Lighting Challenge #17: Natural History


Hi again. Hopefully. this one is the final version. Thanks for your comments Jeremy, I have tried to fix the face illumination. I think this one looks better than the previous. I hope you like it.



Second shot:


And the third and last one:


Hi all,

thanks for your comments Jeremy. I agree with them but for the moment its not time enought :wink:
After all this is my last Final for this challenge. Is was fun, thanks



Software: Cinema 4D 11.0 Internal Renderer. Normal Lights and Ambient Occlusion
Rendertime: 23 min


I hope I got this in before the deadline. So I didn’t do any textures or maps or anything, just lights and a few material tweaks, all in blender. I wrote out 32 bits/channel so I could tweak the gamma, but basically that’s all I did after the render. I would love to get any comments/criticisms as I’m really new to this. Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback Jeremy, I still would like to fix some detalis, but time is up so here are my finals (sun light/moon light).
The full res image is 1920*1080, but looks like the image host has some limit, so if somebody can tell me where can I upload the full res image would be nice:shrug:

Render time 12H54M

Render time 6H44M

Modeling By Alvaro Luna & Joel Anderson (thanks guys)
Lighting, shading & Texturing by Andrius Gabriunas
Maya, Mental ray (FG only), Photoshop, intel core quad Q6600


really, really cool challenge!
lots of great renderings, I wish I saw this couple of weeks before.
I am sure to participate in the next one!


This is my render,
for info : Max 2009 Vray 1.5.16
VRaySun, VRayIES and VRaySky for lights
Rendered on my Q6600 6Go Ram
Render time less than 45 minutes
And a litle of Photoshop


Well, here is my entry, i still have some hours to finish details but asuming the i wont have the time ill prefer to post what i have, i saw the contest yesterday so i think i did my best.

i worked over the the image in photoshop to ad ambient occlusion layer and add some contrast, rendered in mental ray using 3dsmax, only light source came from sunlight… hope you guys like it, ill try to finish any detail like wood and glasses from the exposition

Modeling By Alvaro Luna & Joel Anderson
Lighting, shading & Texturing by Julio Cesar Poleo D.

I really enjoyed this contest, hope ill star soon the next one jaja, good luck to all


cinema 4d 10 :5 spot and 1 omni and Ambient Occlusion.+photoshop.rendertimes 1h32min.


Shot 01 with somewhat better defined glass, now I’m done for sure :wink:


Used Cinema 4D, version 10.1. No GI, AO set to a low accuracy, experimented with sub- polygon displacement on the closer areas of the stone walls and some of the dino bone- that slowed down my render time to around two hours.

Thanks for the challenge and thoughts.



My final version:

Lightwave 9.3 + Kray OB8
Q6600 @ 3gHz, 8Gb RAM, Vista 64
Render time: ~1h10m

Setup: GI dome, Sun, some luminous balls to lighten up the side corridors, 1 big aera light behind the Trex.
Kray render: Photon mapping, Skyportals at the windows
Separate render passes for volumetric and mosaic windows (native lw renders)


well… took me 45 min in mental ray and 3dsmax using only sunlight with final gather and global ilumination, composite with Ambient oclussion later over photoshop, i hope i still have an hour ti finish details, hope you guys like it.


My colleague did Anthony Cortez did much of the texturing here, based on some photos I took - luckily I happened to be in London early in December and swung by the Museum with my camera…


Hi All,

Here’s my last entry, this was a very fun challenge and I look forward to the next one! Congrats everyone! Happy New Year!


Final image, hope you guys like it


Hey guys, this is my first post here, I just realised that the deadline was today, I was very busy so I was unable to post this earlier. This scene nearly crashed on my computer because I did’nt had a powerhouse.

Did this with only spotlights, 3 minutes to render. Maya 2008. Took about a day to do everything, so I can’t say this is very refined.

Edit: Woops sorry I uploaded the wrong link… just fixed it :smiley:


My Final Render

Modeling By
Alvaro Luna & Joel Anderson Thank You all.
Lighting, shading by Texere
3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop, intel core 2, 1 hr render.


Hey Everyone, this is my final rendered image. I’m still not 100% satisfied with the results, but I feel that I did the best I could with the time that I had.

Lighting Artist: Daniel Pendich
Software Used: Maya 2008
Rendered Using: Mental Ray + Final Gathering
Render Time: Approximately 3 Hours