Lighting Challenge #20: The Shop Girls


Thanks again for ur comment kanooshka !! Im using area lights as those tube lights from the top , and i am using those lights as my key lights ! I hav’nt used much of area lights before thats why im facing i bit problem to handle them. Actually im trying to bring a bright glossy effect in that showroom ! im using this below image as my refference :-


Thanks for you guys comments. This is another render. Added the rim light on the robber, and tuned intensity slightly down on the screen.


I’m looking at everyone’s work and I feel like I must be going in the wrong direction. Everyone’s work is amazingly glossy, shiny and reflective while I’ve gone way, waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy to subtle.

Then tonight’s rendering has errors but here we go…

Gotta love Beyonce…

The TV’s to the right haven’t undergone this new idea I had to get a specular/TV effect while the TV on the left was almost there, but not quite what i wanted.

You see all those lights on the walls that look like I did something smart? Well, I didn’t. lol. It’s actually a random, chance happening based on the material I used and it came out better than expected. Now it looks like I put individual little lights in areas against the wall and no one is the wiser. Wait a minute … doh!

I’m working to put some sort of price display in the cash register.

Oh, and I gotta add a gun in there somewhere.

Jokes. Lol


CGMagicman - I really like your floor texture. I think if u scale it down so there are more “tiles” showing it will help make your room feel bigger and give the appearance of more space.


Hello there,

I am a pretty old member but this is the first time i am taking any challenge. May be I am little late… I am trying to make the lighting as its a futuristic show room. Glossy… reflective… abstract shape… Dont know how it will look… But i want to give it a try.

Software: 3D Studio Max 2009 with V-ray.

Md. Towhidul Islam


I wanted to congrats suhne for the wonderful work
I really like your image
Actually the character were modelled to look more like bratz or dolls … and the idea was a candy or a toy shop (the character should look like a low poly non realistic models) , also a competition with guns went out terrific oh well :))))
really great work around


Hey all,

Loving the work here!..

I am currently learning Maya, and for the rest of the month I’m learning about Lighting alone, reading Jeremy’s book and watching his DVD, really enjoying them by the way!.. I would like to have a go at this challenge just to see what I can do, however I’m just unsure about where to start!.. apart from the obvious in thinking of an original and interesting concept.

Have you all created your textures or just used ready made textures you have in a library?
Is much modelling required or are pretty much all the components within the scene?

I just don’t want to go off in a tangent and start modelling when that is an area I am not too experienced in, I realise that all approaches to the challenge differ but I would appreciate if someone could just give me a bit of guidance in how to go about this.




Gooner442: Welcome! I’m glad you’re interested in joining in the challenge. Basically to sum up what’s needed for the challenges is, you can put as much extra work as you want into it. There’s quite a bit of models provided in with the scene. I personally don’t add anything very often. As for the texturing, again you can put in as much as you want, if you’re limited for time you could use either procedurals and/or textures from I’d suggest downloading the scene and taking a look at it and then decide what you need to do for the image you want to create.


kanooshka, thank you for such a prompt reply!.. I’m pleased to hear that you don’t use too much that isn’t in the scene already. I’m having a look at the scene file as we ‘speak’… will be keeping a check on the forum for what everyone else is doing and when I have something worthy I’ll post it… thanks!


Thanks jojo1975 Your idea was even deeper than what I expected. :slight_smile:


Here is where I’m currently at

straight out of the render with z depth:

after some messing around in after effects


Sorry I havent been posting anything in a while, I got really busy. But here is what I have been working on.


Some a little upgrade.

Natural Light

Artificial Light

Maya 2009
Mental Ray - Direct Lighting

Really thanks for kanooshka for your advise that help to improve my image, and Jeremy for this challenge and advise too.

There is a beautiful works and nice images in this challenge congratulations for everybody.

Eduardo R.


Great work everybody!

eduroam - Your artificial light image is really terrific! I think a few places, such as the top of the right sofa, could use a little more fill light, just so the shadows don’t go black. Some bounce from the blue carpets onto the furnature would help too. The TV screens could use a little more glare, just some gradients or highlights or reflections on some of the screens, just so you don’t get a situation as happens on screen-left where a screen looks so similar to the front of a carboard box. You could use a hint of blue fill light from the lit walls onto the tops and bottoms of the edges around them, and perhaps onto the TV tables and shelves in front of the blue walls as well; those shelf-tops are looking a little dark.

For the “natural” light, maybe the reason it doesn’t look natural is because it’s all one color? The light and reflections from a window might contain a sunbeam when the sun is low in the sky, but it would certainly also contain some soft blue fill light coming from the other angles around the sun. Work on how the hard, bright, warm sunlight mixes with the softer, dimmer, cooler sky fill in the light on the floor and the reflections of the floor/window area. Take a look at pictures of rising/setting suns and the surrounding sky colors you can get for reference. You might make the shape of the shadows more interesting as well (doorframe, window posters, etc.)

Voigg - That’s nice. In the center foreground the warped counter looks very low-polygon, if you want to add cracks or something try texturing it or at least subdividing what you want to break-up. The foreground area with the bags seems like it need shadows or occlusion, so there’s real darkness where the bag touches the floor, etc. Having lights coming so evenly from three directions (back right, screen-left, behind camera to right) creates an evenness that works against the dark, shadowing, contrasty tone of the scene, if you could simplify a bit, and maybe choose just one or two of those directions to really play-up convincingly, you could create a stronger image.

Vesty - Nice scene. I think you have lots of little lights that don’t all cast shadows, and that’s adding up to a glowy quality in important areas like the left character’s head. The DOF looks kindof fake, you might do without it and define the depth more with lighting – maybe that door behind the clerk could be much darker, only accented with a specular hit from the side, instead of unifom diffuse?

threedwizard - Good start. Even in a white, reflective room it’s possible to take control of your lighting and shadows, and make the light look as if it comes from a limited number of places.

CGMagicman - Work on the floor shadows/reflections more, especially where the edge of the counter meets the floor.

sunhe - That’s great! Birlliant work! In the upper right, those boxes don’t look like they’ve been textured or lit yet, and are floating in space. The bright glow around the TV image seems fake, and maybe you could find another image that looks more like cash register screen? In the foreground, the money looks more thick, like picture postcards, because it needs some bounce light or some translucency to look like thin paper. The counter-top and reflections look great! I like the poses and composition of the characters. On the ceiling, it seems as if you have one flourescent light fixture, but then on the left some glows from other light fixtures where there’s no light behind the glow? I think the lights above the emergency exit could be turned off, or white/yellow, but those kinds of spotlights aren’t usually red like the exit sign itself.



Thanks for you input Jeremy. Here is my up date, added Occlusion and changed a bit of the lighting in the foreground.


hi Every body,
Thanx for your comments Yes software I use does support rigging but I am not too much into rigging and if I will get into it, It will be altogether different challange of its own, Yes chars are brightly lit as you marked up Even I noticed it while lighting up but I think any Homeapplience store will create bright ambience but I think They were still a bit more brightly lit so reducing a bit ,Will look forward for your take on it.

Thanx for your comments, I am glad you liked it.


hi Every body,
Thanx for your comments Yes software I use does support rigging but I am not too much into rigging and if I will get into it, It will be altogether different challange of its own, Yes chars are brightly lit as you marked up Even I noticed it while lighting up but I think any Homeapplience store will create bright ambience but I think They were still a bit more brightly lit so reducing a bit ,Will look forward for your take on it.

Thanx for your comments, I am glad you liked it.


this my image without any colour change

And this is my image after colour change


So thats my new update… took long, but finally i found some time to improve my image.
And again thanks for the comments.
In the background i changed the lights in the ceiling, so they aren’t that heavy. To get a better contrast i darkened the background and lightened the reflections on the glass shards. I’m not sure of the motion blur in the front… what do you think?


This is my lastest render ! i have moved forword the charecters,showcase,counters more towards the camera & added a new guy dealing with the customer. I have also worked on the intensity & colour off lights !
Comments & critics are always welcome !