Lighting Challenge #20: The Shop Girls


Hey everyone, my apologies for not being able to provide feedback since last week. Here’s some catchup!

faizman: Looking great! One thing that doesn’t feel quite right to me are the two table rows. The top of the table as well as the side of the table are the same brightness. I would expect the side of the table to be darker than the top.

freeko: Good start. If you’re using the helicopter’s main light as your light source I’d expect a lot of sillhouttes. Try to be very intentive on the shapes characters appear to be by having dark characters on a light background or bright characters on a darker background.One thing you may want to think about is what exactly you’d like to be your subject. If it’s the helicopter and the camera is this close to the register. I’d expect the foreground to be out of focus.

lunat1k: Glad you keep improving this! I notice you’ve added a fill light coming from off screen right. I actually feel like this is flatting out the characters. It’s possible that the light is too bright but I think it’s more about the angle of the new light being too frontal. Try experimenting with it a little more.

ChrisFast: Good work, keep going with the materials. Try to think about how you can keep the shopper from getting lost in the background.

linamz: I like your experimentation. One of the nice things about this particular challenge is the lighting freedom we have. Instead of choosng one light color from the two images, try both. Have one be in foreground another in the background. Try having one from the right, one from the left etc…light color can be important and when used correctly helps provide a lot of depth to a scene.

eduroam: Both images are getting better! In your natural lighting render, the TV exposure seems very bright. Think of how difficult it is to see a TV when you have sunlight in a room. This is both because of reflections and the fact that sunlight is much brighter than a TV’s brightness. I’d suggest, if you haven’t already, placing a large extremely bright reflective plane outside of the windows in your scene. As for your artificial lighting render try thinking about creating depth with your lighting. For example, look at the inside of the counter. I know it’s rounded but it would be much more obvious if there was more contrast as the desk curved. Try getting the side of the desk a little more dark than the top of the desk. Also, you might want to work on your reflections a little. The amount of reflectivity works wonderfully but try breaking it up with some wavyness.




Hi everyone,

This is the first time i enter a Lighting Challenge and my first post in the whole forum. So i hope you like my first test with the shop girls scene.
of course c&cs are welcome

Max 2009


I’ll start with some feedback =)

ciba: Welcome! Interesting concept. Overall the image is very dark. Try to get some nice reflections and highlights on the glass shards. Also, think about creating some variation between light color and intensity between the background and the foreground.

Waters: Nice work on the textures. I’d expect a much brighter reflection from the outdside in the security camera hanging from the ceiling, considering the outside light is much brighter. Have you thought about having your main light source be the outdoor light? I think that could make for some interesting contrast and depth to the image.

and here’s a hair test for the Shopper:


My New update
I m using 3ds max 9 (mental ray)
and photoshop


@kanooshka: Nice! That’s pretty cool you put the time into making hair. That should definitely improve the look of the character. I would offer some critques, but once the camera is moved back and not RIGHT UP on the hair I think most of those issues will correct themselves. No way to really tell untill you do a render from the final angle though.

Nice work!


hi guys

Some really nice works posted recently, well here are my shopping gals,
Will hope some feed back and C&Cs from all you guys ,
It was difficult taking chars in the pose I wanted(DId it moving individual vertices.)

(Hey Waters just loved your work)


Here is my update.

First, thanks for the comments kanooshka.

I tried to set the glass shards apart from the background by the use of motionblur and more reflections on the shards.
I also wanted to create a greater difference between the foreground and the background through the light color of the background.
Hope you like the changes.


This image might look out of place with all the nice renders you guys are kicking out, but here’s my chicken scratches in Microsoft Paint using a mouse. No references were used though I realize the importance of good references. I don’t have a 3d package, Photoshop or a tablet to work with right now as I’m at a stuffy non-art job and just thought I’d have a little fun splashing some pixels over the scene screenshot provided by Jeremy.


Been a while since I posted my concept but here is what I have done so far.


Hi Everyone and Jeremy,

Here’s my latest update, added light to the exit sign and some point of sale and tweaked a few other things.

Done in 3ds max and rendered in Mental Ray.



Hi Everyone and Jeremy , This is me again !

second time take part in the Light Challenge but with a completely new account, this account will fully instead of the old one - Crystalpiggy for the future post.

Hopefully the image also provides the new vision to you. This criminal scene rendered in Mental Ray Maya 2009, with the Beauty, Occlusion, Depth, and RGB Matte passes. Finally compositied in Nuke.



hey kanooshka, thanks for the feedback. The camera dome on the ceiling doesn’t actually reflect up to the window so we don’t see the sky outside. Maybe I’ll use a reflection map on it instead of raytracing so I can fake a sky reflection? I’ve taken your advice, partially, and put more emphasis on the light contribution from the outside. Not sure if I’ll stick with this camera angle.

Appreciate the feedback! This next one I’ve played a bit in photoshop with colors and levels.


Hi All…

First, @Sunhe, … I love the gun and point of view you created. I had an earlier thought to do something dramatic and I’m glad you pulled it off nicely.

Work kept me from detailing and focusing on my image. Have you ever stepped away from something for too long and lost ground on where you were going with it? Case in point with this image. I got back to it last night, added one light and a few screens and still can’t remember where I was going. I wanted to take the suggestions from earlier (thank you all), but can’t seem to grasp exactly ‘how’ or ‘where’ to them.

But you see, my ‘new’-ness is showing. (lol).

…moments later …

The more I stare at it, the more I see where I left off. Lesson learned … hammer it until it’s done. A settled work gathers dust.

Whoa that’s deep.


Played around with the tv. Gave different refresh band as suggested by kanooshka. also changed the gunman shadow and made the light source red.

Lots of quality render coming in. Everybody is doing great. :thumbsup:


djprasun - Nothing to say for me is perfect.

  CGMagicman - Very nice. I know that your light is low, but for samle in the man try to create a sharpe shadow, because is to blur and also try to create some reflection or specular highlight on the TV.
  Waters - Hey water, excellent image, but in my opinion the black base that hold the circular light, is too black, i think that if you add some specular highlight or reflection on the shader it will look very good. The same with the TV they need some reflection or specular.
  sunhe - Excellent image, but i think if you add some rim light on the left of the woman that have the weapon, i think that it should look perfect.
  Phil-roberts - Excellent image and good combination or color, maybe a little bit specular or reflection on the TV.
  zmuh11 - Nice concept. Try to work with the subsurface scattering, in the neck you can see the SSS effects a little bit strong, try to reduce the depth attribute that control the SSS, and try to create some shadow on the boxes.
  looga - I like your style, but you can try now, with photoshop create some light effects, I don't work in photoshop but i saw a lot example where the people did it.
  ciba - Nice style, but try to create specular highlight on the TV.
  punytjoshi - Excellent i don't see anything to say you.. Excellent image.

Sorry if my grammar in english is no good, and hope that my advise help you guys.




got a copy of Knoll Light Factory and played around with the lens flares. Here is an update with the lens flare.

thanks eduroam for your comment.


Thanks eduroam, I’ll give you advice a shot! vbmenu_register(“postmenu_6137059”, true);


Hi all this is my first post to the lighting challenges.

 To Waters: We seem to have the same idea of the off screen character casting a shadow into the shot. I knew this was gonna happen. 



sorry for replying so late !! this is my new render … i had been bit confused with my textures and camera angle !! plzz do give some comments guys !