Lighting Challenge #18: Science Fiction


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

Challenge #18 Deadline was Monday, March 2, 2009.

b [/b]Check out the Gallery of terrific entries that were posted here:

You can still download the models of a robot in a spaceship hallway from here:


This scene was modeled by Juan Carlos Silva. Please credit him for the modeling if you post your renderings on your webpage or include a scene on your showreel.



Here’s the Maya 2008 .ma file.


Good luck guys!


Hi guys,

Wow great scene, looks really fun. :slight_smile:

This is my first challenge, even though i still have a lot to learn.
So count me in on this challenge. :slight_smile:



Awesome scene!
I’m looking forward to getting back into these challenges this year and this seems like a great one to start with!


Ah… Really cool. :slight_smile: I hope i am on this one, too.


Yes, but the question is is the little robot fully rigged. :cool:

Looks like fun, but these always turn out to be more difficult than expected. Worth a try anyway. :slight_smile:


This is very neat. Count me in too.


I was too late for the last one, but will definitely join this one as my first challenge on CGTalk. Thank you for providing these!


Nice scene,


Damn it, I couldn’t resist, my plan this month was to get into
character modeling well what a hell :wink:

Draft one:

Maya/mental ray, no gi/fg, rendertime about 9 minutes.


If you use Maya (version 8.5 or higher), click the square to the right of the File > Open… to get to the Open Options dialog box. There’s an option there labeled “Ignore Version.” Make sure that option is checked if you want to be able to open Maya files created in a newer version of Maya. This should let you open a Maya 2009 file using Maya 2008, etc.



visua -

That’s awesome! Great colors, wonderful to see the scene working so well! It looks like the robot doesn’t cast shadows onto the floor. Maybe you’re using light linking on the robot, but need to set “shadows ignore light linking” as a render option so you’re not missing shadows there. The red light hitting the sides of the boxes on the left side also looks like it needs some shadowing, something to darken it near the wall.



this is my first time entering a challenge here and this is my basic lighiting.

its a very quick.

hope you like.



Hello Jeremy,

I am using the FBX file and have a question about the roof, it does not have the same features as the image you posted, it is flat, is there a fix for this?



I have the same problem importing the FBX file into C4D; the roof, most of the robot and the ladder are missing.

I’ll wait for another format, though.


Aleg8r - Welcome! Keep going with that!

rmejia - Yes, it does look like you’re missing a few surfaces. The ceiling, and also a panel on the lower right. Some of the normals appear backwards, too, if that’s what the black surfaces are.

I hope to have some more file formats in another day or two, when I get the Polytrans license I ordered and can start exporting more formats with that. I’m hoping that’ll make a lot of people happier.



Just to chime in here - trying out the FBX, neither 3ds MAX (not sure which version, it wasn’t me) nor LightWave were able to import that file into a form at all resembling the original image…

I hope to have some more file formats in another day or two, when I get the Polytrans license I ordered and can start exporting more formats with that. I’m hoping that’ll make a lot of people happier.

Sounds great. :slight_smile:


its would be an excellent challenge to work with


hi… another great challenge on the way :thumbsup: … mi first lighting steps … need to touch the shaders and textures …got some aliasing problems on the fan alreatry try increasing pixel samples and resolution with no luck :banghead: any ideas??.. im going for a sci fi horror corridor shot here and theres much to do…thanks again to juan for modeling


hi this is my first try on lighting setup…