Lighting Challenge #14: The Local Train


This is an old challenge now, this thread is archived. If you scroll down to the Challenge #14 section of the downloads page, you’ll see that the models can still be downloaded for your tests, and also that a gallery has been made of top entries. Feel free to browse this thread to see what others have posted, even though you can no longer post here.

Trains run all over the world. The challenge here is to render this train so that it appears to run through your own home town.

Challenge #14 is on-line and active! You can download files from this page:



The Local Idea:

You are capturing the feeling of your local town. The train doesn’t necessarily have to run in a location where there actually are train tracks at the moment, especially if you can think of a more scenic route where a train could run.

Any texture maps (particularly signs, lettering, or logos) that you map onto the train or signals should be based on what would appear in the city or town where you live. Try using a camera to photograph local trains for reference and texture maps, and also get some shots in your town for a background/environment.

An untextured view of the scene by Alvaro Luna Bautista.

The Scene:

This scene was modeled by Alvaro Luna Bautista. Please credit him for his work if you use images of this train on your webpage or showreel.

The scene includes a number of extra buildings, signals, and surrounding models. Try to use some of the buildings in your scene if you can find a place for them. To achieve a “local” look, you are free to change the geometry around as needed.

The ground and all the little stones on the ground were positioned to look good from one particular camera angle, as shown above in Alvaro’s rendering of his own scene. You can match this camera angle if you want to use the stones as they are distributed, or else change the ground and ground-cover if you are rendering from a different camera angle.

Feel free to add whatever kind of grass, plants, or vegetation would be appropriate for your home town.


Post your work here by March 31, 2008 to be eligible for the initial gallery selection. The scenes will still be available after that date as an on-going challenge for people who wish to try this as a lighting and rendering excercise.



Great challenge ! I really like the idea I think I will partecipate :wink:


Sounds fun! Can’t wait to start this challenge. Good luck everyone =)


Great idea! I’ll het on this one too, hopefully with more time than the last one.

Thanks again for the Christmas challenge…and for all your work in this forum.


PS: will a 3ds max file be available or do I have to use the objs? thx.


ooh this should be fun…


Thanks for this challenge I really like the idea, its the first time that im going to do these challenges, I did the christmas one but past the deadline, but im gonna start this one from tonight.

thanks Jeremy for all this, you are great.


Oh, this is going to be good…


Sweeeet. This one is going to be a great one to test skill and imagination.

I am thinking freight train from hell


Good one Jeremy!! I am excited to try my hands on this one :smiley:


I should really try to get time to do this one seeing as how I spend 2½ hours per day going back and forth to my 3D job :stuck_out_tongue: I’d have to change alot since the scene atm has alot of american trainyard feel to it, not really looking like sweden :slight_smile:
But then again, Ive had plans to enter almost every challenge but just didnt find the time, so we’ll see…


Hello Jeremy!

It is time for me to be an active part of these amazing challenges no matter what!

This is a fantastic scene to work with!

Lets rust the place up! :scream:


Wonderful! Thanks Jeremy and Alvaro


Thanks Jeremy for the heads up at the workshop. :slight_smile:


As always, more file formats are welcomed! If there are people who want to volunteer to make 3DS Max, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, and or other format versions, please contact me. I’ll take your additional file versions and host them.

Usually we get more formats in the first week, depending on who does it, but until more versions are added I think the .fbx or .obj should import fine into Max. The .fbx might even preserve the object grouping.



Hello Jeremy,

This is really nice, wow. The whole enviroment has a lot of potencial to work with. Looking forward to it,

note: I have the 3ds Max 9.0 version of the “Local Train” file, let me know how do I make this available to you.

Martin Romero


The “Local Train” file for Maya opens only in Maya 2008. I tried it on both of my computer in Maya 8.5 but it didn’t open.

Regards, Martin Romero


it’s a .ma file, you can open it in note pad and edit the version of the file in the first few lines… it’s not a small file so it might take some time to open in note pad.



Hey guys, I have a max 8 file I made, I used to have the same problem when opening more recent max files.

>>localtrain MAX 8 file<<

please let me know if you have any problems downloading the file…

cheerio :thumbsup:

let’s have some fun.


wowow…I imported the fbx, it’s all there…but it’s a bit heavy for my home machine…strange.
First time I run in this problem…
Is there something particular to do when importing fbx files?


PS: jmBoekestein your file is 1/4 of mine…I really missed something…thx


let’s start the train