Lighting Challenge #19: The King's Treasure


Do whatever you want.



Hey Jeremy and all! Count me in for this one too! I’ve been all over the place since the lighthouse challenge, can’t wait to get back into another one! :smiley:


for the Houdini users out there:

I have downloaded the OBJ file and fixed it up a bit:
deleted the bazillion groups that maya spits out for every damn polygon
made new, hopefully, more useful and sensible primitive groups
fixed all the normals
saved it as a .bgeo file = 13mb vs 28mb for the obj
so just whack down a file sop and feed it the bgeo

I’ll try to go through the other files and do the same over time…(but if you want to help out that would be awesome - just let me know)

I’ve sent the file to Jeremy Birn so it should be up there soon.

thanks to Dan Konieczka and Juan Carlos Silva forthe models!


woha, elvis you’re tha presley!!! nice shading!

so… i’m in, with an light mood rendering, …everything lambert shaded… just lighttesting for the moment. heavy repainted in photoshop to get an imagination how it should look like.

Bastian :beer:


Love it, Sorath!

Excellent mood.


Very interesting theme and a demanding one for sure…

Great progress so far, nice ideas for the feel,keep it up!

I was thinking of a bright day for counting the loot, here is some light test and a possible color scheme.

Good luck to all,


hi,jeremy sir i done the king treasure lighting.It is done by maya standert light and i use occulation pass for soft shadow. it is my first try.I hope you like it. [b]


Ooooooooh Pretty Scene, I am in on this one for sure.



Here is my first attempt, no materials added yet. Please comment and crit the lighting and camera view. Thanks :bowdown:

@Sorath: Your image looks great!


Thanks Jeremy for challenge.
Thanks Dan Konieczka and Juan Carlos Silva for your modeling.
This is my light setup.


Sorath, thanks to put that cat outside the window… aiming at the rat’s treasure, great start!


wow! amazing start…just need textures i think… very nice…:slight_smile:


Wanted to try out some stuff in modo 401. Not sure If I’ll be able to finish it but its a start. Blocked the BG lighting first, I wanted a darker mood for the BG.

I did some simple materials for the items but if I go further it needs a lot of texturing work.

It’ll be a bit tough getting good looking gems in low light, our eyes are used to sparkly gems due to the studio light up or even the jewelry store lighting, so an old castle with candle light will be hard to stack up!



Wow nice challenge!
I will participate! It will be my first challenge!
Good works!



Here is my first go at it. Still lots to do!


No where near done, but it is a start… :beer:


psycosven - Good start. Maybe if you make the table brighter and more reflective you’ll be able to see the lighting on it better as you work. Keep going!

Bubbaloo - Good start, keep going!

Yazan - Good start with the BG. The diamonds have a nice look! I agree the bright jewels aren’t integrated with the scene lighting yet, maybe you need to put a lantern or beam of light into your lighting design if you’re going for a bright look on the jewelry. Those diamonds really do look diamond-like, so you’re on the right track once you figure out how to sell it.

genaf1 - That’s great! Nice plan for the lighting. You’ve got 2 things that don’t read clearly. One is the tangency between the middle-post in the windows and the tall round object on the table. When they line-up too perfectly, they don’t stand out well in the composition. The otehr is the back of the chair, which is disappearing against the background. Probably a camera move could fix both these things. Right now, the right third of the shot is fairly empty, you might move the camera in as you fix the problems.

rmejia - Good start! If you lit it from the side more you might get more shaping and shadows. The composition is be fine, especially if the left side and corners will be darker than that in the final lighting.

NAYAK33 - Nice start on the challenge. I think some glass is missing in the tall background object. Maybe the lighting could have more directionality, with a bright side and a dark, shadowy side, and more environment reflections?

divanovic - Good start! The shadow direction doesn’t seem to match the light direction, and it looks somehow blurred over. I hope you can get the lighting to be more simple and solid-looking, perhaps using fewer lights and less post-processing? Keep going!

Sorath - That’s terrific! Great start, great concept for the scene! I think the blue light from the window could hit the table a bit more, and that could give you nice shadows or nice dark reflections of the pearls and other left-side objects cast onto the table-top.



Thanks for arctor we now have a Houdini .BGEO format file available on the download page.



Hi all…
I apply my final work of The King’s Treasure challenge!

Software used: 3ds max, vray, photoshop, fume fx

Comments and critics are welcome.

Hope you all like it.

  • Vjekoslav Kiralj


EDIT: Will continue working on this one a bit more…


:bowdown:Great work Vjeko… Well… great work as usual. I will be really surprised if you failed to make great rend! Best luck! I hope that you will win! :beer: