Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History


@vime Is it your intention to make the dinosaurs look like porcelain. There is nothing wrong with that if it is; I am just curious to know.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.


reinhart82 - Nice scenes! The night scene is looking good, although the back of the t-rex is better defined than the front. The back has warm light on it and is against a dark background, that works well. The day scene is looking really good. The t-rex looks good in it. The other dino maybe could be rotated 90 degrees or moved into view more.

vime - Welcome! Nice image. The material on the dinosaurs makes them look like a new Apple product instead of old bones. For the floor, make sure the texture doesn’t repeat too often, reduce the lighting in most areas, and let some shadows and reflections appear.



Hi this is my new take on the lighting, there is a change in the camera angle as the previous one was not giving depth and the focus was not porperly on the dinosaurs…


:slight_smile: Hi Jeremy,

From Oct 20th to Dec 19th I was away from home for apprentice programme with RHYTHM & HUES INDIA.
Now the programme’s over and I’m home for a week.
In this week I worked on this scene (i was dying to do this) this is still incomplete, there are no reflections, I’ve used only basic shaders that are there in the scene.
It was fun working on this challange.

Here’s my entry:

C&C welcome!

Thanks in advance,

Nikhil Sahane.

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This is my first post on CGTalk.
Hope you like this image.

Best regards


Thanks for the comments and suggestions Jeremy.


Thanks for feedback and comments. I am really to have create new material for dinoz like porcelain, some other materials now i will see need to refine, just as light sources.
in USA new Apple products create of porcelain? =) in Russia this Apple products not yet selling =)
sorry for my english


Second shot wip:


Lolofedo, I know you !..
You’re a French guy using Cinema 4D, like me. :wink:
Great job, It’s wonderful !


:love: Hello JC, thank you, nice to see you again :wink:

Hey George too !! coucou :wavey:
Thank’s Jeremy for the return, i’ll do my best :arteest:


Thanks for your suggestions, Jeremy. I worked on lighting the set.

This rendered in 3 minutes 27 seconds on my Quad Core Q6700 2.66GHz. I used Blender’s internal renderer and compositor. The textures were prepped in Photoshop. I got the skymap here. Those maps are wonderful and worth looking into no matter what software you use.

Everyone is doing wonderfully. I can’t wait to see what the next challenge is.

As always, feel free to give your opinion on my image.

Have a nice day.


Hi guys, Let me try to join this challenge since I am on leave this week. I hope I could do more… Any comments are highly appreciated for the improvements thanks a lot :slight_smile:




         Found this thread yesterday and thought it was a nice scene to light up. Had some trouble with the scale of the file and some flipped normals, so the textures are not looking too good. Nicely modeled scene though, and the dinosaurs are great :applause:Anyhow worked on this until max crashed. It was interesting, and I am looking forward to the next challenge to spend more time in it :)
         Software used:
         3ds Max 2009 x64
         V-Ray 1.5
         Photoshop (for a slight contrast adjustment, dirt pass mix and a mild light glow)
         Only source of illumination is the VRaySun & Sky, except in the last image that there is a light behind the camera.
       A couple of variations and different angles:
 [Image 0](

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4


Thanks for the comments Jeremy ! :slight_smile:
This is my new updates…

Good hollydays !


reygerali - In general, in places where you can see the sun, the area of the sky around the sun is also the brightest part of the sky. Even in a scene that’s just lit through windows, you expect the fill light from the sky to be much brighter in the general direction of the sunbeam, and less fill light in the opposite direction. Some of you sunbeams, especially the one on the lower right side, look like orphans, without the bright fill light around them. The soft fill light from the sky seems too concentrated near the windows, and should extend more onto the right wall of the set (but less on the left wall.) The dinosaurs could use a little more fill light from the top.

BlenderFan - I don’t see much (any?) lighting on the set, except for a very dull blue glow. Try to get variety into the set, such as light coming from a particular light source or direction.

visua - Nice work. The floor looks very flat and uniformly lit. The walls could probably also use a little darker occlusion and less fill light in places.

MnietekPi - Welcome! That’s a nice scene! I think the dino should have a different shader from the stand, maybe with less displacement. The glass could use a little more reflection or highlights to make it visible.

SahaneNik - Welcome! I don’t really see the occlusion working. I think the occlusion pass needs a bigger max distance. Make sure your ambient pass and all your bounce lights are multiplied by the occlusion pass. The bounce light is pretty good, you need some bounce light on the base of the columns in the lower left, just above the sunbeam on the lower left floor. Is the light from your sunbeam casting a shadow of the geometry? It almost looks as if it isn’t in some places. The dinosaurs themselves could get a little more light, especially from above.

wasimattar - Nice. The t-rex is showing up pretty well now. The other dino needs some light on it. The walls, especially the walls on the right, are looking a little flat, and could use more shadowing or occlusion between the columns and in the cracks.



Hi there.
Again i saw this Challenge to late. So i had not the complete timeframe for the challenge. I started my stuff on Saturday. And this is my latest “Work in Progress”. Lighting, Texturing is still in progress and is changing every hour. This is just the Beauty Pass at the moment. Little bit colortweak in Photoshop. Hope u like it so far. And Iam still try to find a better camera angle that makes me more happy. comments and feedback are welcome.


Thanks for your suggestion Jeremy!!!
This is the new setup of my lights…
I will add the sky next


MnietekPi,nice render and colors! maybe too much glow, for my taste:)

visua,reygerali,rmejia - yours are wonderful, I like the mood and colors very much!
Every entry becames better and better.

It’s a pity that I’m missing this challenge… looking forward for the next one.

Jeremy, thank you for the work that you are doing for us.


Thanks again for the comments Jeremy.

I agree, the lower teeth were blending into the background and needed to read better. They are a different material than the skeleton body. I wanted them to read differently than the main skeleton material, so they would stand out on the underside of the mouth. I played with it a little, just to make the lower teeth stand out a little more from the background.  

Thanks again for all the input. This challenge has been fun. I’m looking forward to the next one.



First off all thx a lot for the nice model. Its great to practice with such a great scene.
Here is my first result

Rendered with Kray
Resolution: 1600x1200
Render Time: 25 minutes (dual quadcore)

Greetings from Germany