Lighting Challenge #13: Christmas


Terrific Stuff! This has been an amazing challenge, lots of great images right up to the end.

I am not going to lock this thread right away, but please be aware that tonight (January 31) is the deadline for any posts that will win a prize. Things posted after tonight will not be eligible for the prizes.

I will announce winners and have new galleries on-line within 10 days.



wow! thanks for the compliment. i think i could play with this scene forever.
thanks JCBug. i really appreciate that.
now I just couldnt resist this…

By uday_kadkade


i used 6 lights to light up the room.
One spot from the window to illuminate the rug, gift boxes and the tree and ornaments.
one to fill the left side of the room.
one to fill the wall behind the tree.
one to fill the wood floor.
one omni to light up the top jewel arear of the tree.
one omni to light up the inside of the fire place and a area spot to light up the floor.
then there were about 32 omnis to light up only the pine needles wharere the bulbs are.(these lights didnt illuminate anything else but the pines, and with no shadows, and only decay on it was done before i could finish a cigarette, which is about 5 mins for the health concsious ones)
all lights had inverse square fall off on, except the floor fill and the light coming through the back lights were casting any shadows for this scene except the spot light from the fire place.

this is the render i got. with render elements activated.




rendered out separate glare passes for the tree ornaments, bulbs and the treetop jewel.

bulb glare pass

also rendered an occlusion pass.

and a Z buffer pass

just plopping them together on top of each other gave me this…

but the poor tree looked really lame and that is unacceptable because its our “hero element”
so i rendered a pass that would bring out the needles by using just one light from the right side. also a seperate render for the fire place got me some bump detail.


that got me this…

looking much better now i think. but no fun to look at.still looked flat especially on the walls and what not.
so i rendered a shadow pass by sticking one mental ray area omni light in the center of the tree. and i got this.
(this is an inverted image as the render for the shadow pass looked black .)

added that as a multiplied layer and tweaked the transperancy and hue to get this.
this added some variation to the walls which looked too flat otherwise. also pasted the fire in the fire place .

Once i got this it was time to tweak the i flattened the image and made a layer copy of the same.
used pshops variations tool to add that gold illumination feel.
then i simply took a large eraser brush and painted the areas i didnt want to have gold effect. heres the layer. blue is where the transperancy of the layer is.

that brought out the orignal colors from the back layer and created a halo kinda feel to the over all tree area.
which got me this…

eventually i used the lens blur filter in photoshop and using the z buffer as a mask i blurred it ever so slightly to soften the foreground just a tad.cropped it for the postcard…:slight_smile:

Thanks to Jeremy Birn for this great scene and to numerous others who have contributed to this challenge. and thanks for taking time to read this.

I think i am done now.:wise:


Realy good renders from everyone, i like the ideas of each one :wink:

too bad i see this post too late. i hope i can get into next challenge, when is the next one ???

Good work people!


tuffmutt1 Love the postcard you made out of that image :slight_smile:
Did you have to put that Light lister in my face… damn I miss that thing ever since I stopped using Max.



congratulation to all it was one of the best challenge I partecipate :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Jeremy for the great challenge…I really enjoyed working on it :slight_smile:


Last but not least, I couldn’t resist too :


Hi jeremy thanks a lot for the wonderful challenge…each challenges are coming better and better each time…i did get much time to texture the set…and here is my render with the basic textures…beauty,occlution and glow these are the passes i have taken…

C&C are most welcomed even though i am too late here for this challenge…


Thanks very much for this challenge Jeremy. I got most of the scene textured and had moved onto lighting and rendering but it turns out my computer couldn’t even push out a test render so I am going to be getting a new computer soon that can handle the “new” stuff. I hope to be able to join in on a future one.

Great work guys!


hi jeremy,
what happened,no result yet,did u finished with your judging and finalised the images appearing in the gallery.


yeah, really, what about that gallery?


hey … who is winning . . ?!


For me, the winner is giraffe3d… :slight_smile:


We’ll have to elect the winner ourselves, I guess.


where are the winners announced?
I never saw.


Sorry i am so so late to this beautifull challenge…! I missed it but anyway waiting for your next challenge…! I like all your renders…amazing camera angles and lighting moods! Let the next challenge be a great and interesting stuff for every one…! Waiting for the post!


Jeremy we have been waiting for more than three months ,who is winning and where is the prizes.


This is an old challenge now, this thread is archived. If you scroll down to the Challenge #13 section of the downloads page, you’ll see that the models can still be downloaded for your tests, and also that a gallery has been made of top entries. Feel free to browse this thread to see what others have posted, even though you can no longer post here.

Great challenge everybody!

Congratulations to Uday Kadkade for winning Best Image and Best Bokeh!

Congratulations to Dan Konieczka for winning the Genius Award for being the most helpful in the thread.

Thanks to everyone for their patience during all the time I was working on Wall-E and didn’t find time to go through this massive thread and select the images out of the hundreds of amazing entries. Finally, a gallery of selected images is on-line:

See you all on the next one!