Lighting Challenge #16: The Lighthouse


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

The challenge here is to light this lighthouse, including the light from the lighthouse’s own beam, and whatever surroundings nature might be throwing at it. [/i]

  This challenge is over. The deadline was [b]Monday October 27, 2008[/b]. However, the scene is still available for download here:


The models include the lighthouse and some simple surroundings. This scene was modeled by Juan Carlos Silva. Please credit him for his work if you use images of this scene on the web or in your portfolio or showreel.

The gallery is now on-line, so you can browse some of the amazing entries posted in this thread:


Keep up the good work everyone!



Swweeeet I’m on this like a fat kid on a twinky!


Another excellent scene!
Thanks Jeremy and Juan Carlos Silva of course!


Definitely looking forward to this one!


oh great idea. A lot of potential. I can almost see the result now.
Great Job!
Hope I got the time:)


Hi … we got a new scene here !! special thanks to juan for modeling… i work last night on this ,the shader are default except fresnel , i did some work on the quartz light … pretty basic setup post in PS


wow nice one leotril. :thumbsup:


hi jeremy sir,here is my 1 hour setup rendered in maya software.this image has occulusion pass time i will post my image with texture.hope you will like it.:bounce:


Leotril - Yeah! First post! It’s amazing how much a little grass and sky does to the scene!

jasvant - Great start! Nice colors in the sky!

We have more file formats on the download page now:

[li]Thanks to Samo (Alvaro, who also has done so much modeling for other challenges) for the Blender version.[/li][li]Thanks to dboydesign we now have a 3DS and a Max 2009 files on the download page![/li][li]Thanks to mesutcapkin we now have a Cinema 4D file on the download page![/li][/ul]If someone wants to help support any other popular package, please send me the file to host, or PM me to arrange for how to upload it.




nice ! ! !

i will try this scene soon as possible, great idea with many possibility of moods !

thanks to Jeremy and Juan Carlos Silva for your work…

good luck everyone, and have fun !


w00t! Another outdoor challenge! Thanks, Juan and Jeremy.

This’ll keep me busy between now and a few weeks, when classes begin.
Must…restrain myself…until after work.


Hey guys!

Heres my first pre-not-even-alpha-yet version :slight_smile:


Kewl scene, i m on it right away !


Awesome! I love lighthouses! Thanks Jeremy and Juan! Can’t wait to see what people come up with for this!

For anyone familiar with the area, I am trying a Bar Harbor themed environment (Lots of Fog).  trying to mix in a touch of those black&white cards with a touch or 2 of color..  Here's a first crack at it...

C&C's always appreciated!


basic sky and default matrials. But I like the glare fall off.will work on clouds, light, and water next.


Subtle… Quick…minimal stuff done to the original Geo…

3dsmax +FR and some Zdepth Fog.
Combustion comp.


This one has simple textures on buildings…
the land and cliffs are painted projections from Camera perspective…

The background is hijacked and manipulated photo found on a google image search.

I like to move quickly so… I just did a straight beauty pass… and only a Zdepth pass to integrate this… there is just Color Correction, Z fog, slight vignetting, and some lens glow on the lighthouse… and some liberal use of sharpening :slight_smile:


wow nice grass man!
Love the dof in the left.


I like to do stills that look like they are frames snipped out of the middle of an action sequence.
There is no moving version of this… but it would be a cool shot … I feel… :slight_smile:

For Speed… no lighting passes… just beautyBack, beautyLighthouse/terrain, beautyGuy, beautyCar, and beautyWindshield layers… comped… and Color corrected together
Dashboard is borrowed model… The guy with the guns is a game character…blurred for his own protection. :slight_smile: – Who is that in the rear view mirror?


This is my first test with Bryce 6 :