Lighting Challenge #20: The Shop Girls


So, is this challenge really over. I mean there is no announcement as such. Or is it that Jeremy is evaluating the images and its taking. I just restless to see the final gallery. Can anybody tell the estimate date when the gallery will be up. I am really impatient. :sad:


Hey Prasun…you stole my words…I am impatient too … I really want to know which are top 20 entries. looking at the gr8 outputs people have submitted I actually see no chance for my entry to be chosen for the gallery…yet there is a curiosity. :slight_smile:


I think I’m just excited as you guys. Jeremy is nice enough to volunteer his time and is very busy. We just have to be patient!


Plus its Halloween, go out and have some fun :thumbsup:


Agree with with you kanooshka…


you are right, man. I shouldn’t ask this stupid question. We really missed Mr. Birn in this challenge. Its just that the challenge has ended and I’m dying to see the final gallery. :blush:


Well, I guess someone has to say it.

I think Jeremy is disappointed with this challenge. I won’t put words in his mouth, but that is what I think.

If you see the last challenges, you will realize that the results are much better.

Maybe it is cynic from me to say this now and not contributing to it while it was happening


hi i am sivakumar my draft render


my software render give me some suggestion about the image it will helpful to me


@Yeminius- Your point of view might have been different, my friend. If you have attempted this challenge then you would realize how difficult this challenge was. No offence but you should realize that those who have attempted this challenge have went through hell to bring life in their scene, even with cartoony characters. I would say this is the most challenging scene yet, it is literally a ‘lighting challenge’. Quality differs from challenge to challenge. My favorite is the film noir challenge. But you should realize that this challenge is much tougher than it looks. Thats my point of view. I think everybody did a really good job. I don’t see why Mr. Birn will be disappointed.


Jeremy is just busy, I dont’ think disappointed. This ware really a huge challenge and it give a taste of what it means to completely light a scene. and It was also kept “simple” (simple character… do you ever thing what it does mean to make a “realistic” skin shader for characters ? do you have the idea that when you look at those fancy trailer in videogames it can keep 40 people busy for 3 months !) so just leave Jeremy rest a bit and we all have fun in next challenge.

One think that I dont’ share lately in the forum is the attitude about the “final gallery”. Even if this is a challege we all like being in a “workshop” where everyone does it’s work and share tips with other. I rather prefer think this as a class than a real competitive enviroment… but oh wll probably this is just my opinion. So dont’ focus on “the final gallery” just have fun and learn ! :slight_smile:

(my two cents)


@djprasun: By telling me I did good when I didn’t just because it was challenging, I will never EVER improve.

@jojo1975: One thing I think about that 40 people 100 months skin shader.
I think first you light the scene, then you worry about the shaders and glow flare glare and all that (which I love btw :bowdown: ). The challenge itself is about lighting, I think that’s the hardest part since you won’t have to worry writing complex shaders. Even with all in grey lambert with a good lighting it will look amazing.

And I think you are right about the workshop thing. You can not focus on the gallery, but instead learn a lot from the critiques. There is a lot of info around this thread, that is true.


I have also same opinion just what djprasun said. Really ! This challenge was much tougher than its looks, specially bringing a realism to the scene. I have also another point to comment that, this challenge was called “The Shop Girls”, and many of the participants have posted their images without those girls or any other models. I mean this changes the theme or main concept of the scene ! This can be done ?


I think it’s great. Maybe you could use some vignetting from the left to make the monitor not so uniform.


That’s great. I think you could make several lamps broken, and maybe tilt the camera. And something in the center, or close to it to stare at.


That’s terrific work!


I think the white light in the center is too white, maybe give ti some color. Yet I would cut th efill light from the sky a bit to make the image more contrasty. Either that that, a really impressive work.


I think you overdone it a bit. The stall (in the windows where goods are placed, sorry my english) lights looks a bit too bright to me… maybe you could make them in a subtle shade, so the audience watches characters mainly. The rims and key lights are of the same intensity, yet on both characters. Either make one of them brighter than the other, or make a 2-light setup, when the inverse-square falloff makes the closest rim beighter and further key darker. At least I would make rim lights a bit duller. Also your background spotlights have quite sharp falloff, which a bit distracts from the characters. Maybe you could use the shadow perspective principle by making distant shadows softer and closer (or more important) sharper. Either that that, it’s a good work with good lighting understanding.


Congratulations on a terrific challenge!

I have put up a gallery with a few great images from this thread:

This thread is locked, but as always, the 3D scene files remain available for download for anyone who wants to try lighting this scene.