Lighting Challenge #19: The King's Treasure


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

Challenge #19 features 3D models of gems and jewelry you can render. The challenge is the bring the scene to life in a way that helps all the different gems and precious metals look believable, sparkling, and valuable. You can download the files from here:


This scene was modeled by Dan Konieczka and Juan Carlos Silva. Please credit them for the modeling if you post your renderings on your webpage or include a scene on your showreel. Here’s a screenshot of the raw models that you will start with:

As always, changes to the scene and models are allowed, and all 3D rendering techniques are allowed. When you find the time, please share information about your software and techniques and set-up after you post your scene.

Jewelry can be a challenge to render, get started early on this challenge for the best results!



Oohh, very nice scene. A great way to learn about shading gems and metals.
Great scene Dan Konieczka, Juan Carlos Silva.

Im sure in for this one :slight_smile:


looks great:D I`m in


I guess I’m in :wink:


Amazing!!I’m here!


I’m back for this challenge! Will post something soon!


…and here is the first rough approach. I’m studying some stuff (!) and wondering if i can do the job using no raytracing. edited i’m too excited…
Best of luck to all and thanks to Dan Konieczka and Juan Carlos Silva.


Hmm, i doubt so. You might need raytracing for the refractions in the gems and diamonds unless you want to fake it using painted texture. I might be wrong.


oh .
it’s a great challenge . i like lighting & Rendering .
Thanks . . .


This looks like a good, challenging scene.


nice challenge! good exercise…lots of reflections XD


Will be a lot of fun to do this one!


I’m totally in.


its my first render i will post my final render very soon


I’m there too!, my first challange on cgsociety :slight_smile:


There are some inverted normals that may cause problems (cinderBlock + the mirrored polys on the throne + the Roof + the big sphere of the crown etc). In maya - how to fix:
1 from the viewport menu lighting select “use default light” and disable “two sided lighting”
2 from the viewport menu shading select “use default material”
3 look around to find the black blocks on the wall (click+shift for add to selection)
4 press F3 to go in the polygons module and tear down the normals menu and hit “reverse”
5 look around for some other black unshaded models and repeat the steps…
6 back to default setting for viewport overrides
… for nurbs press F4 -> edit nurbs -> reverse surface direction.

In the pic you can see some nice non-smoothed coins… no textures, no lighting principle yet… and the crown looks like a miniature… hey wait! That’s the King Rat (fat) treasure!!
Need to add some cheese then :slight_smile: -


The Maya .mb file is the original as delivered to me. It consists of mostly polygonal objects with some NURBS surfaces, and it has objects grouped into hierarchies.

To create all the other file formats, I made a modified version of the scene. That version has all the models un-grouped, all models converted into polygons, scaling frozen to positive numbers on backwards models, the backwards normals fixed on some surfaces, and the geometry around the windows fixed where concave polygons had caused problems in the conversion.

If you’re using Maya and want to load the modified version I’m describing, you can import the .obj file. Be aware that this means you don’t get any NURBS and you don’t get the original grouping of models, but it will fix the “black bricks” Elvis75k described if you saw that problem.



vamsiprakash - Good start. It looks much too bright. Some light isn’t casting shadows right, especially if you look inside the money bag at how bright the coins are. Try to figure out where the light is supposed to be coming from, such as if the window should be bright, and aim the light from directions that would make sense in the room.

Elvis75k - Good start, especially on your first image! The second image is looking a little more flat. Try to get nice shaping and shadowing in your lights, get nice reflections from the rest of the room, and keep going on assigning materials!



that’s an awesome scene, count me in.


As always, changes to the scene and models are allowed, and all 3D rendering techniques are allowed. When you find the time, please share information about your software and techniques and set-up after you post your scene.

Does that mean that we can move stuff around too? Use, say, more or fewer coins, for example, or scatter them around more?