Lighting Challenge #20: The Shop Girls


Hi everyone,

I´m new here at this great forum. It´s very useful and there are so many great renderings…
absolute fantastic.

I hope to get the chance to post my image for this challenge as well. It would be a great oppurtunity to recieve lots of feedback and tips about how to get better.

I was wondering if I could put my renderings on my web page, presenting it with all needed information such as your website and the name of the scene creator.



[color=LightBlue]All in all I’m glad to see more people posting feedback! I think this challenge has had the most C&C between artists than any other ones before it.

GW3D:[/color] Welcome! You can put the images in your reel/website as long as you provide the appropriate credits with the image/video.

preetamsaha: Welcome back. Good texture work so far. Make sure your lights are casting shadows, you may also want to think about playing with your light colors as well as giving each light at least a slight difference in color to make it more interesting.

psulli: Welcome to the lighting challenges! Good start so far. You may want to think of framing the shot a little closer. I didn’t even notice the character’s shadow at first, if this is an important part to the scene you may want to move it more into the center of the image.

djprasun: Your image has come a long way since you started, good work. I like how you’ve updated the TV’s. I’m not sure if the lens flare is appropriate for this shot, especially it being so much in the center of the image, it’s very distracting. I find the color of the REC circle and exit sign too similar and confusing. Of course I’d understand if you were sick of working on this same image. I know how it is after spending so many hours of tweaking. :thumbsup:

eduroam: Thanks for contributing!

CGMagicman: Good progress. Still would like to see some more highlights and some play with colors =)

Waters: I like the adjustments in photoshop! I’m noticing that your images have been a little grainy and noisy from what looks like dithering, is this intentional?

sunhe: Good image! I like the play with color. For some reason a lot of people seem to like adding in guns, just an observation. I’d like to see some rim lighting screen left on the robber, they’re getting lost a little in the background.

Phil-roberts: Great. The only thing I can think of is that you might want to soften the main shadows a little bit. Good work!

zmuh11: Good work, I like the work with the kick light from the door. Try working with some volumetric lighting to get some rays coming from the door. Also, try focusing your light to the character and door area as well as have some strong specular highlights.

looga: Hi, glad to help provide some artistic relief for you! I here you in how difficult it is with a stuffy job, my last job was a Data Analyst and yuck I’m glad I don’t have to do that anymore. I’m assuming this image was spur of the moment, so I’ll spare you my rambling feedback, but you can let me know if you want some!

ciba: Good progress. I’d still like to see the brightest highlights in the scene on the shards of glass. Maybe a good suggestion would be, for now, having the environment be completely black and the getting the glass pop out in that environment.

punytjoshi: Good job! That’s very impressive that you moved each vertex. Does your software package not have any kind of rigging/animation tools? I’d like to see some adjustments in the light angles on the characters, they seem very brightly lit from the front.

Redsand1080: Thank’s for the compliment. I agree that the hair is far from perfect but as you stated, once the camera is pulled further away it won’t be as noticeable.

coolarena: Good work. Make sure your lights are casting shadows and try to get some more lighting from the sides.


@kanooshka- thanks again. I was watching the New Divide video of the Linkin Park and saw some cool strip kind of lens flare. I am asking is that will it be okay if I decrease the brightness of the lens flare? I can delete the flare altogether if its not appropriate. This is a very good scene and I have to disagree with Mr. kanooshka, I don’t mind spending another month with this scene.

Love your render waters. This camera angle is working miracle compared to the angle you started with. :buttrock:


Awesome work everyone! I’ve seen tons of improvment in so many of the images. Here is my first post. Still missing some things (like some characters) but it’s getting close. Still haven’t completely smoothed reflections yet either, since that doesn’t have a big impact on the overall lighting and concept. C & C always welcome!



thanks for the quick reply. Of course I will provide the presented images with all needed credits on my web page.
I’m looking forward to the next challenge.



@kanooshka- thanks for your comments !! ill definately make those changes ! if u could give me any refference for my image it will be very helpful for me ! im not getting appropriate refference for my image !


enclosed my first try. Thank you for comments…


Thanks for the heads up kanooshka, it seems like photobucket is applying added jpeg compression to the images I upload. I’ll look for a better method for photo hosting.


Man, that’s great! It made me laugh. :smiley: Maybe the gloom from the monitor i sa bit too high.


small update:


my first try


my first try


GW3D: Welcome! You have a good start so far. The characters look as if they’re glowing and are very flat. Make sure to have them cast shadows and also have shading.

Waters: Looking much better! Maybe you may want to add some lens distortion for having a slightly wide field of view?

dhaposh: Welcome, I like the creativity. With such bright natural light outside of the window I’d expect that to be your main light source. I think it would be very interesting to have light flooding in from outdoors and also moving the character closer to the camera so she doesn’t get lost in the background.


This is terrific. kanooshka is doing a great job moderating the forum while I’ve been too busy to post. I’ll try to get more involved before the challenge ends, but I am teaching a CG Workshop now that takes-up all my time on-line.

dhaposh - That’s a great start! I think the perspective could match better if the man on the right weren’t bigger than the girl in the foreground. Try to get the floor reflections to be at the same angle as the background, if you look at the reflection of the black bar onto the 3D floor, and the reflection of the sky by the arch onto the background floor. Try to get the vertical lines of the architecture in the background to line-up with the verticals of the 3D set, especially on the right side where it’s right across the hall. It’s OK to rotate the plane with the background image, it doesn’t have to be all 3D camera adjustments.

Maybe the next challenge will have to have a “no guns, blood, or violence” rule. I don’t like censorship, but when I see so many people adding guns I can’t help but think that some people need a little push to make them think of more creative ways to make a scene interesting. {EDIT: Some of the current scenes with guns in them are terrific, well-lit, and will look great in the gallery. I’m just hoping for a departure from this in the next one…}



this is my 2nd try


This is my first time ever posting here. I’ve been “lurking” for quite a few months now.

I just want to say, that I agree with Jeremy about the blood/guns issue…

My first thought was (since I have a 2 year old daughter) why doesn’t someone do a Polly
Pocket type scene? This seems like it would be the perfect challenge for that…

Anyways, it’s not my place to say, because I’m not the professional here.

I will go back to “lurking” now :wink:

P.S. Very good scenes so far EVERYONE!


Thank you for the hint. Here is my next try…


@dhaposh- Really like your concept. Try to work on the glass door as it looking like a poor quality picture outside the door. And also bring some shadow on the character standing beside the door. Also work on the glass in the bottom left corner as it feels like it disappeared gradually in the bottom right corner.

@GW3D- I really like the colours in the left hand side wall. For the time being work on the counter girl as I feel the light coming to the character from above is too harsh.

Hey man, I’am not an expert. Follow my advise at your own peril. Hope it helps. Best of luck :buttrock: :thumbsup:


another update !


jeremy: Thanks, glad to help! I’m sure everyone agrees when I say that we appreciate all of the time you put into the challenges. Even if it’s not as much as you’d like.

dhaposh: Looking better! I’d still like to see how your image would look with the natural light from outside as the main light source. I’m also a little confused by the gray diagonal through the bottom of the screen. You may want to considering removing it because it’s a little distracting.

GW3D: Looking good! I feel like the bright white shelves in the display cases are very distracting. Maybe you could try creating pools of light within the display case to make it appear like there’s light bulbs in there as opposed to one large light source.

preetamsaha: Good work. Overall the image seems very flat. Do you have a main key light direction? Make sure it’s not directly behind the camera.