Lighting Challenge #21: The Bedroom


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

Challenge #21 features a set used in a short film by David Tousek. The challenge is to light and render the scene to express AT LEAST ONE of the following feelings with the scene:

[li]glorious morning
[/li][li]teenage angst
[/li][li]afraid of the dark
[/li][li]winter mood
[/li][li]romantic sunset
[/li][/ul]It’s OK to do more than one (or even all) of these approaches. If Monet can spend a few years painting haystacks, you can spend a few weeks lighting this room to express different times and moods.

The deadline was December 31, 2009. A gallery of entries is on display here:


Even though this challenge is over, you can still download the 3D scene from this address, for your own personal use in lighting. This scene was modeled by David Vacek. Please credit him for the modeling if you post your renderings on your webpage or include a scene on your showreel.



thank you Mr. Birn. This is really exciting… :bounce: :bounce:


Thank Jeremy! Ah!, I only have a few days before i fly home for break :D, only have 10 days :D, I’ll try to give it a shot! Morning sounds nicee :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


thanks jeremy…this winter seems promising again…


Thanks. You have inspired and taught me so much. Looking forward to working on this.


Thanks Jeremy for your the efforts you made to give us a new challengue.

I’ll do my try too. Cool scene.


Nice ! Thank you for the scene, I’ll give it a try.there is many possible lighting !
have fun every one.


Great stuff, Im actually going to use Brazil Render engine for this one. I have to learn it sinse my new job has Brazil as main render so this is a really good opertunity for me to learn it!


Yeah, thank you Jeremy think im in for the first time too :slight_smile:


Wow-great idea! I don’t know if I’ll have much time-but this is something that sounds like a great learning experience (again!). Thanks so much for the idea!


hi,Jeremy Birn
I am new in this competition. i love to lighting this scene. but what can I change the position of the object ?..


Hi there, looks really good. Count me in. This will be my first challenge. Am using blender with yafaray and choosing the glorious morning theme. Really hoping to learn something about GI from this.

Good luck everyone!



I’m gonna try this one this weekend prior to reading your book. Pretty curious about what result I can get. I’ve done some scenes before but mainly outdoors and simple buildings.


thanks jeremy :slight_smile: the model so cool ! :slight_smile:

the first …

CINEMA 4D R11.5 - Adobe Lightroom

c&c welcome :slight_smile:


cool :buttrock:, i hope i can do more than one theme


Thanks a lot Mr.Birn ! The scene is really awesome & specially the themes are very interesting. But I didn’t understand properly the theme called ‘teenage angst’ !! Can you explain it for me a little bit ??


Well thanks again Jeremy, and Let’s work!!. :bounce:


As jeremy said

hope that answers your question


Great one, I am in !


Helo! Construktive critism from Jeremy is something I don’t want to miss. I hope i’ll stay here for a while, school sometimes tends to steal my freetime somehow.
I’m going for the glorious morning. Where I think i’ll use the color scheme of Yellow/Orange-ish, Blue and red-violet. These colors almost makes a triangle on the colorwheel, it doesn’t really make a perfect triangle, i hope i’m not doing it wrong when i’m picking colors. On google where i searched for ‘glorious sunset’ i saw those colors too…
I haven’t textured yet, but I think i’ll do it later. I’m using Maya software to render, I think i can convert it to Mental ray later when I’m happy enough. I’m to freaked out for using FG or GI, so i’ll skip them, is this alright or am i just being silly? Thanks