Lighting Challenge #20: The Shop Girls


Just got my new comp… hopefully u can expect me to participate in these wonderful challenges from now on… Started already…


thanks lilnamz and kanooshka. I have just projected a map from a spot light for the gunman’s shadow, so I can’t actually turn it. And also I don’t have any realistic character which I can use, so I’am hopelessly short of resource. :cry: If any one knows about any free link where they give realistic rigged character, please share. This is the silhouette image I used:


here’s my new post…not much done as was busy with other stuffs…


Hey, Dan, thanks for the comments. You’re right about the red rim on the clerk’s hair, it shouldn’t be there. It’s a cheat, and I kinda like it so I’ll leave it for now.
About your last update. I’d say the right stand (the lower shelf) is distracting with it’s bright light. Maybe you could bring the camera a bit higher and crop to a wider aspect ratio. That way you’ll loose the lower distracting part (also her feet) and give a bit more air over their heads. I’m not sure also if slight defocus would help, not much, you could try and see how it goes.

djprasun, you could try editing the shadow image, skewing it to one side.

Not much done, This is a new render with more samples (for the dof noise), (finally) fixed the depth map artifact and gave vision to the clerk as she looked blind until now.


My first challenge here.:slight_smile:

I rendered this scene in Maya with Mental Ray


@kanooshka - You’re right, the exposure isn’t realistic. I’ve been going back and forth about having light come in from the windows or having the scene lit only by interior lights (day/night). This is an attempt I guess to combine the two (morning/dusk), but the ammount of light coming through that door is unrealistic for sunlight. I was concerned about having portions of the image over-exposed. I’ll try re-adjusting tonight. Thanks for the crit about the ceiling. The falloff is correct, but probably the floor is just too dark and looks off. I’ll give that a tweak as well.

Thanks to everyone who has posted refs for lcds, I’m going to try playing around with that tonight.


Well in this post i will tell you how I create my TV Screen, maybe help somebody, i don’t know if it the best solution but that all image that created i liked this style.

Please if somebody know i better way to get a great look of TV screen, feel free to teel us.

Sorry if my english is not good.

I’m using photoshop.

1. I start with the original image


2. Now I created the Line Pattern, to do that, I create a White Layer, after that with this layer selected, I going to Filter - Sketch - Halftone Pattern, and select Line in the option, after that, you can select Multiply or Light operation, I don't use 100% opacity, usually i use 30% or 40%.


3. After that I desaturated the image. Image - Adsjustment - Hue/Saturation.


4. To make the white more bright, I going to Filter - Artistic - Film Grain and I use Grain 1, Highlight 3 or 5, intensity 3 or 5, you will see how the white is more bright.


5. Next, i going to Filter - Blur - Motion Blur, and I blur a lot about 25%.


6. After that, I duplicate this layer, and the new layer i make 30% opacity, and I move a little, that created something that i saw in the example that jeremy shared, is like a ghost image.


The first time i think, is to blurry, and it is. But you have to thing that when you render, the image is scaled and the blur is reduced.


Another think to be carefull, is when you test the render, if you use Low antialising, the line pattern in the image would be created a Moire Pattern or you will see how the line curved, that happend no because the image is wrong is because the antialising, if you increase you fix the problem.

Well that is the way that I trying to created the Tv Screen, i don't know much about photoshop, and maybe somebody know a better solution.

Sorry if my english is no good.



@eduroam: Nice! Excellent tutorial. I think you nailed the main points that make a photographed TV screen look like a photographed TV screen. Totally different than what our eyes see…obviously…otherwise watched TV would be a nightmare!


thanks eduroam. I was searching the net today and I found a cool tutorial for a photographed monitor, check it out @


eduroam: Thanks for posting your workflow for the TV!

Waters: Looking forward to seeing how it ends up in your next post.

sumeetkaur: Welcome! Overall your image is very bright, try creating some contrast.

lunat1k: Looks great! You may want to think about just using a sprite image as opposed to fluid for the smoke, that way you could have a lot of control and cheap render times.

pankajkaintura43: Keep going.

djprasun: Sometimes when I find myself with an image I like and it’s not quite working as a cookie. I’ll create a plane and apply the texture to it using white as transparency, without refraction of course. Then I can move the light and object the way I want to get the right perspective.


@eduroam - Thanks for that, very good technique. I’ve got a question though. Don’t we want to see the moire pattern?? An lcd screen has a grid pattern, and if your camera is digital it has a grid pattern it’s sampling from, so you’ll end up seeing a moire pattern because of the overlapping grids. Right? I guess with a film camera you probably wouldn’t, except you might get some interaction between the lines of the refresh and the lines of the resolution pattern.


…though looking at reference photos I don’t see any of that, so I guess if it’s there then it’s subtle. I don’t see a moire pattern and I also don’t see the refresh, I guess lcds photograph much better than crts. It does seem to me that the intensity of the screen (light output) falls off at shallow angles, and the reflectivity of most of the screens seems to increase at shallow angles (usually a diffuse reflection). That could help nail the effect.
And of course most lcds will have hue shifts depending on the viewing angle, that should probably be easy to simulate in a shader.


Yes waters you are totally right, In the photos reference that for example Redsand1080 shared, you dont see moire pattern neither the refresh band, if exist is very low, but i did it, because without it, the image look a little bit perfect, i’m sure there is some way to get a good TV screen with other techniques.

For examples the image of djprasun, has a refresh band and it look very good. But in my case when i probe the refresh band, i don’t like the result.

But is true what you said, and is important to say it. thanks



I think both of you are right about not seeing the refresh rate or moire pattern on newer/nicer LCDs in about 98% of the cases. My TV, for instance, has 120 hz refresh rate (which is pretty sick :slight_smile: ) so you’re not going to see that in most pictures unless MAYBE you have a really fast shutter speed. And now that the newer LEDs are coming out with 240 hz refresh rates I seriously doubt you would see any scan lines. Not sure what the deal is with plasmas because I don’t really like them so I never researched their display characteristics.

So I think if you are trying to simulate older or cheaper flat screen TVs then perhaps scan lines or moire patterns might be in order…but if you are trying to simulate a newer, nicer model you might want to leave them out. If you expose your photo for the light emitted by the TV…newer LCDs photograph very well. The things that would take away from the clearness of the image would be the environment the image was shot in: what kind of light was present in the room, practical light sources, angle the photo was taken from, time of day, objects in the room reflected in the TV, etc.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


Wow man, that’s good!


Hi Everyone,

Here’s my latest update for this challenge.
Everyones renders are looking great may I say !




It’s been a long week here in Georgia. As many of you may have heard on the news, we’ve been hammered by the rain with lots of flooding. Though I havent been affected, i still had to go to work and it’s been a mess driving to and from.

That said, I’ve been too tired to get near the computer to do any of the light challenge. However, i did want to jump on and give my appreciation to Kanoosha and Subhankar for the feedback. I appreciate them very much.

@Kanoosha, thank you and I will definitely add more contrasting lights/color. Your advice will help get that crazy feeling I have of a bunch of action figures standing in a playset when I look at the image (lol).

All in all, I wanted to say thank you before I go catch some sleep. I’m off for the next couple of days, so I’ll get back on the wagon then.

I also wanted to send a shout-out to Phil-Roberts. I was checking out his latest rendering for his scene and I was blown away by the sharpness of detail. And how the heck did you improve on the models? They actually look sexy now! Great job.

The branding in the environment is top notch.

I want to get around to feed-backing others, but your boy is falling asleep at the keyboar … zzzzzz


my new scene …


Thanks Kanooshka:)


thanks for the feedback, thanks edoroam and redsand1080 I’m starting to implement the shader for the lcds and I’ll get some textures on them.

small update: