one light, the sun. Comments and critiques are most welcome!



new image … for sun light only …

i didn’t active anything in render settings … this is the lighting only …

CINEMA 4D R11.5 - Adobe Lightroom

the default render :rolleyes:


Well this is my first update. I’am really confused to whether to call it romantic sunset or glorious morning. But this is what I got so far.


i dont how to post my images in this thread i have jpeg formats of mine can anyone help me. it is asking to paste the url in the insert image option but actually it is in my pc only


i am in. Very nicely modeled. I am going for the morning one for now;)


just getting started on this one with 3DS Max and MR… i am trying to switch from “Maya + Renderman” to “3dS max + mr (or v-ray)”… so far … not much of luck … Maya’s approach is by far more intuitive … anyway we shall see at the end…
best of luck to everyone…


leevan - Great start on a soft, romantic mood. Maybe a few more highlights and reflections could put a little detail into the dark areas? The right inch or so is confusing to me, I’m not sure what’s being shown there.

tuffmutt1 - Great start! Work on getting warm bounce light from the bed up into the rest of the room, and try to get some color contrast with the cooler fill light from the sky coming in at other angles from the sunbeam.

djprasun - That’s great. You are close to a sunset, but maybe the sunlight could be alittle softer and warmer and not quite so bright on the bed, and the sky outside could be a gradient of deep blue and purple instead of such a bright white? A few reflections in places like the monitor screen and floor could help add color and variety.

NADERDES - Welcome! Keep going!

halfPintMike - Welcome! Try to turn down that ambient light (or maybe it’s global illumination — whatever’s washing out the unlit parts of the scene, turn it down.) If you focus on the light coming through the window, there can be a warm sublight in the morning, but also some blue and purple fill light from the sky. You have a little blue fill (probably a GI bounce from the sky outside) on the windowframe area now, but I think you should add some cooler, softer lights as part of your main illumination. You might do some renders with GI turned off until you have all the main lighting working, and then only turn on GI when you want the renderer to add some bounce light for you. There are some polygonal artifacts on the bed surfaces, maybe you just need to recompute normals or smoothing groups for that, and some light leaks around the edge of the window that need to be fixed.




great to see the scene being used in so many different ways. This is so inspiring, almost makes me wanna redesign the whole short film …

wanted to point out one forma thing: the modeling was NOT done by me, it was modeled by DAVID VACEK … I have designed the room so it looks this way as part of a production of my short film. So if anything, I would suggest to list David Vacek as a modeler, and maybe David Tousek as a designer (but i dont have to be involved) … that is just a technical point.

Here are the shots from the movie. The lighting was done very quickly, so i think i will want to participate in re-lighting the room … especially when it comes to texturing, which is the weakest area, i think.

Thank you. Wish all creativity and fun



Hello everyone ! This is my first attempt, & I have made this scene thinking of the theme called ‘Romantic Sunset’.

This is a Maya’s mental ray render !


thanks jeremy :slight_smile:

new one



I’m really new to this forum so I hope that I don’t mess up the dynamics of this thread.

This is my entry for the lighting Challange from

I did this entirely today. It was done with Mental Ray in Maya 2010 and post-processed in Photoshop CS3.

As you can see I didn’t bother too much for the texturing because I really wanted to experiment with light and try things that I hadn’t a chance to try before.

I hope to see more entries because the ones I’ve seen so far have some serious level!!

Well hope to see you arround.

Bye Bye!

Here is the image posted on my flickr!


my first rough try for a happy morning with houdini pbr and 4 arealights.
hope u like it


Jeremy, I’m not using depht map shadows or raytracing. Am I just ruining for myself when i’m actually going to USE shadows or GI or FG? I’ve only used depht map shadows on the sun though.

I had just 2 volume lights before to do the fill light of the entire room, they were blue. But now I use fill light with purple, pink/purple color and orange.

Does anyone know how many times a sunbeam light bounces? So far I’ve made it bounce only one time…


Afraid of the Dark

I have been inspired by the movie paranormal activity
It took me to do this about 6 hours
Maya-mental Ray
a simple composition

any c&c are welcome from any one
Thanks for this lovely scene



Good luck everyone!

I am in!