Lighting Challenge #20: The Shop Girls




So here is my update for the scene. I finished almost all materials and tried to separate the foreground character from the background.


I made some pretty big changes, let me know what you think.


Hi everyone.
Сontinue to work on the skin shaders/textures of girls and their hairs…



Impressive texturing The outside image looks a bit blurred may be you could have shown some continuity
through light light color(look at the floor) suddenly ther is some moonlight
in sky up doesn’t show anywhere inside neither on chars nor on bg.some bulbs above should also
create some illuminance on ceiling as well.

I think you can avoid guy that is not dealing towards or may be blur it a bit cause it’s
not adding to composition but shares center of interest with customer which can be just on


good different composition(I think most frequently posted image on forum good going)
well,your hair can be improved (I know this fur stuff is not easy to work with)specular on
the glass is (according to me) a bit more intense,
why that glass is giving redish spill on cheeks if its because blood on screen thatn
looking at screen size it shold be upto shoulder atleast

your monitors have black beams around them the inside of those beem shold go brighter because of
screen light but the inside room that you have created is awesome


Lighting is really good, stand for tv has its bottom sides going almost black needs a bit kick
I think you have used occlusion abit more than reqd,soft Light from back door is coming out nice to me
but what is the idea behind that bright Light?

good image,
can work to control burnouts in some areas,can play with bounces at the inside area near the exit
(hey I am not criticizing anyones work I am just saying How I would have wanted it to look like if I were doin it.)

                                                                                            Punyt Joshi


Only 1 more week left of this challenge! I hope there’s some more work waiting to be posted!

genaf1: Looking good. For the skin shader. try to get some warmer color in the terminator.

Voigg: Nice work. I like how the light in the background is looking. I almost feel as if that should be your main light source but it’s hard to say. [color=White]Perhaps you may want to decrease the warm fill light in the room except for where bright light is bouncing off of the sun lit surfaces.

ChrisFast:[/color] Good job. I’d like to see some variation in the light color. Keep going on the textures!

preetamsaha: Nice job. I’d like to see the display glass have more of a Fresnel Effect to it. I also notice that the boxes on the bottom shelf of the display cases don’t seem to be casting shadows as well as have an outline around them Possibly from a beveled edge.

ciba: Looking better. The lights on the curved walls is looking very unmotivated. There doesn’t seem to be any light turned on there to illuminate. There’s also a very bright reflection of the exit sign on the floor that’s very distracting. You may want to think about having your glass reflecting something other than one’s directly in your scene so that it will pop out a little more. Try just using an image to add to the glass for a reflection and see what it does.

djprasun: Thanks for posting your images. It’s a hard choice between the two. I kind of like both in their own respects. Perhaps a hybrid where the darker values are cooler and the brighter values are warmer.

punytjoshi: Looking nice. There seems to be some artifacting on the screen right characters right forearm. The purse is looking a little flat. Try to give it some more shading on the left. You may need to create a separate light for just the purse.


hi jermy this is my updated


Thanks kanooshka. I’ll try and post a hybrid image as you have suggested.
Thanks punytjoshi. I’ll surely look into it. I have no idea about textures or fur. I have done this hair using the ‘wet labrador’ fur preset in maya.

This challenge is one of the toughest to give a realistic look as because the character itself is not realistic. But every one is doing a great job. Only one week left, pull your socks up guys! :buttrock:


Thanks kanooshka & punytjoshi for your comments ! I will definately work on those points you both have said.
@kanooshka- Im very sorry sir, bt I didnt understand the meaning of “Fresnel Effect”. Can u explain it for me a little bit ??


When pertaining to reflections the Fresnel Effect states that as an object curves away from the camera the reflection is stronger than when it is viewed directly. Here’s a more in depth explanation thanks to Jeremy:


Thanks Jeremy and punytjoshi for your advise.


Natural Light

Artificial Light

Maya 2009
Mental Ray - Direct Lighting

Eduardo R.


Hi, Thanks guys, so many great suggestions. this is my lastest render. According to Jermy’s comments, I’ve made lots of tweaking on this render. The major updates are as follow :

  1. Tweaked the money shader and put more definition on the edges, as they looked like postcard before.
  2. Turned off the spotlight on the top of exit.
  3. Switched on the two ceiling lamps on the left.
  4. Changed the screen image into a register software, so it looks more reasonable than previous one.
  5. Extended the image more to the left, so the box on the register does’t look floating. And also assigned a shader on it.


This is my update on Shopping gals took care of lighting on purse and artifact on char hand will be looking for your comments on the same.


hi i am siva this is my first render


[left]my new update. [/left]
[left]rendered in Maya with Mental ray:) [/left]


Hey folks… and a Happy Diwali to you as well, friend(s). I did a quick Wikipedia search to understand the Festival of Lights and I think it’s quite amazing.

So here it is, my latest attempt, rounding the corner to closing it out and posting a final once I fix some of the screens and add a few more textures.

I took the advice of many of you: making the floor texture smaller to create more space. Jeremy and the shadows along the floors.

My problem is not understanding how to execute some of those comments, so forgive me if they didn’t show up as planned. I’m not ignoring your points of views, I’m just a noob trying to make his way Lol.

For the longest, up till now, I’ve been using Vray’s light to do everything. So, over the weekend, I just cut everything except three or so lights, and just used one Omni light to take care of business.

Thanks again for your advice and comments. I admit, it’s been a great learning experience.


[color=LightBlue]Stay tuned for my next post which will be an update to my render! =)

CGMagicman: [/color]Getting better! I’m noticing that the TV’s in the background are very unsaturated and muted in comparison to the TV to the left. Maybe you may want to put some lights in the display case to bring a little more attention to the jewelry.

sumeetkaur: Nice job. I feel like a lot of objects in the scene are glowing and not casting shadows. Do you have an ambient light in the room? If you are, I’d suggest at least using an ambient occlusion pass to create some contact shadows.

sivaavatar2009: Welcome and good start! Try getting some directionality to your light, pick a main light location and try to have that be your brightest light source.

punytjoshi: Nice update! With such a bright screen I’d expect it to be emitting light onto the character screen right.

sunhe: Very nice. The one critique I can think of is that I’d like to see some red light from the exit sign creating a rim on the character’s right arm, it gets a little lost in the backplate.

eduroam: I love your artifical light rendering, especially the great throw patterns on the walls =) The artificial light one is good, but doesn’t work quite as well. I think the TV’s are little too black, try giving them some dark gray diffuse value. I also think that if you turn your outdoor light source just even a little bit it would make the composition more interesting. I’m noticing that there is no direct light being emitted on the inside faces of the display cases. In particular the side facing the customer on the screen left case and the side facing away from the customer on the screen right display case.


Here’s most likely my last render. I didn’t get to work on it as much as I had hoped but, that’s okay. If anything it was a big learning experience. I also broke the image up into render layers with a separate lighting rig for each character and the environment. Let me know if you’d like me to post any details.

High Resolution:



this is my update


I’am feeling kind of jittery right now as the challenge is moving down to its business end.
Well here is all my composite images that i used all along
This is my original render that I made using Maya GI and FG, though no photon was was emitted but I kept it on.

This is My depth pass

This is my occlusion pass

These are my Tv passes


After adjusting exposure and saturation in Photoshop

After colour adjustment in photoshop

And then following kanooshka’s advise of making the darker part of the image cooler. (Sorry kanooshka if it didn’t turn out right!)

critique will be highly appreciated.