Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


hello all i notice some compression jpeg artifacts on my image on page 41 so i uploaded again same image without artifacts no more work done since then heres the link


[QUOTE] [QUOTE]hello ,everybody i upload my final render.(lighting and rendering by subhendu nayak)


Coming soon???:bounce:


I cant wait for the Final Choice. Good Luck All.


I know that its too late but i wanted to show it & hear your comments .
rendered with Maya & mental ray


Ya- great work KIDI

Here’s another version rendered with blender 2.5 alpha with a seafoam green Fender guitar.


Hello, nice to meet you !

I am new on CGtalk ad I am a french CG artist… so, sory for my bad english :slight_smile: I do my best :slight_smile:

Usualy I use Maya and Mental Ray for my job, but recently, I’be decided to try 3dsmax and Vray. For that, I’m training on ligntning challenge scenes, and this is my first challenge and my first picture with 3dsmax/vray…

This image is wip

thank you for your future comment :wink:

and happy new year !


Here’s another update of my Blender 2.5 alpha Render
Added a few more bounce lights and changed lighting mood



This is my first ever work for this contest i light this scene in last two days i know that the competition is over and i am late to submit my work but hope Jermy will consider it to correct me if i did something wrong in the image…


Asad Shaikh



I’m so glad to see that my patchwork material is so appreciated :slight_smile:



this is my first ever post on this thread hope you add my contribution on this competition i know i am already late …

High quality image link is listed below

Asad Shaikh


yes ! :slight_smile: I’ve used some materials from the Vray materials database :slight_smile: I didn’t know that’s your patchwork material, thanks for it !



Wow Asad, That looks really great. If you don’t get in to this competition you should definetly get involved with the next one!



hi this’s my first challenges in maya software render



Sadly I came too late for this challenge due to personal issues during this holidays but I’m very pleased with the results anyway…

Made in Blender 2.5 “Development” version… I took advantage of a new feature called AAO GI which calculates GI using Ambient Occlusion.

This feature doesn’t take Directional Occlusion or Bump Mapping into account so I had to do some clever work with Blender’s Compositing Nodes and Voila!

I hope you like it anyway.

Render time 50 minutes.


tuqueque - Nice render!
Its great to see other Blender Renders.
This really does look a lot like GI and even a bit like bidirectional path tracing for an unbiased renderer.
Not sure about your color choices but it looks great!


Hi Guys!
Congratulations everybody :applause:
Here is mine :



Great work, everyone! This challenge is now closed, although all the files will remain on-line for those who want to download them and try lighting the scene.

Going through the hundreds of entries was a lot of work, but I have made a web gallery showing some of the fine entries that were posted here:

As I mentioned last year, this was my last challenge as forum leader. There will be other lighting challenges, once another forum leader is appointed. I will remain active in these forums, so even though someone else will be organizing and running them in the future, I hope to be a part of future challenges as well.