Lighting Challenge #20: The Shop Girls


Hey guys is there any last minute changes you think i Should make b4 the dead line?

I got some in mind but wanna make sure i at least get this up , in case im late.

So consider this it unless i post another


Just in case I don’t make it, this is my final post.


Here’s my submission. I made some minor level adjustments from the last revision:

Thanks everyone for the fun challenge!!


Subtle changes,what you think?


Hi everyone. Good challenge. Good luck to all.
This is my final redner.

large pic


only maya light use…


this is my final render

this is my first online challenge.
i realy enjoy this challenge, i hope u all gays u also and last
Good luck to all.

i am using 3ds max, photoshop.

final render

lighting pass

specular pass

Diffuse pass

and thanx every one


Hello Everyone,
I know I have submitted my render a bit too late. But couldn’t help it as my desktop was not functioning since 2 weeks…had a tough time fixing the prob and I also had very little time left after that to work on the scene. I couldn’t give much time to it…hence I am not very happy with my output. but am glad I Tried.
kanooshka , Thank u so much for all your suggesstions . I’ve tried following them.
Everybody’s done a gr8 job.
I’ve used Maya ,Mental Ray for rendering, Direct lighting with Fg (no GI).

THank u so much Jeremmy Sir , for holding these contests. This was my first try…Hopefully I’ll do better next time. :slight_smile:


Here’s my final version.



just realized this finished today… too bad, so I couldn’t add much detail.

btw, lots of great stuff around here


Me too.i was meaning to get around to submitting earlier didn’t realize it finished today.another great challenge!


Very nice atmosphere u got there Patrick

seems like you had a good intention, with a bit more time I bet it would look kick ass


I think today is the deadline…thanks for everyones feedback. Still learning on many levels and I appreciate the critique.


Well since today is the deadline I guess I’ll show what I’ve got so far, unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish by today but I’m going to keep working on this because I really like the idea just other projects have bogged me down and will continue for the next several weeks.

Thanks everyone

This image has some adjustments in PS


hi all … great challenge :slight_smile: … i worked on this for a week on and off …i think in s getting there but not quite anyway … didn do any post straigh from render … about the setup im using spotlights with barn doors, depth map shadows so i could render this a bit faster, gi for bounce and soft blue fill light, dof with bokeh…

rendertime about and hour using renderman and maya on a q6600


My Final Entry No changes just posting as final image,I think today is the deadline I posted it well before, still wainting for mr.birn.well some great works posted in this challange and in such huge variety.

                                                                                                        Keep lighting[img][/img]


I’ve been following the progress of this challenge and learned from it, even though I didn’t send anything. I definitely want to participate in the next challenge!


wow, didn’t realize this was wrapping up. I made this test a bit ago to try a night time scene will some light coming from car headlights. I have a better version that hopefully I’ll have a chance to post. Not sure if I like this or my earlier attempts better.


added that barrel distortion someone suggested a while back.



Sorry for dropping in at the last moment. Was occupied with school projects and demo reel.
This is my latest render.

Just want to thank/congratulate all the artists for their contribution and efforts.

Thanks a ton Jeremy :slight_smile: