Lighting Challenge #20: The Shop Girls


Hi, jermy see this is my festival work


Waters: Nice update. Looking forward to more progress :thumbsup:

subhankar: Looking good. Try making a key light direction and creating more contrast. Try to think of questions like should the ceiling be as bright as the floor?

phil-roberts: Nice update! I like how you’ve updated the apple symbol and other signs. Try adding some reflection blur to the counter if you can. I’d also like to see some light coming from the exit sign in back. The reflections in the TV are looking a little too crisp try softening the reflection/specularity of them. Keep it up =)

mister3d: Thanks! :arteest:


Hi everyone!

This is my first attempt to this challenge. It’s done with Cinema 4D.


Big revamp of the shadowing in the scene. As opposed to every light casting raytraced shadows, they all cast depth map shadows now. Cuts the render time nearly in half. I never knew area lights could use depth map shadows until now…=)


hello guys this is my new wip now compleated the texture part, for render using software render withD- map shadows,ao pass using raytrace reflections …
thanks eduroam for that great tuto for camera…
upload two images

a little twick for the camera in photoshop …


I made some upgrade, i still working in some correction.

This Natural Lighting.

Artifitial Lighting.

Maya 2009.
Mental Ray - Just Direct Lighting.
Some Correction in photoshop.

kanooshka - Nice image :thumbsup:, but try in the TV where singer is, to create a little bit specular highlight, because the TV is too dark, to me for example, i have to effort my eye to see where is the TV case.



The lighting is looking great in those eduroam.

The only crit I have to give for now is that the lighting seems a bit too uniform in both but especially the artificial. It’s like everything is trying to be lit equally without allowing for some contrast across the scene.


Thanks Waters, after that I read your comment, i think, that is true is uniform, maybe my problem was that in both image I apply a Photo Filter, the first one (Natural light) i apply a warm filter, and the second one i apply a cool filter.

Now i removed the filter and realize that your comments is right, look better, maybe still is a little bit uniform, but i think that look better.

Natural Light 

Artifitial Light

Thanks again, Walters.



Hello Everyone,
kanooshka , Thank you so much for your comments. I have kinda followed it and changed quite a lot of things in the scene.

well , I just thought of uploading the attempts I had made earlier …

tried making a traditional look here…but it just didn’t seem good enough. (pls ignore the render quality)

Well this was actually My first render… I guess it went unnoticed…was trying to get the dusky look…and then this one looked quite empty… and I got similar comments hence decided to change the camera angle…and here’s the latest one… I ended up changing not only the camera angle but lot also a bit of the set up…well I kind like this yellowish look but not able to decided which one to keep out of the two…!
I have used Mental Ray for rendering but without GI and FG…!
This isnt the final render though…yet , waiting for comments.


So here is a first update for my scene. I changed some lights and added materials to the scene.


@eduroam Really dig the new render. Looks very clean and crisp! The only crit I have is the two different kinds of wood you used in the render. The desk up front looks like a different kind of wood than the wood on the TV stands. To me, whenever slightly different types of wood exist in the same room, it makes it look kind of cheap. It just doesn’t match…but in a subtle, non-intentional sort of way. It’s not the quality of the render or the sense of good composition that is cheapened, but a sense of style. It looks like you are going for a sleek modern look, and you don’t see a bunch of different types of wood in the Apple store, you know? It’s that exact same white-washed wood used on every single piece of wood furniture in the store. It makes it unified, concise. Don’t know a better way to put this into words. It’s picky…but it would add to the sleekness of the design.


thanks mr kanooshka for your good suggestion ya next time i will change it and i am following your instruction and i will try for more bright for this scene and plz you see the changes and plz any thing wrong for this scene plz tell me and teach me…
because i am a new guy for this challenge …
and i hope you help me also…
many many thanks for your suggestion …
and plz others members plz see my scene and tell me how i improuve my self …

if you are felling anything wrong in my english …so i am sorry …


Hello Everyone,

Here’s my entry, c&c are welcome.



RedSand1080 - Thanks a lot, in the next update i will probe that you say, you are right.

faizman - Try to increase the effects of the shadow, because i don’t see much influence of shadow in your scene.



Did more work on the lighting:


hi everyone,i m new in this forum

this is my 1st lighting challenge

i hav just started th scene…ur comments will b very helpfull]([/IMG]


update version added some stuff. c&c welcome


This look Cool…
Count me in
Thank you


nice scene freeko. It looks like the scene from Matrix when Neo came to save Morpheus


thanks…i had an helicopter model…wantd 2 use it in a scene…so whn i got d SHOP GIRLS…ithout may b i can fit in this helicopter…ur :surprised :surprised remarks will b very helpful 2 improve d scene…thank u