Lighting Challenge #20: The Shop Girls


Here is my finished render let me know what you think.


This is the final render. just added a bit rim light on the right arm, as the red exit is not strong enough to make a huge intensity. Thanks for all of you guys comments. Cheers !


hi everyone.This is my 1st lighting challange n im very exited about it.

i would like to request Mr Birn to kindly update my post as the closing date is on monday.

thanks everybody]([/IMG]


Hi @all,
after considering your advice, here is my next try. Thanks a lot.


Almost done…Any feedback would be appreciated


Hey folks…Almost done any last bits of advice is welcome…thank you


this is my new update


@coolarena- Change the colours, man. I don’t know if you purposely did it or not but try to bring about some shade in the scene. It’s very over lit scene at the moment.


Hello All, sorry I’m joining the post a bit late, but we still have a few more days!

coolarena, definitely bring in the shadows!

amtate, with your door slightly opened, somehow I’m expecting a character’s shadow or silhouette back there to add to the mysteriousness of your scene.

GW3D, I like your overall lighting. The brightly-lit foreground of your scene seems to steal a bit of focus from your characters. Do you think the lady can use a different color of clothing to bring back some attention, rather than blending into the scene with many similar dark elements?

sunhe, cool scene! The rim light is a nice touch. If the shooter stares at the other person, the tension would even be more pronounced. But that is more of a storytelling issue than lighting. Good job!

Voigg, if you push the top TV’s out from the shelf a bit more, it’s gonna anticipate more chaos! Nice job lighting the scene by exterior sources. That gives a real presence to the environment.

djprasun, it’s great that you are including the passes. Do you think toning down the side screens a tiny bit will give your main screen more attention? Nice DOF you’ve got there!

dhaposh, I think the composition will work better if your left character faces in toward the center, rather than being cropped off. Nice job on the display case. To add a bit of storytelling to the scene, how about adding a few big bags next to the character that’s waiting by the window?

kanooshka, I know it’s your final render, but just a suggestion if you have time later on. How about some soft indirect lighting from the counter table to bring in some accents to the bottom of your scene? Something like this: ?

I can’t wait to see the final gallery soon!!


Maya 8.5
Mental Ray with Final Gather

  • Occlusion pass

I’m afraid I have run out of time working on the characters. I was not aware of this challenge until really recently after a trip to Hokkaido, where I was inspired by a bakery there. That’s how I decided to participate in this challenge. Please send me suggestions! Thanks! I am hoping to go through one final tweak before deadline.


Hello, I had a great time doing this challenge, getting to see other peoples works, and getting feedback. I look forward to seeing what else people post. I decided to do 2 version, here they are:

This is the new version.

This is my other version, the older one.

Both images I used Maya (lighting, some modeling , and all procedural textures) and Shake (composite of beauty, AO, and zdepth (for DOF and color enhancements)

Thank You Jeremy and others for these challenges and support.



Hey Good work,I think you can control some of the burnouts in the image, and in the showcase there is light in sides but the top is dull so difficult to makeout light source, screen is looking clearly same and normel through Glass I think it will be affected by index of refraction and spotlights on the wall have too sharp of cone I think they can get little softer penumbra.

Nice composition , Face of female char is going flat and face of male chars are getting Bright spot near nose I think thats because you might have rendered bg and chars altogether you can choose to render in passesor can delink those lights with character.

Hey nice breakup given for that break up I can tell your occlusion needs spread your rays are toolow so increase them and also play a bit with max distance and spread you will get it.and I observed that you are giving two matts for 3 tv screens I think you can prefer rendering RGB matt and extract later on in comp.

Simply gr8 work,Thats it.

Jeremy Birn:
We know you too busy, but would appreciate you giving our works a look before this challange ends.

                                                                                              -Punyt Joshi


Hey Avik3d13 great entry man those intel logos are looking great. I think just put some rim light for the characters to make it look separate from the background. And reduce the reflection on the doors. And change the font type of that 45$ and if possible use green color instead of blue. You can bring in some specularity on the eyes of the shop keeper. I think these changes can enhace your work, but hurry up becoz only 2 days left. Great concept man. Keep up the good work.


Hello everyone ! I am getting very excited as this challenge is coming at its end ! This is been a great experiance participating here & i have learn a lots of new things from here. I must thank Mr.Jeremy Birn for arranging such a exciting competition for us, and also thanks to Mr.Dan Konieczka for helping & guiding us at each step right from the begining ! Best of luck to every participants for the results !
Anyways this is my rectified update with some changes in the showcase as directed by Kanooshka.There is still some time left…plzzz comment !!


@preetamsaha- Really dig your latest render. If I have to give some suggestion I would say to make the blackground tv a little less flat. Also Give the image in tv an over exposed look. Hope it helps. :thumbsup:


sorry some days i am busy so this is my new render…


@djprasun- Thanks man ! I’ll surely work on it !


thanx for ur comment

this is my new update


When and how do we submit our FINAL renders?


This looked fun so I decided to give it a whirl. I wanted to make a very colorful sort of Halloween Boutique concept. Didn’t want to spend a lot of time on modeling, so I spent about 30 min rearranging the scene and editing the clothing on one of the characters. Then I spent about 2 hours on materials and lighting, render (5 min) little bit in PS, and here’s my entry! C&C welcome
3DS Max 2010, Mental Ray